Wednesday, August 30, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Wednesday 8/30/06

From the Zaadz collection
"Soul Operation'
BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote (s) for the Day:
"The value of compassion cannot be over-emphasized.
Anyone can criticize.
It takes a true believer to be compassionate.
No greater burden can be born by an individual
than to know no one cares or understands."

Arthur H. Stainback
"How is one to live a moral and compassionate
existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror
inherent in life, when one finds darkness
not only in one's culture but within oneself?
If there is a stage at which an individual
life becomes truly adult,
it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding
and accepts responsibility for a life lived
in the midst of such paradox.
One must live in the middle of contradiction,
because if all contradiction were eliminated
at once life would collapse.
There are simply no answers to some of
the great pressing questions.
You continue to live them out,
making your life a
worthy expression
of leaning into the light. "

Barry Lopez
"Honesty is the recognition of the fact that the unreal is unreal
and can have no value,
that neither love nor fame nor cash
is a value if obtained by fraud
- that an attempt to gain a value by deceiving the
mind of others is an act of raising your victims
to a position higher than reality,
where you become a pawn of their blindness,
a slave of their non-thinking
and their evasions,
while their intelligence,
their rationality,
their perceptiveness become the enemies
you have to dread and flee
- that you do not care to live as a dependent,
least of all a dependent on the stupidity of others,
or as a fool whose source of values
is the fools he succeeds in fooling
- that honesty is not a social duty,
not a sacrifice for the sake of others,
but the most profoundly
selfish virtue man can practice:
his refusal to sacrifice
the reality of his own existence
to the deluded consciousness of others. "

Ayn Rand
Working hard to accept my set of circumstances,
say "yes" to my today,
and continue to
"work for it, don't wish for it"
May the world be yours today,
I am asking for a sale today,
yes I am asking for a sale...
I need to re-coup my relocation costs, and pay the rent,
so I am asking for what I need,
I need a sale today to make some things in my life
work better.
Money isn't an issue until you have not
enough to cover your families basic needs.
I need those needs met, and so I will do as I always do...
ask for my needs to be met, with out pretense or lies.
I live a transparent life, I don't lie to gain,
and I appreciate the open hearts of those
who understand this ideal.
I am asking for the sale,
go see if there is a way you
can help support this living artist.
Open your minds, hearts and souls,
and then consider what I have to offer in return,
myself, true and whole...and full of Soul.
RAW, Radient & Unafraid...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio~ Artist Blog~ Tuesday 8/28/06

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the Day:
"Thankfulness is measured by the number of words;
gratitude is measured by the nature of our actions."

David McKay
I am in a place of gratitude today...
because a dear friend of mine is organizing the retreat above...
and I offered to provide some of my
A.I.M. Series magnets to her event
for doorprizes and she said "yes, please!'
Her event will be based on mindfulness, and so I will create
a special series just for her on that topic.
I am full of gratefulness for the opportunity
to be in some way involved in this enlightening
experience and that my work is being
recognized by someone I respect deeply as a Human being
& I get to help benefit her cause/dream.
I am excited to get to work on the new series,
which I will not offer to the general public,
but will be made only for her and her wonderful event.
Please check out her event plans, and join in if you can, it's sure to be a life changer, and a mind opener.
Ms. Kelly is a wonderful Ordained Spiritual Oracle and Teacher,
and even better yet she is a wonderful true Human being, heart and soul.
Here's another link to more info about her event, for your ease.
May the world be a pleasant place for you to reside in today,
and yeah! For my work getting seen!
*who is now doing the happy dance*
PS. Go buy some of my Art, please, with sugar on top!
Support living artists, if not me then one that resonates with you.

Monday, August 28, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Monday and it begins again...

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the Day:
"Old friends pass away, new friends appear.
It is just like the days.
An old day passes, a new day arrives.
The important thing is to make it meaningful:
a meaningful friend - or a meaningful day. "

Dalai Lama
Monday again, and I begin again to act to conquer my own world, inner not outer.
I miss the company of friends, and feel the pain of that truth,
and sometimes fear that I should not always speak in truth, so as to not have that knowledge used against me later, to cause me pain, for the other humans control or pleasure, passive or ignorant...
It still amounts to pain for me, as a human, not an ego.
When I speak truth to someone, and say to them
" I have experienced this in my past, and I wish to not repeat it, please don't do this to me and all will be well."
I always am doing so with the hope that I have not just passed a poisoned dagger to someone who will later use that information about my past pain to repeat it again in my present.
It is so hard to fully trust without any ego, without expectation, without need.
I am learning to live in solitude, and that may be what my inner needs are right now, but I can't help fighting my human desires for true and lasting friendships, family, and love.
I am working on my thinking today,
I will work with my coaching clients with this in my mind today,
knowing that in order to be the best at what I do, I must do it without any expectation of a return for myself, for my ego. I must just simply love each moment, and work within that moment, to see to it's truth,
that I am truly living and loving
in freedom.
It's not easy being human, it's not easy being alone, it's not easy to ask for nothing, to expect nothing, and still give of yourself fully, not for the self, but selflessly giving
from a true place of love and tolerance.
Such responsibility those words hold, and
such freedom, transcendence from the
simple Human needs; a willingness not sacrifice the self, but to enliven
the soul with the act of saying "yes" to my now,
my set of circumstances, my today.
Living in this moment, learning what I need, asking for what I want,
being open, being quiet, not reacting to the world,
but interacting with all of the world as it is today.
My goal for the day,
stay here, play with, love and learn
this now...And make it something that I can feel good about
inside my soul, not my ego...
when I lay my weary head on my pillow tonight,
and count another day done.
Yours in truth,

Sunday, August 27, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Sunday's Inspiration~ 8/27/06

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote of the Day:
"Thought is the seed of action;
but action is as much its second
form as thought is its first.
It rises in thought, to the end that
it may be uttered and acted.
Always in proportion to the depth
of its sense does it knock importunately
at the gates of the soul, to be spoken, to be done."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
My thought's
my seeds
my actions
reveal my
willingness to
forget my own
and embrace the
of being
to live
to die
in every moment
for everything
and everyone.
My soul speaks
in dreams
my actions
my thoughts are not
my own,
but divine inner
to becoming
with all that is
the beauty of a smile shared,
the simple pleasure of a child's smell,
the kind moments
of solitude where
the gift of
less time for my
and more listening
to the sounds of
in need
I am open in
this adventure
to go beyond
fragmented ego
into the field
of understanding
I am
and you
are too,
which bonds us
likes or loyalties
and transcends
rights and wrongs
to become a life that sees
through the
of the
Human Condition
we all share;
A Soul Vision.
HuMBle ~ 8/27/69
Yours in Truth, passion,
and soul-Full-ness,
Have a wonderful Sunday all.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Saturday's Thinking ~

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the Day:
" There are two freedoms - the false where a man is free to do what he likes; the true, where a man is free to do what he ought. "

Charles Kingsley
"Fifteen referees. I want fifteen referees to be at this fight because there ain't no one man who can keep up with the pace I'm gonna set except me. There's not a man alive who can whup me. I'm too fast. I'm too smart. I'm too pretty. I should be a postage stamp. That's the only way I'll ever get licked. "

Muhammad Ali
" The longer I live and the more experience I have of the world, the more I am convinced that, after all, the one thing that is most worth living for - and dying for, if need be - is the opportunity of making someone else more happy and more useful. "

Booker T. Washington
As my feet
and wings unfold
into the void
filling with quietness
of inner
I pass from
to then be
Mystic wonders
on the face of
I weep
my tears
fall on hard
salt licked
new growth.
Taking flight
the world sings
come back.
Freedom defined by
to transcend
into the nothingness
that is
full of everything...
we are but an
riding on the
back of
the great
sea turtle.
An act of kindness
that we cannot
we can only
be thankful
for the rest.
The soul
needs no light,
no food,
and no
made by Man
can hold
back the waters
of Truth.
May the World be yours today,

Friday, August 25, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Fun Friday!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the Day:
"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them. "
~George Bernard Shaw
Source: Mrs. Warren's Profession, 1893

Circumstance by Webster's definition:
cir·cum·stance Pronunciation: 'sr-km-"stan(t)s, -stn(t)s
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin circumstantia, from circumstant-, circumstans, present participle of circumstare to stand around, from circum- + stare to stand
1 a : a condition, fact, or event accompanying, conditioning, or determining another : an essential or inevitable concomitant b : a subordinate or accessory fact or detail c : a piece of evidence that indicates the probability or improbability of an event (as a crime)
2 a : the sum of essential and environmental factors (as of an event or situation) b : state of affairs : EVENTUALITY -- often used in plural

Do yourself a favor and read at least the first couple of posts, this blog freaking A rocks! I mean ROCKS!


And last but not least a Friday Funny!

From the lips of Mrs. Clinton herself...from a graduation speech given recently:

Funny ha-ha
"I was never very good in science. . . .

When I was a very young girl,

I wanted to be an astronaut,

so I wrote off to this new agency called NASA

and asked how a 12-year-old girl could become an astronaut.

I got an answer back saying,

"We're not accepting women into the astronaut program."

I was somewhat comforted by my mother, who told me that my eyesight was much too bad anyway.

I next decided that I wanted to be a nuclear physicist. . . .

But for me, there were a few obstacles along the way,

you know, like the periodic table and things like that.

Then I decided that I wanted to be a doctor,

and I took all of the science courses in high school,

planning to be a doctor,

until I actually had the opportunity

to shadow some doctors in our local hospital

and passed out at the first sight of sickness.

So clearly, there wasn't anything

left for me than to become a lawyer."


My source for the above information:,lombardi,64922,6.html


May the world be yours today,

no matter what your life circumstances may be.

yours In truth, Heather

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Artist Blog~ I'm BACK!

"I wanted a perfect ending.
Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme,
and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
Life is about not knowing, having to change,
taking the moment and making the best of it,
without knowing what's going to happen next.
Delicious ambiguity. "
I am back online!
Yippee for internet access!
I have an incredibly busy day
with clients to coach and read for,
I am booked for the next two days solid, just trying to catch up.
I have NEW art work to finish and share with you.
I have a home with no furniture in it.
I have a trillion things to catch up on; *Whew!*
and I am happy to have so much to do
and not enough hours to do it in.
I am back, and nothing will stop me now.
Viva La Life!
Yours in Truth,

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A BAD! Kitty Note to Readers

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
A note to my Loyal Fans:
Dear Reader,
I am moving to a new place and while I transfer
everything into the new digs,
I will be down from computer access for a little while.
Maybe even a week! Maybe even more! OMG!!! No!
Gasp! I know, I am not sure I can make internet?!
So... While Being forced to be quiet will be good
for my works and words,
I ask that you not abandon me while
I put all my puzzle pieces together again.
I should return by the
end of next week, and I have new
to share and show you all.
I just need a few days to figure everything out, and the
installer for the internet has not given me a
date for hook up yet, just a 1-5 day window...
so don't give up on me,
and I will return soon with more
great things to share, show
and tell you all about...
in about a week from today.
Be well, all of you,
and ya'll come back now ya hear!
If you have recently purchased/or are wanting to purchase a work, please understand that I can do nothing to control the world, and the workings of it, but I do care about you
& I will get back in touch with you FIRST...ASAP!
Just wanted you all to know what's happening here in the
BAD! Kitty Lands.
Much love to all,

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Artist Blog~ Sunday & my world is at rest

"Every time you meet a situation,
though you think at the moment
it is an impossibility
and you go through the tortures of the damned,
once you have met it
and lived through it
you find that forever
after you are freer than you were before."
Once there was a little girl,
who loved to swing on the
old oak plank rope swing in the back yard of her
grandparents ancient home
thick with the smell of the Florida Gulf waters
swimming in her lungs.
She would swing as high as she could
legs pumping like pistons,
the rope making the tree limbs
groan like a heart breaking.
She would reach the highest point she could
when the swing was so fast and strong
that her insides felt like they
were going to be outside,
then and only then
would she throw her head back
long hair flying wildly and tangling in the rope
and let the ground rush up to meet her
and watch the world from
upside down
while the swing slowly
slowed down and
came to rest.
Most times she would
continue to hang there
upside down
looking up through the paper bark
tree leaves, the sun so hot and huge in the sky
the blood would start rushing to her head.
When she sat up finally
and righted the world again, there
was always a touch of
sadness at the corners her full mouth.
Swinging was great,
it was the stopping that was hard to do.
Looking into the mirror I recognize that girl.
I still like viewing the world
upside down, with my hair in my face,
and the inside rushing
I am no longer sad when I swing.
I am freer than I was then,
as a girl in the backyard of indifferent
family members.
I let those memories surface
so that I may keep that little girl around for a bit longer,
I am no longer that person,
but she was a sweet little girl once,
and I like to remember
her swinging
her head thrown back and clean
hair dragging in the dry dust at her feet.
I like to think about her hanging there,
suspended in time
looking at the world upside down
and knowing
she was right.
Be well today,
& may you have a most wonderful Sunday,

Saturday, August 12, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Artist Blog~ Saturday's in a deep pocket

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
"Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously.
If you can control the process of choosing,
you can take control of all aspects of your life.
You can find the freedom that comes
from being in charge of yourself."
I can think of no
better prison
than absolute freedom.
I choose and then live
with that truth daily.
Consequences served on chipped china,
lemon on the side of my disposable plastic glass.
I live Free, here on Earth.
The invisible bars inside my head,
ones that I strain my neck and eyes
to see through,
searching for the faintest glimmer
in the velvet ribbon of nights darkness
for the stars that
rest there.
I can not snatch them down
from their cold places in the Universe,
just as I can not sprout wings
to fly away from the pain
of knowing I can never un-do
my past.
Wealth rests on my shoulders,
and fear rides shotgun in my front pocket.
Virtue pokes awareness into the truth
of the risks I take,
and makes the sky
feel that much closer to
the small
hand that will never stop
for those shiny specks
that dance overhead in the
sky of doubt and uncertainty.
Reaching for the sky,
When her hand is out
she has stars in her eyes.
This human chooses
a freedom that costs
and serves nothing.
I will go
into the dark,
leaving a trail you can follow if you
are brave enough
to see by just the light of the moon,
the scent of summer grasses treaded upon,
and my shiny pebbles
scattered like so many stars
upon the land.
~HuBMle 8/12/06
May the world be yours today.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Artist Blog ~

BAD! Kitty Art Studio

Quote of the day


"The remarkable thing we have is a

choice every day regarding

the attitude we will embrace for that day.

We cannot change our past...

We cannot change the fact that people

will act in a certain way.

We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can do is play on

the one string we have, and that is our attitude."

Charles Swindoll

"The Soul is tied to no individual, no culture,

no tradition, but rises fresh in every person,

beyond every person,

and grounds itself in a truth and glory that

bows to nothing

in the world of time and place and history.

We all must be,

and can only be,

"A light unto ourselves."

~ Emerson






circles of


chains of understanding

forming the bonds

that will cross

any bridge

to arrive

at my own Door,

as my Heartfire

Lights the Way.

~ Humble 8/9/06

Be Well today,

and live like it's your last 10 seconds

so that you may not miss one

beautiful moment of the

unfolding of yourself.






Be the Light into this

world and



May the world be yours today,

Yours in Truth,