Wednesday, November 30, 2005

BAD! Kitty Will now tell another tasteless joke...

BAD Kitty will now tell you another tasteless joke...I don't know what get's into him sometimes...
Cat Lies

The taxi arrived and the couple opened the front door to leave their house. The cat they had thrown into the yard scoots back into the house. They don't want the cat shut in the house because"he" always tries to eat the bird...
The wife goes out to the taxi while the husband goes inside to get the cat.
The cat runs upstairs, the man in hot pursuit.
The wife doesn't want the driver to know the house will be empty.
She explains to the taxi driver that her husband will be out soon.
"He's just going upstairs to say goodbye to my mother."
A few minutes later, the husband gets into the cab.
"Sorry I took so long," he says.
"Stupid bitch was hiding under the bed.
Had to poke her with a coat hanger to get her to come out! Then I had to wrap her in a blanket to keep her from scratching me.
But it worked.
I hauled her fat ass downstairs
and threw her into the backyard!!"

The wife was speechless

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the Day!

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the day!
click to enlarge
Fairy world 11 "Journey"
18" X 24" Framed and ready to hang.
Wax, oils, and collage on reclaimed wood.
Heavy because it's on a solid piece of 3/4" wood with a simple flat black wooden frame.
Locals Special Price $200.00 (You pick up in my Now Open Beaverton Studio)
Bloggers Special Price: $288.00 *Price includes shipping to anywhere inside USA*
International Patrons, please request a free shipping quote before purchase.
About Fairy World:
The Fairy World Series has been a yearlong exploration of my unique brand of Woman. Growing up, I experienced the extremes of 1970Â’s stereotypical behavior: both of the genders were represented clearly to my little-grrrl self. I learned to fight, to fear the adults of the world, and to loath my biggest birth defect, being born female.
I wanted to play war, and I fought regularly, boys mostly. I hated the color pink, which was spoon-fed in every petite little girl bite I took. In long hair and dresses, I went about my life trying to make sense of what it was to be a girl in this world. Seeking balance, seeking my inner truth, coming to grips with the body that was at once, object/commodity, weapon/tool, and all the time weak/powerful, and shameful/virtuous.
Learning how to play the roles with gusto, I have traveled 36 years in a body that has not always felt like my own; a rental that is a little short in the legs and itchy in all the spots that are just out of reach. Fairy World allowed me to marry the warrior, and the type, or brand, of woman that I am. I love my grrrl-ness now, a beautiful, complex and scary uniqueness that defies definitions and allows ultimate flexibility. The female form is inherently preprogrammed into us to bring forth many emotions from every human being on the planet. I am one such human, and this is what I see/feel about also being classified as Female Human.

My fairies are not average beauties; they represent the different aspects of my new breed of human being, a complex being that at this time, resides in my gray matter, and now these colorful canvases too. We are all creator and destroyer, we all also have a terminal illness; itÂ’s called birth. I am proud to be this complicated being commonly known as Woman, privately known as the tiny, infinite universe. This life is full of potential, pain and change. Choice is like mathematical equations; never ending numbers spiraling into the void, life is choice; choose wisely and often. Welcome to my world.
Fairy World.
About Journey:
It began with the Indian Girl's face, that picture made me feel so alive, even water on my face could be a wonderful, joy filled moment. the rest of the collage took 4 weeks to evolve into it's mutli-layered, hidden meanings.
I am a recycled artist, meaning that I try to re-use anything and everything. This is a cut to size piece of thick plywood that was beeing thrown away...going into a landfill to take up room for much more important human refuse than good piece of wood.
So it is heavy, I like that; it symbolizes...the burden of all our travels and the blessings that have come from that on our shoulders.
I have traveled so far...internally... in so few years, and this creation was all about putting the "scrapbook" of my experiences into a perspective that was beautiful (for me) to look at, instead of hanving this pile of crap I survived.
I am making the effort in this life to live...really live...not just pay my bills, and try to keep my kids alive...but scared everyday that it might not work...and have Faith in myself now to..." Know when to hold em', Know when to fold em'....know when to walk away, and know when to run"
~Kenny Rodgers
But I digress...this was about me creating a story that is both real and fictional, autobiography and fantasy.
After I finally committed to the collage and glued it all down I used a wax and oil mixture with netting to cover the entire surface. It's matt in finish, and can't be hung in a bright, hot sunny window because of it.
I also used all originals as far as the collage goes.
Sometimeses you use copies so you can keep using images later on. But these felt like they lived/belonged together, so no copies were made, it's truly one-of-a-kind.
This is why you I think you need original art in your life:
"Good art makes you stop and look at it. Great art moves you in some way. Terrific art is something that changes you, inspires your inner you, alters your inner dialogue, communicates to the subconscious, is gratification for the Soul. Human Beings need Art in their everyday lives because it heals, speaks, inspires and explains...Period. You need art in your living environment because you need to speak, heal, be inspired and explain.Andnd possibly reward yourself for the hardwork of keeping on, keeping on everyday...having the Stiff upper lip and all that."~hmbt
If you would like to claim this wonderful work as your own, or make a no sales pressure, no obligation to buy anything... Appointment to see it in person please contact me, here or thru my web site:
BAD! Kitty Art Studio Original Artwork by The Art Czar HMBT
Where the Art is Bold, and I always offer Extra Sauce.
On the Web

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

Main Gallery Wall
My cute little bathroom
Office area
Studio get messy with it area
built in Old Portland Charm...and some of my boxes and a collection of ratio's I have
Back wall of Gallery
Again a little better picture
OOppps I put it in twice...sorry
Right hand corner of Gallery/Viewing area
This is the inside of my place...BAD! Kitty Art Studio...everything is ready for come see.
Make your appointment today...I am available at your appointment only, please.
Contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.

"Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner."
~ Les Brown

I am motivated! Have a great day,

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

BAD! Kitty Quote of the day!

May you be Most Welcome here Today!
(African in origin)
(see other posts about current OCD on greetings)

Learning isn't something that stops and starts or ends. I am sure that the last breath I draw in this reality will be full of new knowledge.

A mouthful of ball bearings is how I feel this morning, so much to say...I am feeling...everything, not really overwhelmed but un-eloquent about my expressionin word form.
I have not been able to do more than work on the studio and "the" book...and I am feeling bottled up...with a mouthful of ball bearings to distract me from my thirst, for expression.

I have started a new sculpture...I am so excited about it...I am dreaming about how to do this and know. I can't wait to share some pictures later on...I'll try to do that today.
Busy, a matter of fact it's 5:44 am and I am off to the store to get lunch box goodies for the kids, I forgot the store in everything else yesterday. Max got his's red...Yea for RED!

Gotta to all...just keep swimming, just keep swimming...hahahaha! That's for you Pinker-ella.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

BAD! Kitty News Flash! Watch Out!

Bad! Kitty News Flash:
Hot from the wire...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

(11-23) 15:09 PST Springfield, Ill. (AP) --

Bad idea:

fleeing from police in a stolen car.
Terrible idea:
fleeing in a stolen lawnmower. But that's what police say a "happy drunk" did, a decision that landed the suspect back in prison for violating his parole.
Police say they got a tip about a stolen riding lawnmower. When they investigated, they spotted a man driving across a cornfield near Springfield.
"I happened to be driving south when the call went out, and lo and behold, off to the west there was this man bouncing through the cornfield with his ponytail flopping in the breeze," said Kurt Taraba, a police officer in the suburb of Southern View.
Sangamon County Sheriff's Deputy Jim Tapscott said authorities set up a perimeter while he and another deputy drove into the field to talk to the lawnmower driver. They identified themselves and told him to stop, but he allegedly tried to drive off.
"I thought, 'You're on a riding mower, and we're in a car,'" Tapscott said with a laugh. "He was only going four or five miles per hour, so I got out and jogged alongside him."
The driver finally stopped when police threatened to stun him with a Taser.
Police arrested Charles H. Carter, 45, and returned him to the Illinois Department of Corrections. Carter was wearing an ankle monitor because he'd been on home confinement.
The Prisoner Review Board will decide whether he goes back on parole or remains in prison to serve the rest of his two-year sentence for theft.
Deputies have been unable to determine who owns the Craftsman mower. They said Carter had a handwritten bill of sale for it, but was unable to tell them where it was purchased or provide any other details.

Stay tuned for more dramatic details as they unfold...right here in good, old Ordinary Life.
"And that's the way it is." ~ Walter Cronkite


BAD! Kitty Journal Pages....

BAD! Kitties Journal Pages...She tells all... The truth behind the mask....ahhhh!...Never mind.... I was never good at the drama...this is some of my most completed works of late in "The" book. Time needs to stop for about two weeks...then I could get all caught up, nice like....dream a little dream.

Still needs to be colored in...hmmmmm, I think it needs a little red in there some where, don't you? :)
I think I am done with this started because a phrase I heard in the car on the radio...Invisible Idiots...then came the stress of the day...and well here you go...the ramblings of an ordinary crazy person...
Just Keep Swimming...just Keep Swimming...Come on you know the words.....(you can just hum along if you want to) Just keep swimming... Grace...I live by my own Grace now...not at the Mercy or the obligation of looking back...I am walking INTO my future...and I'll do it by my own Grace...Thank you very much....yep that's me at around three or four.

I hope you liked them...can you relate?
Later taters....Heather

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

From Heather with Love

*aka The reigning Art Czar at BAD! Kitty Art Studio*

This is a story that was sent to me from an old friend a year or so ago, I am sorry I don't know who wrote it, but I love it, and found it this morning, and wanted to share it with you all:

Making Sandcastles

Hot sun. Salty air.

Rhythmic waves.

A little boy is on his knees scooping and packing the sandwith plastic shovels into a bright blue bucket.

Then he up ends the bucket on the surface and lifts it. And, to the delight of the little architect, a castle tower is created.

All afternoon he will work.

Spooning out the moat.

Packing the walls.

Bottle tops will be sentries.

Popsicle sticks will be bridges.

And a castle will be built.

Big city. Busy streets.

Rumbling traffic. A man is in his office.

At his desk he shuffles papers into stacks and delegates assignments.

He cradles the phone on his shoulder and punches the keyboard with his fingers.

Numbers are juggled and contracts are signed and much to the delight of the man, a profit is made.

All his life he will work.

Formulating the plans.

Forecasting the future.

Annuities will be sentries.

Capital gains will be bridges.

An empire will be built.

Two builders of two castles.

They have much in common.

They shape granules into grandeur. They see nothing and make something.

They are diligent and determined.

And for both the tide will rise and the end will come.

Yet that is where the similarities cease.

For the boy sees the end while the man ignores it.

Watch the boy as the dusk approaches.

As the waves near, the wise child jumps to his feet and begins to clap. There is no sorrow. No fear. No regret.

He knew this would happen. He is not surprised.

And when the great breaker crashes into his castle and his masterpiece is sucked into the sea, he smiles.

He smiles, picks up his tools, takes his parent's hand, and goes home.

The grown up, however, is not so wise.

As the wave of years collapses on his castle he is terrified.

He hovers over the sandy monument to protect it.

He blocks the waves from the walls he has made.

Salt-water soaked and shivering he snarls at the in coming tide.

"It's my castle," he defies.

The ocean need not respond.

Both know to whom the sand belongs...


I know who my sand belongs to.

How are you today? Where/how are your castles being built?

Mine's here in Little Beaverton Oregon.

Where will you build your castle, will you still stand when the walls crumble?

No matter where I go, or where I may live, I am always going home.

I am my castle...I belong to both ocean and earth...I am the essence of the flow...

and I feel serene today. I know where I my flow, my castle welcomes the tide.

Yours in truth today,


Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

BAD! Kitty Quote of the Day!

A Thousand Welcomes to you!
(Celtic in origin....See yesterdays quote of the day for explanation of my current ocd with greetings)

I am living with my clear set goals, and steadfast heartfelt intention. The most wonderful part of yesterday was getting to meet three new people who I got to talk with, get inspired by and get feedback from about the place, the art and my business idea/plans for a homey Art environment, that is non-thwarting to peoples intellects or wallets.

I have to say it was great. I did not make a sale, but great patrons are not created in a day or one sale even.

I know that at least one of the three will be back for another showing, this time she thought it would make a great way to start a fun girls nite out. So we scheduled for her "party" in 10 days from now...for her and three of her friends...that's my first art party booking folks!
It is happening.

I am living with intent, because it so does not matter to me that they didn't walk out of here with brown paper wrapped artworks...but because they came at all.

The way we spend out most valuable things in this reality...our time and our hard earned money...Powerful tools...That's what really mattered to me.

The feedback was: they all thought the place felt nice and warm and not stuffy, they also (every one of them) wanted to go into the "storage room" where I have stuff stashed...the room is a disaster...with art hanging from every available wall space to protect the work and then stacks of old works...and stuff that's new and some that are I guess I better make that room look just as great as the rest of the place...because three out of three wanted to poke around in there...and it was fun for me too.
I'll have to think about it.

So things are going along...I have to take the youngest to the doctor to get his permanent cast put on his little arm...Damn scooters! Snaped his little radius like it was a twig...and he's the biggest and strongest of all my kids...but the handle bar came back and his body went forward and...snap goes the bone. We are hoping for a red colored cast...he loves red.

Then back to the studio, to finally get to work!!! Yahoo! I am going to start my new painting that I have been sketching in my journal for the last two weeks...Actually it'll be a combination of several journal pages together to complete it.

I have new Journal pages to share today...I'll be doing that soon...As well as the art feature for the day....And I have a couple of other things up my sleeves to show you today so stay tuned.

It's really nice to hear back from you regulars (read comments on other posts) and I hope I am making new connections and friends along this path, so it's nice to hear from you good friends that I talk to often as well as maybe some new people too. Always room for more love at the BAD! Kitty Art Studio...And inside this old heart of mine...Which as I grow into this dream... I find has many more rooms filled with wonders to explore....And in sharing/teaching I get to learn twice. Thanks for just being here....*artist will now stop with the sickining gushing...she put too much sugar in her coffee...and is now suger drunk..."I luv you man...*

My rich inner world is starting to become my real outer world...It's not perfect, but for the first time ever, I feel like I am finally doing what I was put here to do....And the people I am getting the privilege to meet along the way...Make my journey richer, in every way...

Color, texture, tone, light...That's how I record my mark on this winding road...My road signs...Billboards...Proof I am/was here and I : felt, loved, hurt, failed and succeeded! Now I am Amazed and more importantly I have learned to LOVE and I am really living NOW! Just me...just the way I am today...warts and all.

All my best to you today,
here's to living with Intention and
loving to the very last drop!
Here's to the next ten seconds!


Monday, November 28, 2005

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

BAD Kitty Art Feature of the day:

Fairy World #10 Moon Bathing
Oils and mixed media
24" X 24"
Locals Special Price: $200.00 (Pick up in my Beaverton Open Studio)
Bloggers Special Price: $288.00 **Includeds shipping to anywhere inside USA**

International Shipping Quotes given for free, just ask.

About Fairy World 10 "Moonlight bathing":
This painting actually has a golden glow over white, but it's hard to capture the glaze work on least for me. *sheepish grin*

**Quote that inspired the work***
"Fly not yet; it is just the hour When pleasure, like the midnight flower That scorns the eye of vulgar light, Begins to bloom for sons of night And maids who love the moon."~ Charles Lamb

I just wanted to paint something simple...and carefree...this is what I thought would be happening in my little world.It's one of my favorites.Thanks for being here...see more of the fairy world series...
or to make an no obligation, stressfree appointment to view in person...just hit the contact me button on any page.
Thanks for being here.

BAD! Kitty Will Now Tell An UN-PC joke...Warning!

BAD! Kitty will now tell you another in bad taste joke...I can't stop him when he get's like this...He is The BAD! Kitty:

A man left his cat with his brother while he went on vacation for a week.
When he came back, he called his brother to see when he could pick the cat up.
The brother hesitated, then said, "I'm so sorry, but while you were away, the cat died."
The man was very upset and yelled, "You know, you could have broken the news to me better than that.
When I called today, you could have said he was on the roof and wouldn't come down.
Then when I called the next day, you could have said that he had fallen off and the vet was working on patching him up.
Then when I called the third day, you could have said he had passed away."
The brother thought about it and apologized.
"So how's Mom?" asked the man.
"She's on the roof and won't come down."

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

Working area of studio
Office area
View into working area
Main large gallery wall

BAD! Kitty Studio Pictures!
This is what It looks like I forgot the bathroom, it's great too...
Got to get on with my day...sorry the pictures were not better quality... I rushed...Love to all,
*artist is now crossing her fingers and wishing for good luck today*

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

BAD! Kitty Quote For the Day!
Hey there partner...I got tired of the the same old Good Morning Opening line...time for a change, I think I'll say hello as many different ways I can think of, before I go back to Good Morning for awhile....these are the important details of my life...shheeesshhh!
I am going to make this short, I have a crazy day, with new patrons (possibly...maybe just new people to meet and show off the Now Open Studio/Gallery to) Today!
I am going to take some pictures of the gallery room to show all of you in moment so stay tuned...I should be back within thirty minutes or less with some shots of the place...
But I feel great, in case you are wondering, the whole family worked together yesterday, getting the last details put together...we are so excited to finally be taking appointments to show people...that I feel we are all a little giddy, we all want to know if this experiment in how to see/find/view ART in a whole new way will work.
We are all excited to show off our hard work too. We have developed a great sytem here, and as we put the last piece of painted furniture in it's place last night...we all we so freaking proud.
The place looks homey, and inviting, but professional as possible. I mean I am no "Professional looking" expert but I wanted it to feel almost like a normal well put together home space, so you can see art in a setting close to what most of us like's nice to see how art looks while sitting on a soft cushy couch, and the artist is serving tea and talking about the work if you are's going to be so much fun today.
I gotta run and snap and load those pictures....the kids are starting to wake up, then it's Mom'll be back soon!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

Bad! Kitty Quote for the Day!
Good Morning.
I have survived another year of thanksgiving. Let me be was a fest of tremendous proportions, Mate Man makes the best (I think he should win awards for his cooking abilities) in the Universe Turkey...Period.
We all ate till we thought we would explode...then all of fell asleep "watching" the after dinner movie. It was a great day...I never eat that much anyway...but it was so good, my kids were freaking out when I went back for seconds...they have never seen me do that before.
I eat child size portions....these days that's what they call them here in Super Size America...but growing up we had Man size helping and Girl Plates....three or four bites of I never clean my plate...because I can't eat that much food at a time...and I live with four men, who really believe in the Man sized plate of food.
Watching them's a wonder.
Anyway, it was a great day and I loved all of it.
We eat pretty low on the food chain in this house...we have our own little organic garden that we take everywhere with us...yes it's portable. Being an old, retired organic farmer myself...(I'm not really old, but I am retired) I can't stand shopping in the grocery stores...and our food always tastes better. Even in Winter we have fresh greens and herbs and such. It's great...but on Holidays and special occasions we will eat good meat. I mean the expensive, organic raised, hormone free meat. We can't afford to eat it all the time, or with the menfolk around here...we would.
They always get excited when I say we are going to have such and such for dinner, if it includes meat...they get all excited. It's also how we keep healthy and support the worlds food eating low on the food chain, buying Organic, buying Local, and generally being very Hippie like in our eating's also how we manage an under $350.00 food budget for five people...4 of whom eat like... five meals a day sometimes.
Impressive huh? I think it is.
Well, we have a busy day ahead...I have finally started booking the studio one-on-one appointments for the now open Studio! *Artist is now clapping her hands with glee*...and I want everything to be just right for them when they get here.
Starts on Monday! Tomorrow! WOW!
Each of the appointments are looking for different types of art...and thru listening to them, I will be arranging the studio, just for each of them. One is looking for really large room sized paintings for her new I'll be putting up the largest paintings for her...the next one wants to see Fairy World in down with the big ones and her showing will be set for Fairy World. The Third one likes my trees, abstracts and flower down with the fairy's and up with the nature paintings, it's so much fun like this. Of course there will be a variety if "other" things...but...We re-modeled the studio, so that when people want to come by, we can set it up quick for the type/style/or variety of art just for them.
What Gallery in town would do that for you? Not one...I checked.
I can set the place up within an hour or two for any type of event or keep those appointments coming! I love treating each person like they are having their own art the front seats at a high fashion show in Paris, or Some Richy Boutique that closes just for you to be able shop in peace. I don't care if I make sales....those will come as they should, but it sure is fun setting the stage for each "mini-events" and I love that part of a show.
So...I am off to set my stage in preperation for my filled up Monday schedule...would you like to come see a show? Just let me know...once you see art the BAD! Kitty Art Studio'll never want to buy art in any other way again.
At least that's the goal here. To make sureyou are comfortable and having a good time. If you are here 5 minutes or an hour or two, you count/matter, and you spent matters to me...and my art stays affordable...with all the treatment of a top end gallery...without the high pressure sales stuff or the extra high prices/costs.
What could be better this holiday season? Stress-free Shopping, ask a few friends to come along...and make an evening of it, we will serve the treats and wine, and put on a show for you all...or just come see...what we are doing's different, and unique... I know people will like the relaxed, yet modern gallery area...and you get to peek around into the working studio...and see what's on the easel, or maybe go into the art storage room, and see what's back there... I am also taking appointments for energy portraits...those are too much fun to do, I love them!
Reserve your spot today!
Have a wonderful, love filled day...
*Who is W-a-a-ay to excited about it finally starting!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

BAD! Kitty Random thought...

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

BAD! Kitty Quote of the day!
Good Morning...
I slept last night like a dreams that I remember...that was nice for a change. Today I'll be doing the "Thanksgiving" dinner family waited so that our Oldest (aka the narrow one) was back home from visiting his Dad and family.
I love to my Birthday...I love Thanksgiving best. I love the idea of being grateful, although we practice being grateful for what we have (and don't have) everyday as a family. I still love the meditative way this Holiday takes over for me.
Art is my path to understanding and creating the me I have been longing for...Forever. I knew what I "wanted" to be when I grew up...But with the belief system I had in place about myself (thanks parentental units) I could not really get there.
These last three years, I have created a new belief system...I'll be criticized either way, no matter what I "pick" to do with I just went with my heart. I used to make a lot of money, my kids grew up most of their lives in a very comfortable way. Now we do without for most "things"...
like the kids Video Game system broke two weeks ago...the repair costs are crazy so we are going to buy a new game system for them...they are game crazy...but the catch is, they have to wait for Christmas to get it. I could go get it on my credit card...give it to them now and skip the daily..."I'm Bored!...I wish my game worked." The fact is...I could do it...but I won't. In this life we rarely get what we want...when we want it. It's a lesson better learned now at 16, 7 and 8 than later in life...when the real world sets in. I also don't "do" big lavish Christmas...never have...even when we had lots of they are used to that.
I have not enjoyed the Holidays for years...I mean I pretend it's great fun for the boys...but inside I have always dreaded them. Too many old memories, and abandonment issues, and fear...and anxiety...I could go on....but you get the idea.
My artwork of the last year...has helped me work some of these "old tapes" out...and for the first time in years (like ever) I am looking forward to the upcoming festivities...even the tree part...(my most hated chore...put up the tree...take down the's down the day after Christmas around here...) and the getting ready part...Shopping...that's not so bad either.
My art has helped me recapture my divine inner child this last year...what a gift is that?!
Mate Man can hardly believe it...the difference in me about the Holiday...Usually I am scrooge McDuck...but this year I am freaking Pollyanna about the whole thing.
It's great.
I am so into the Meaning of the HOLIDAY...not about the money...the rushing...the demands that are socially's about the LOVE.
It's about finding inner love, structuring the bonds with the people that matter...Hell...Finding some people to's about being delighted at the plain goofiness of society about THINGS!
Art is not a THING.
At least my work isn' work is alive...Created in an evolutionary moment...that never stops changing. Living with my work is like that too...form the hundreds of feedbacks I have gotten now...I understand that the people that have bought my works...have found themselves inspired afterwards...the Universe starts to conspire with work is sometimes a Talisman for growth.
That's so wonderful to feel that way about something you look at everyday, in your living environment.
Something other than your couch or your car...or the size of your diamonds...but a little object, that hangs/sits/resides in your dwelling that speaks to/for/about your inner you. The one that only YOU will ever really Know/Discover. That one thing in your home that inspires something inside you.
That's what ART is...Inspired truth, that uncovers the answers hidden by the questions...
at least for me, that's what art is.
I look around my studio as all my hard work comes out and goes up on the fresh painted walls, and I smile inside and out so big, because they are ready to find their homes...I am ready for them to away Fairy' away.
I have healed something inside myself with every single work...and I am ready to move on to the next step Universe, Let it be, Bold and Saucy...The next step is becoming more clear as I work this new body of ART out...because I paint from my soul...I close my eyes...take a breath...pick a color and let it pictures to nothing... but it or not....and the world becomes larger and brighter for me everyday, let that be too.
Have a wonderful day everyone...and consider how an insightful, eternal and functional Original artwork can be as a gift this Holiday Season. Please consider supporting the living artist in your area/part of the world...or someone you find like me...*hint...hint*, but where you find your "voice" isn't the important part...ART is about more than what it says to the's about what it says to you...the one on the inside...
"Come on tell ME Who are you?
Who are Y-o-u? Who, Who-w-ho, Who-ho...come on now tell me who are YOU?!"
(The Who song lyric...sorry)
Yours in Truth,

Friday, November 25, 2005

Good nit BAD! Kitties Everywhere

I am the stone grrrl bed, tired from my busy day. Tomorrow we have our family's Thanksgiving I'll be cooking and so on...but also I hope to spend some time painting real soon, I have been too busy to "work", and I'm all twitchy. Thanks fo being here...when I'm not so tired, I'm amazinly witty and insightful...not to mention Modest, but well...just scroll down, it get's better from here.
If you are an Art Lover, and a right winger, just do us both a favor and skip the joke...the art is still great...I promise.
Sleep well all...Heather

BAD! Kitty Will Now Tell An UN-PC political joke...Warning!

Warning!!...if you Love and Support The Big Guy, no not God...G.W. in the white house...stop here now...or run the risk of not liking me a lot. You have been warned...
MeoW! It is the BAD! Kitty Way....

George W. Bush was visiting an elementary school, and the 4th grade class he sat through began a discussion related to words and their meanings.The teacher asked the President if he would like to lead the class in a discussion of the word "tragedy."

So, George W. asked the class for an example of a tragedy.

One boy stood up and said, "If my best friend who lives next door is playing in the street and a car comes along and runs him over, that would be a tragedy." "No," said Bush, "that would be an accident."

A girl raised her hand and said, "If a school bus carrying 50 children drove off a cliff, killing everyone on board, that would be a tragedy.""I'm afraid not," the President said. "That's what we would call a Great Loss."

The room went silent. No other children volunteered. President Bush searched the room and asked, "Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?"

Finally, way in the back of the room, Johnny raised his hand, and in a quiet voice, he said, "If Air Force One, carrying Mr. and Mrs. Bush, was struck by a missile and blown up to smithereens, THAT would be a tragedy."
"That's right! And can you tell me WHY that would be a tragedy?" asked the President.
"Well," Johnny said, "because it wouldn't be an accident and it sure as hell wouldn't be a Great Loss..."

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the Day

Bad Kitty Art Feature OF the day!

Little Big Red Tree
18" X 24"
Finished sides, unframed, ready to hang

Locals Special Price: $ 150.00 ( Pick up in my Now OPen Beaverton Studio)
Bloggers Special Price (includes shipping cots to anywhere inside the USA) : $ 200.00
Internationl Shipping quotes given free...just ask.

this is a magic tree...It glows and moves in the murkey greenish background, it settles the mind with the soft glow of the metal powders used in between the layers of red, and plums, and gold.
Must see in person if you can...let me know if you would like to make it yours.
This is why you I think you need original art in your life:"Good art makes you stop and look at it. Great art moves you in some way. Terrific art is something that changes you, inspires your inner you, alters your inner dialogue, communicates to the subconscious, is gratification for the Soul. Human Beings need Art in their everyday lives because it heals, speaks, inspires and explains...Period. You need art in your living environment because you need to speak, heal, be inspired and explain...and possibly reward yourself for the hardwork of keeping on, keeping on everyday...having the Stiff upper lip and all that."~hmbt

If you would like to claim this wonderful work as your own, or make a no sales pressure, no obligation to buy anything... Appointment to see it in person please contact me, here or thru my web site:
Just hit the "Contact Me" button on any page.
Thanks for being here, and have a wonderful day.

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

Good Morning!

I hope everyone out there in the Universe had a great Yesterday, I am planning a terrific today. We have our Thanksgiving I'll be gone from the web today...come on...! everyone takes a holiday sometimes...right? I mean it's been 180 posts straight 7 days a week, and it's been fun. I will probably do something goofy with some of my time off today... like post pictures of the studio or someting...I am feeling giddy and charged up from all the good works we did yesterday.

So watch out world...I am full of fun stuff today. I will NOT be shopping in the commercial world of C(ommercial hell)hristmas at all... period...we don't shop that way unless it is absolutely unavoidable. I make all my gifts, even when we had money, we made gifts for each other (and let me tell you I was glad we had made that tradition up when we lost our asses...Whew! Nothing changed really as far as Christmas goes...) then too, everyone gets to make three wishes for a big "bought" gift and they will get one of them...if we can do it...I have pulled it off every year so far...we will see what happens this year.

Last year, we were more poor than I remember in recent past...we had $72.00 at the time...and no my Mate Man, measured and nailed nails into the wall, in the outline of a tree, and strung the lights...we hung a few special decorations on the was great! The kids loved it and thought it was an "arty" one else did have anything like it...that's for sure...but it was a great Christmas, one that we will always remember fondly.

This year I am taking orders for their youngest wants a painting about a castle...the middle one want a dragon or a magic a book form no less...picky little....the oldest...hasn't decided...and then the they have their wish lists...and we are outside Christmas is easy and simple...just us Five...round here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and I am looking forward to meeting/hearing/seeing you soon.

BAD! Kitty is better than this anyway...I'm a little rushed this morning, so if you are new...just scroll down a little, give me a get's better..really, really.

Take care on the roads my traveling friends! Heather

Thursday, November 24, 2005

BAD! Random Thought.

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

BAD! Kitty Quote(s) of the Day:

Good Morning...Happy Thanksgiving!

With so much to do, and so many people to see, many of us will forget that this is supposed to be a day of giving thanks for what each Human cherishes most in their own heart/soul.

Many of us will be overwhelmed...And try to just make it thru another holiday with family.

Many of us will be alone, and try to just make it thru another Holiday without anyone.

Many of us will quietly watch the whole event unfold, and never unfold ourselves to the truth of the day.

Not here. Today while most of people will give thanks...we in this house will work. We give thanks everyday...but tomorrow we party like there's no tomorrow...but today...we give really giving.

"But peace does not rest in the charters and covenants alone. It lies in the hearts and minds of all people. So let us not rest all our hopes on parchment and on paper, let us strive to build peace, a desire for peace, a willingness to work for peace in the hearts and minds of all of our people. I believe that we can. I believe the problems of human destiny are not beyond the reach of human beings."
John F. Kennedy

Have a blessed holiday weekend everyone!
With love and gratitude,

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Just go read it...I can't even tell you, it is really interesting information, and I love the way Brian is thinking about Money, food, energy, the political climate...How to do business...The art of it.
Love It Bri! Keep it up...We need you out here!
Thanks Bud!

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the day!

Cracker Jack Mary
8" x 10"
finished sides, no frame needed, ready to hang
it can be framed, just in case you are wondering...there is enough revel around the edges of the assembalge to accomodate framing.
Mixed Media: Vintage Photo, real vintage MINT cracker Jack toys, wired yes they could be removed later...the cracker jack toys span 50 years of toys produced by the company. Handcut tiles of black and white plexiglass, flat marbles, oils, handmade clay tile hearts, and metal powders.

Locals Special Price: $110.00 (free delivery in the PDX area, or pick up at my Now Open Beaverton Studio)

Bloggers special Price: $150.00 (Includes discounted shipping to anywhere inside the USA).

International shipping quotes given for free, just ask.

About Cracker Jack Mary:
Cracker Jack Mary came about from meeting a really neat guy named Manny, and another great woman who both gifted me with parts of this assemblage. The Cracker Jack Toys are authentic vintage toys that are all in mint condition, and wired on, so if they were ever "harvested" for their individual value they could be removed. There is at least one toy from the last 50 decades of Cracker Jacks on this work. The portrait of the "Mary" came from a local woman who gifted me her old family photo's for art. Manny sold me his little box of Cracker Jack toys for a few dollars telling me the whole time, he could sell them for more on ebay each than what I paid for all of them. To my surprise...he was correct! One of the toys is a real rare one, made of vellum and worth about 60.00 by itself! I had no idea they were even collectible, but when I told him that I wanted to use them for an art project, he handed them all over for $8.oo. So thanks to Manny, and the lovely lady that gifted me with these great items to help tell my story, in visual form. Change is Good.This is the quote that inspired me during the creation...***"It is the individual only who is timeless. Societies, cultures, and civilizations; past and present are often incomprehensible to outsiders, but the individual's hungers, anxieties, dreams, and preoccupations have remained unchanged through the millennia."~ Eric Hoferer (1902-1983)Enjoy your day!Please buy art from living artist....
This is why you I think you need original art in your life:"Good art makes you stop and look at it. Great art moves you in some way. Terrific art is something that changes you, inspires your inner you, alters your inner dialogue, communicates to the subconscious, is gratification for the Soul. Human Beings need Art in their everyday lives because it heals, speaks, inspires and explains...Period. You need art in your living environment because you need to speak, heal, be inspired and explain...and possibly reward yourself for the hardwork of keeping on, keeping on everyday...having the Stiff upper lip and all that."~hmbtIf you would like to claim this wonderful work as your own, or make a no sales pressure, no obligation to buy anything... Appointment to see it in person please contact me, here or thru my web site:
Just hit the "Contact Me" button on any page.
Thanks for being here, and have a wonderful day.

Bad Kitty Art Studio Portland/Beaverton, Oregon - oil paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, recycled art, motivational words

BAD! Kitty Art Studio Quote for the day

Good Morning.
It's so nice of you to drop by like this, I wish I had known you were coming...I would have spruced the place up a little first. How is it where you are today?

I dreamt of windows last night...Open, closed, close-up and far-away. The only thing that I thought was wrong about the windows in the dreams were that there were lights on behind them...but I never saw anything thru them. The faculties were empty.... still inside....and full of light.
This quote came as close to describing what it felt like in the dream...I was not outside the windows looking in...No one was looking out of any of them...But yet I never felt sad or scared during the dream....Just content...I was happy to see all the different places/buildings with a "light" on inside...

That's me today...Full of light on the inside. On this day before America's Thanksgiving day...I am grateful for the light that spills forth from my fingers, gray matter, and soul...I am grateful I have an inner light on at all...I do. A freaking huge, triple beam spotlight...It feels like this morning. Do you feel it too? Can you see me?

Becoming grateful for the "rights" in my life is a new thing for me...I have been all my life an optimist...But this is different...It feels like I am a magnet...Drawing more light towards me all the time...The stronger I grow, the less I worry about the "things" that need "fixing"...And I am learning to trust myself more...I am still working on the Faith in Myself thing...You know, that's not really's not really Faith in myself anymore...I have been able to narrow it down to the fact that I don't always feel confident about my ability to correctly judge the internal true character of other Human beings, and that lack of skill has lead down many a dark path. I'm much better at listening for the call...the red flag on the feild...the cues about people and know? I have also discovered that my night vision is becoming better and better as well. Feeling my way...crab-walking when need be, listening to the wind and the messages it carries...smells of the unknown.

I would be considered one of those well intentioned do-gooders...that's ok by me these's OK if I am 36 and still gullible and a little naive about these types of things. I accept the truth about myself better these days...warts and all.

I used to think it was me, It was me that must be wrong, because everyone I have every really known...and loved, except for my Mate Man and kids...has left me at one time or another....When I was younger, I used to equate that fact (that people will abandon you, no matter how important you are/are not to them...we have all been left at some point) with how much personal worth I had...I must not be so great as they said all those years/days/months...after eating their fill, getting healed, being loved, or whatever these types of people are looking for at the time...they will leave.

When your giving outweighs your internal "getting some back"...When you are the one that has to do all the thinking, planning, contacting, healing and repairing...and shoulder the blame when it goes wrong... (your soul-utions to the current situation) when it's ok for the other person to have needs, desires, problems....needy needs, weaknesses...imperfections... and you are not allowed to make any mistakes (be imperfect) and you find that you are on the fixing it end of life...when your soul-utions work well and everyone is all healed up (or seem to be anyway)...or whatever, fill in the blank...your tops...big double A+...but when you are needy...wrong...again fill in the blank...and those same people don't give what they got...Unconditional love....they tend to be (for me in my own experience) apathetic towards they have a knee-jerk reaction; an allergic reaction to the obligation part of all "getting"...the give what you got part...they abandon, and sometimes on the way out...they try to make you hate you won't want/need to come'll hate them, and therefore relive them of their obligations to give back a little of what they were given...because they won't come back, most of the time...there are the rare few that have made the journey back to my doorstep (internal and literal) so far none of those people that came back into my life....have ever maintained the relationship...and we would repeat old habits...Patterns...Cycles....And basically do it all again...ending the same way.

That is why I think I am a little gullible, and naive sometimes, because for the most part, I let everyone one of them that did re-connect with me... back seems I am usually willing to give it a go...I seem to find myself to willing to give, give, give...Excuse, help, dismiss, justify, solve....only to be left again. I think it hurts worse the first time round, just because you get a callus over the spot...but the second, third...and so on tries...tend to be internally destructive...for me at least. (see posts about the internal silent screamer...some call it esteem, foresight, precognition) Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson...Warning!

The Window represents to me (as symbol) that part of myself that is willing to always leave the light on, so they (you) can find me in the darkness, open the portal, see into the truth of perfection/imperfection...Usefulness and needy-ness....and love me for/because of it.

It also is a symbol of fear for burglars, emotional pick pockets, addicted to control (open/closed...Blinds up or down)...and places where I am transparent...see thru...Vulnerable.

It is because of this duality...the fear and freedom... of the image Windows calls to my mind...that I find them compelling. It is this reason that I use them so often in my work as well. Often there will be a hidden window in a work. Sometimes if I am really lost in the flow...I hide them from myself and can't see them till I run into the closed the work and step back.

I love that art is now my main therapy. I love that I can now go into myself and the studio....and throw open windows left and right and create...not re-create...but create, build something that makes my emotions tangible...real... something others can "see", touch...feel. My creations therefore become the windows that I see thru as well....finding myself...Discovering the why of this life, these circumstances, this reality that I find myself in.

I am grateful to be able to look into my windows...(and out of) and find that after it all hits the fan...there is still a light every window of my inner and outer don't mind you seeing the vulnerable...the heart beating behind the glass...I don't mind you seeing.
I am not afraid of lies beyond the pane (as in window) as much anymore...because there always has been, and ever shall be...a glow... on which to light my matter where I travel (inside or outside my head) I am always going home.

Be careful this grateful for all your strengths and successes...and good parts...and let the light shine in/on. Be grateful for the lights shining in your life...and if you don't feel like there is enough illumination to safely navigate the rough waters...Look to the west...I'll leave a light on for you.

Best of days to you, yours in Truth... Heather

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

BAD! Kitty Random thought...

BAD! Kitty ART Feature of the DAY!

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the day:

Passion Tree
18" x 24"
Gallery wrapped,
no frame needed, ready to hang
Locals Special Price: $200.00 (Free delivery in the PDX area or pick up in my Beaverton Studio)
Bloggers special price: $288.00 (Includes discounted shipping costs anywhere inside USA)
International Shipping Quotes given free...just ask.

About Passion Tree:

"Trees serve as homes for visiting devas who do not manifest in earthly bodies, but live in the fibers of the trunks and larger branches of the trees, feed from the leaves and communicate through the tree itself. Some are permanently stationed as guardians of sacred places."
from Hindu Deva Shastra, verse 117, Nature Devas
Passion Tree came from my connection with the life form "tree". I have loved trees since the first moment I walked into a real forest. I was 5 or 6, we lived in the hills of a little place called Mt. Juliet, Tennessee...We had a small trailer on top of a little hill...And 88 acres around of woods, brooks, and the biggest weeping willows, that to this day, I have ever seen in my life. I roamed, and played and fished for whales in the brooks from the limbs of the weeping willows...I ran thru the Fields of my disobey (another song lyric) When I grew up...and went into was natural for me...I loved soil, plants, trees, bugs...Everything...I love it because no matter finds a way. I knew if trees could do it...then I could do it too, I was 6 mind you....but my life had made me wise beyond my years at that time...I knew that my life would find a way. I gardened with family as a kid growing up, went to markets to buy fresh foods, and generally had the natural world to thank for saving my bacon in the end...Mother nature has never stopped amazing in all it's forms amazed me as a kid...that's why I survived my childhood, that and just being too hard headed not to.

Passion is what brought me to life...meeting Mate Man and then making this life...that is what brought me to life, I mean waking from the coma that I was lulled into...Organically alive...but not alive at all.
I paint trees all the time...each tree holds the "life" I made it for....this one I made for my passion for my tree is so can only see the half of it. I have never known love like this before....that's a song right? It is true for me this it's rich golden and deepest maroon blazing background....holds my passion for the love and being able to now be loved, just the way I am...and whomever I evolve into along the way...True love, passion, honesty, and first and foremost, no matter the circumstance we may find ourselves faced with...we love each other first. My Tree Deva....I call her Passion.

BTW...this painting is so much better in person...*aaarrgghh*I wish I was a better photographer, but now that the lights and everything are up in the studio I'll see if I can get a better shot of it and post it later today...and some shots of the studio too? uuuummmm, we will see....

This is why you I think you need original art in your life:"Good art makes you stop and look at it. Great art moves you in some way. Terrific art is something that changes you, inspires your inner you, alters your inner dialogue, communicates to the subconscious, is gratification for the Soul. Human Beings need Art in their everyday lives because it heals, speaks, inspires and explains...Period. You need art in your living environment because you need to speak, heal, be inspired and explain...and possibly reward yourself for the hardwork of keeping on, keeping on everyday...having the Stiff upper lip and all that."~hmbt

If you would like to claim this wonderful work as your own, or make a no sales pressure, no obligation to buy anything... Appointment to see it in person please contact me, here or thru my web site:
Just hit the "Contact Me" button on any page.
Thanks for being here, and have a wonderful day.

BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

Good Morning.

I awoke this morning thinking about my dreams...not my night time dreams...but my lives dream. I realized that I am living may not be just the way I want it to be right now...but none the less....I am living it.
this is the other quote that I am working with (Actually two know the story about even numbers....I can't do them)

1."One of the most essential things you need to do for yourself is to choose a goal that is important to you. Perfection does not exist -- you can always do better and you can always grow."
~ Les Brown

2. "We've got to have a dream if we are going to make a dream come true."
~ Denis Waitley

I have a set, defined be able to work (art) in my own place, selling my work the way it makes me happy, and having the chance to meet the people who connect with my work. It's a simple little dream...but it has taken three years of hard, 24/7 work to get "the place" to do all these things "in"... three years of bone crushing rejection and disappointments, three years of incredible growth as a adult human female. Learning, failing, getting back up and going at it again....that's the story of my life. I have lost the fear of failure...because I have had so much of it, I guess it just doesn't bother me as much any more.

There is a always going to be people who have more talent, money, luck, smarts, you name it... than me. There is always going to be someone who can do it better than everyone else...thing is I don't care anymore.

I don't care if I am not the MOST talented artist in the world...I don't care if I am never one of the "big" artists that make tons of money from their art, and are well known...I don't care if I don't make "it" big like that anymore. Really, I just don't care. Money isn't the issue here, neither is... fame, recognizably, monetary wealth....this is about growth, healing, passion, dreams coming true, living like it's the last ten seconds of my life.

I have found that I create better when I am able to be around others....and I mean that my creative muse is/are the human beings/condition of this reality. What I mean is...YOU.

I have conducted a little scientific experiment over the last year *artist is now looking very scientific like, be impressed* results found thru journaling, note taking , and essay writing about each work... that I am usually inspired by the events (of course) around me at the time...but even more so...the people that I have met in that time frame, and how meeting them, changed(s) me...what I felt and was inspired by/because in/about that person...for example:

I created Mind your P's and Q's after meeting a good and well intentioned (but emotionally unstable ) person, who I had a brief interaction with...she was trying to change the world by education of the general public about the plight of the American ex-con, and what happens after you have been "inside" and then get out to find a world that does not want to house, employ, or live near an ex-con. How do you stay "out" in such an awful place like that? Her passion and drive inspired me to create the artwork...and it's all about what I learned from being around her, that good judgments come from bad judgments..."that to err is natural, to rectify err is Glory" ~ George Washington...I learned about forgiveness, and what a rare commodity it is in this world...I also learned that some amazing freaking artists are locked up...and I wanted their art outside the prison walls...I wanted to world to see them as Humans rather than rejects...they say... you've paid your debt to society when you are released from prison...but they don't mean it. I am talking about the non-violent criminal here...not the rapeist, murders, and such...but the 18 year old that had consensual sex with his 16 year old girlfriend, and got sent to prison for 6 years, as a sex offender, and he will be listed as such for life...her parents insisted he be punished for his crime...he is/was and ever shall be...The wife that ran away from home with her kids while her husband slept...because that was the only time she could take such a chance and hope to live thru it...You know they don't all come out of prison like Martha Stewart, or Mike it really interested me as a subject matter...and still does, very much...

It also inspired the inner creative in me to find my wrongs, and right them. To find the key to unlock my self imprisoned inner being and let her out to roam. That there are many wrongs in this world, and I can make some of them right...the ones that I create at least...I can do that. I worked on the painting over the better part of three days...and I reflected on how much we don't know... we don't know. How much magic there is in a moment, an eternity....I healed my inner prisoner in those three days...and I touch others lives in the process, and I made some things happen...and the ripples of that/those actions are still radiating out now...but in life metaphorically speaking...I have a bad habit of skipping stones across my inner other words, I create a lot of ripples in this reality when I am impassioned about something. I can't help it.

Fairy world came about the same way...the first one was a fluke...a mistake background that I started playing with...because I had failed at all the technical "perfection" I was going for. What was spawned from that fluke painting, was... on a lark I included it in a review that I went to for a chance to hang in very popular local space. I also brought what was at the time I thought my best work...after looking at it all in about 5 minutes...she only liked the fairy. I went home and thought about that...13 fairy's later...and one years worth of solitary work...(we must go in to find out)...I figured out what kind of a human being I am, and came to terms with the fact that I had yet to deal with the fact that I was a female...what that means to me, what has happened in my past because of that simple fact...what I am today...because of that simple fact...Complete and unbroken. Fairy world helped me to put together my inner female...the bits and pieces scattered thruout my inner landscape..and put her all together, I am complex, and altered by the life I have led. the experiences that I have had, and the people I have known, good and bad.

I need people, I need experience...I don't paint still life, I don't paint from photo's, I don't paint from anyother place other than my head, usually with no plan what so ever in mind other than a color that makes me feel the right way... so my muse is this world, and my experience in it, and the people that I meet, Universe what's next? I'm game...let's see what happens next, I've got a few more rounds left in me....I can go the distance.

So, that's my entry this morning.....I have a lot to do today...per usual...and I'll try to get the art feature of the day up next ASAP.

Have a great day everyone, hope to hear from you soon....Heather

Monday, November 21, 2005

BAD! ART Feature of the DAY!

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the Day:

Break Out
18' X 24" Gallery wrapped
no frame needed ready to hang.
Oils and fortune cookie fortunes.
Locals Special Price (pick up in my Beaverton Studio, or free delivery in the PDX area): $200.00
Blogger special Price (Price includes discounted shipping costs): $288.00

About Break Out:
In a world that seems to be black and white...I am the big red spot in the middle of it all. I included my favorite fortunes...and my foot prints show the path I am walking.

Where is your break out point? What do you do that makes you feel special, more alive, more you than anything else?

For is this...Break Out to me means doing it my way, being me, looking for my treasures, breaking the molds. I am a success when I say I am...and I say I am.

Where you, the real you, in your dreams? What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

This painting is my tangible proof...that I am...facing fear, taking on the status quo, listening/not listening to the people around me, learning from my past, living in this moment and not the future I want or the past I left behind, and just freaking doing it...this is my proof, I am scared AND willing to move forward without knowing what will happen next...that's called having/creating...Faith, and I have that in myself...and this reality...and in you, faithful all of you.

This is why you need original art in your life:
"Good art makes you stop and look at it. Great art moves you in some way. Terrific art is something that changes you, inspires your inner you, alters your inner dialogue, communicates to the subconscious, is gratification for the Soul.
Human Beings need Art in their everyday lives because it heals, speaks, inspires and explains...Period.
You need art in your living environment because you need to speak, heal, be inspired and explain...
and possibly reward yourself for the hardwork of keeping on, keeping on everyday...having the Stiff upper lip and all that."

If you would like to claim this wonderful work as your own, or make a no sales pressure, no obligation to buy anything... Appointment to see it in person please contact me, here or thru my web site:
Just hit the "Contact Me" button on any page.
Thanks for being here, and have a wonderful day.

BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

Good Morning...

I am deeply rooted in today. I have the studio gleaming, and ready...The art I am going to mess around with today...Till I get it just right. I am hoping to get a chance to paint for fun/work today too...It's been two weeks and I am all kinds of ready to go back to my real work. "Put the paintbrush down! ...and back away from the Canvas slowly...with your arms above your head!"

I faced my fears about starting this new venture. It takes me about 3.2 seconds to face fear...If I am scared, and I'm NOT about to jump off a building or something (Metaphorically speaking of course) then I do it. If I feel scared, I go do it...It is a compulsive thing...I have yet to think "I can't do that", when it comes to my business life. Spending all those years in the service industry, and also being "in" the art scene, with agents and galleries...I just know that there must be a better way to reach people with what I am doing. I am a marketing fool, I have created the place to do "it" in, and I keep asking the universe to send me opportunity.

My fear is that it won't work....I'll be the kid that sent out a dozen party invitations and no one will show up....So here I am...Facing fear...Come on fear, wanna Dance? I can K.O. Fear....That's the easy part. It's the living thru it that scares me to death.

Today...I face it, I work, stay focused, and keep on keeping on...See my work and my studio becoming what I want them to become...An extension of me...That people can purchase, because they find it's a part of them too.

Wonder, excitement, and fear...All wrapped up in a neat little BAD! Kitty Bow...I'll take it, Mr. Brown was right...It's not that scary...I have failed before...It did not kill me, so I can keep trying till I get it right...That won't kill me either...But I am not promising I'll be sane by the end of it all...I am so BAD! at waiting or being patient...I am a now, now, now kind of person...I hate to wait, but I love the first appointment for my new OPEN STUDIO will be my best surprise....

Dear Surprise Person,
please hurry the hell up...and make an appointment to see my are killing me here, and I am sure my early demise will not make my work any more get a move on will you? It's almost Christmas Jive gonna give out those department store gift cards again? I got those too! Of Course They are BAD! Kitty Gift Cards...
Consider the insightful gift that art makes, or Give a BAD! Kitty Gift Certificate, so they can come and pick out their own art...but for the love of Art...get on it, I can't stand waiting another second.
Respectfully and Impatiently yours,

Sunday, November 20, 2005

BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

I am going to be active and positive today...Yesterday, I got a couple of emails from strangers (I think it was the same dumbass...they all came from the same IP addy) anyway, he wrote to tell me my work made him sick.
Isn't that nice? I mean he took time from his busy life of hateful spewing to include me....I felt special. Good I hope it made you real sick...and you got it all out of your system...Because it's gotta be bad sitting in there eating you up, like that. Poor baby.

Those things don't usually bother me...but it was from a local, and I had just starting advertising the fact that my Studio is now open, and asking people to come see. I don't know why it bugged me so....Portland is full of stupid, pointless people...just like the rest of the world...but it did bug me. is a new day...and I don't freaking care if you like my work, or it makes you sick...I am still going to go on...I am still building the best me I can...sticks and stones...and I am made of rubber...all of that.

Not one person can stop me from becoming what I want to become...and I will continue to work hard at my dream...and leave the rest behind.
Not everyone is going to like my a matter of fact about 70% of the people who view my work won't like it...and out of the 30% that will like it only 2-3% will actually buy it...that's art baby...Welcome to the big leagues...I can handle that...It's the same for every artist...The Living Artists that is...The dead ones get to keep their socially accepted work as masterpieces...And the living artist...The ones that are explaining this world that we are living right now...They are passed over for Mall/Poster art that matches the drapes, or the roomful of trendy furniture...

Like this weekend there is an art show at the mall...They have used people in poor countries like Cuba, India, and other small places and taken these great talents in their own right...Had them copy or paint over with a clear resin... Copies of great art, slap them into a frame...And now you can buy it for under $100.00 I ask you...where is the art in that?
I know where the money greed is...but I ask you...
Where is the soul? How much of the $100.00 that they get from each sale actually makes it back to the person who slaved over it in some other country? It makes me sick to see this kind of thing being called art. (probably what my hate mailer would call great art)

I can tell you...there was no one here but me, and I spend weeks on each of my works, and my prices are close to those at the mall, because I choose to make them that way...if you are going to spend $200.00 on some freaking print in a nice frame...why not support the incredible talents in the area that you live in? Why not have something that will increase in value ever year, instead of disposable artwork that can't be resold...or sometimes even given away?

I will keep on, I will paint, sculpt and will come or you won't, you might be nasty or nice, you might pay or trade for the work you want, you matter to me, and don't matter to me at the same time. I want to be liked...I want my work to sell...but even if it doesn't...I will still create for a living...Either way. Nothing stops me once I put my mind to it...not even sticks, stones or hateful people.
I know I am doing what's right for, on I go to make today as successful as it can be...and I hope to hear from you all soon.
Till then, have a great Sunday...Heather

Saturday, November 19, 2005

BAD! Kitty Saturday Morning Funny...

This is from one of my favorite Adult Mary Fleener. I think it's so funny, because this happened to me once...and it was not funny then...a long time ago...but I thought I was the only one who did such silly stuff... HA, HA, HA!
Click on pictures to enlarge them.
Happy Saturday!

BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

I am fighting for my life here...I mean the 16 year old is trying to kill me I am sure of it. Emotional warfare...I told him if he keeps it up, I'll take everything he has away from him...He said he would just go get himself emancipated from me and his Father....I can't wait for him to tell the Judge..."I want to divorce my parents because they won't let me skip school, smoke anything, party all the time, come and go as I please, and they make me clean my room."
I am the worst parent ever! Clean rooms, not being late, no lying, smoking, drugs, the making of babies, or skipping of school...And doing three chores in the house! OMG!!...I am a monster.
The narrow one is making me want to pinch his head off.

He is gone to work most of the day, Thank the Good Lord, I have a break from him and his stupid person act. Pinching his head off is too good for him...anthills and honey are now starting to come to mind.....Just kidding. But it is nice that he's gone for most of the day, we need a break from each other.

I am doing the last little bits in the studio, waiting for appointments for my NOW OPEN STUDIO, to start pouring in... Locals...I swear I am worth the drive to Beaverton to see my work...In person...Really, really. So email me for a one-on-one, studio tour...No obligations, just come meet me and see my little place...And look at some art...I can't wait to host my first guest!

So, I am fighting with myself today, over my impatience to get started and my unwillingness to just let it be. I want you to come see now...Right now... *Artist is now stamping her foot and sticking out her bottom lip...Yeah, it never worked for her as a kid either...More foot stomping* poop no one ever listens to me. :)

I had better get on with my day...You never know what may happen...This could be my lucky one! Special locals only pricing in the studio...Come see!

Have a great one all...And for goodness sakes...This is why you need good, Original Art in your life:

"Good art makes you stop and look at it. Great art moves you in some way. Terrific art is something that changes you, inspires your inner you, alters your inner dialogue, communicates to the subconscious, is gratification to the soul. Human Beings need Art in their everyday lives because it heals, speaks, inspires and explains...Period. You need art in your living environment because you need to speak, heal, be inspired and explain...And possibly reward yourself for the hardwork of keeping on, keeping on everyday...Stiff upper lip and all that." ~HMBT

Yup, I have now started quoting myself....what more can I say? LOL

Have a good one, Heather

Friday, November 18, 2005

BAD! ART Feature of the DAY!

Bad! Kitty Art Original feature of the day:
The New One (please read the essay that follows goes with the painting.)
This painting was most recently featured at the Portland City Hall's Race for the Cure (group show) Month long show. It has won 3 awards, and been published in 12 magazines, ezines and art/health periodicals in the past year.
30" x 50"
oils and metal powders
Gallery wrapped no frame needed ready to hang.

Locals Speical price: $250.00 (with free delivery inside PDX area...or you can pick up in my Beaverton Studio.)
Blogger Special Price: $335.00 (Price Includes discounted shipping costs to anywhere inside the USA)
International shipping quotes available for free, just ask.

The New One
An essay by HMBT
copyright 2005
I was seven, when I found out that people get sick, people get cancer, and people can die. We had just come back from my favorite aunt’s home, where she and I had happily spent the day, making paper clip jewelry, and her famous oatmeal cookies. All the grown-ups were weird, acting strange and stilted. I just thought they were being grown-ups…which when I was seven was another word for “crazy” anyway.

We went home, life went on. Two weeks later, my grandfather sat me down and told me that Aunt Nell had passed away, she had been sick, with cancer for a long time, and that she had lost the battle, gone with God and moved to heaven.

At the funeral, I sat in the pew, sandwiched between my father and grandmother, almost passing out from the White Shoulders my grandmother had bathed in, and my father’s aftershave. My skirt was new and itchy, and I was hot, and really mad at everyone for not noticing my perfect set of matching jewels, made of paper clips and shelf paper… made by my favorite aunt and myself, in the sun, on the back porch, laughing cookie crumbs at each other. I had insisted on wearing them, even though they didn’t match my new dress.

She looked beautiful and just like she was asleep, I left my bracelet on her pillow, so she would have something pretty to wear in Heaven. I’ve still got my necklace and matching ear rings Aunt Nell, I’ll make sure to bring them with me when I come to see you.

I was 20 years old when I found out that people get sick, people get cancer, I had cancer, and I might die. The doctor sat across from me and solemnly delivered the bad news, six months maybe a little longer; they didn’t know how to stop it. My son had been born less than a year before, I was an athlete, I took care of myself, I was alone in the world, a single mother, and no family left. This couldn’t be happening to me, I was not going to die, that I knew when I left the office. I wasn’t going to die, and that was that. I’ve been told I am a little stubborn.

He told me to put my life in order, he told me to spend time with my son, and to think about making arrangements for him. He told me to go home and enjoy what time I had left.

I was 26 years old when I learned that people get sick, people get cancer, I had cancer, and people don’t always die.

I am now 36 years old. I did not go home and give up. I have three children, after they said it was impossible. I have no cancer. I have spent many years recovering, and learning; this world is a magical place, full of magical people. I am one of them; you are too.

Live each day as if it will end in the next ten seconds. (~Ray Bradbury)
Live each moment, to it’s fullest.
We all have a terminal disease; it’s called birth.
The future is no place to put your better days. (~Dave Matthews)
I am still here, and so are you. Let’s do something about it, with it.

This painting is about my recovery, the friends and family I have watched make the transition from this life to the next realm, and my personal declaration to the universe that I am still here, and that matters to me, and the people who love me. I will go when it’s my time, but not now…until then I am “The New One”.
Heather Brown-Truman
Portland Oregon
Copyright HMBT 2005


If you would like to claim this wonderful work as your own, or make a no sales pressure, no obligation to buy anything... appointment to see it in person please contact me, here or thru my web site:
Just hit the "Contact Me" button on any page.
Thanks for being here, have a wonderful day.