Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Art for the day- Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming
30" x 24"x2"
Close up
Just keep swimming

30" X 24" X 2"

Really rich red, with gold bubbles.
Finished sides, ready to hang.
$95.00 + shipping
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Here is the quote I was reading while doing the work:
The term ideal, herein is not used in the sense of an abstract, unattainable perfection; but rather it means a worthy goal that has promise of attainment through appropriate efforts. The gap between where you are and where you desire to be creates a mental and emotional conflict, "a holy discontent" - often called stress in today's world. Normally the first response to stress is to mentally and emotionally run over the outward indications of the conflict - anger, fear, disappointment, resentment, embarrassment, or other such negative feelings. In doing this one's mind is trying to fill the gap between his expectation of what he desires and what actually exists.
Loyd J. Ericson
This was my first work completed after a long dry spell last year. I remember how good it felt to just be at the easel again, and that I really am an artist...what else would I do? I can't even begin to imagine what my life would be like if I was Not living up to my own inner potential. I am an artist, it's what I do.
Art...it's what's for dinner.
Have a good one,



Cynthia said...

Yayyy!!! I love it - the color, energy and overall vibrancy of the piece. ((HMBT))

HMBT said...

Thanks Cynthia...it was a practice in not thinking! Woop, woop!

Kathy Holmes said...

I agree - love the color and the energy. Would really brighten up a NW winter. :)

Pavel said...

I wish I had something original to add to what was already said, but I think they said it best; there's this energy, perhaps a mad or intense energy (maybe because of the red"ish" color?) that has a frantic feel to it.

My daughter, who has a good eye (and is great at looking at clouds and finding shapes) said that it look like there was a face in the middle. Actually, I saw it too as soon as she said it; two eyes, a nose and mouth, and the two lines above the mouuth highlight the cheeks. lol...

HMBT said...

Thanks Pavel! I see the face now too. :) I tried to do this work with no thinking, and just what attracted me to the moment...it was a good excersise.
Thanks again. :)

BlueJude said...

Absolutely LOVE IT! LOve the color and the organic feel while still being quite modern and edgy.

San said...

Heather, you just took a dive into that painting and you just kept swimming across that gap...The warmth of it--water whose depths are infused with sunshine.

HMBT said...

Thanks San!

Celebration of Life said...

"Just Keep Swimming" is a great survival theme! Sometimes I have to tell my self, "just keep going" and now I will say, "just keep swimming!" LOL

HMBT said...

Yup, just like in Nemo...just keep swimming!