Friday, January 04, 2008

New Art - Calling it done, put a fork in it.

Close up of the birds, they are really not this bright in the painting, but it does give you a hint of the swirly background that I created with thick gesso before painting.

My new work.
I think it's done. I have thought about it [and thought about it] and looked it over for a couple of days now and I like it the way it is. The two styles of painting are working for me. This one has a rich background that is lost in these pictures (no matter what I did they didn't want to come out!) I'll try for better pictures of this one later.
So now I am looking for a title for it.
Later [when the light gets better here] I will show the new one that is on the easel...I'm excited about that one too.
Two new large works for the new year...gotta love that.
24" x 36"
Any ideas for a title?
Happy day to you,


BlueJude said...

I see some gnarly dark lines in the orange leafy part, but maybe that's just because I'm in a gnarly mood! {:
Looks good anyhoo!

San said...

Wow! What a great direction--beautiful color and whimsically surreal. I agree. There's still a missing piece. I think. But I wouldn't dare suggest anything when you've come this far. Especially since I don't have a clue. Maybe you'll dream the puzzle piece?

Cynthia said...

Love the birds/doves? in the painting! Congratulations on two paintings finished in 2008 - you're off and running.

This is weird, I just received this blog in my inbox - but see you already have a new one written - there must be a delay.

HMBT said...

Thank you all, I just had to spend some time with it to choose that it was done. The background is busy too and I thought if I do anything more I'll screw it up's done. I even named it thanks to my friend Vikki. (who I will post a link to later I promise... you guys gotta see her work) :)