Tuesday, July 25, 2006

BAD! Kitty Defines

Spir·it ~ n:
1. a vital force that characterizes a
living being as being alive
2. somebody’s will, sense of self,
or enthusiasm for living
3. an enthusiasm and energy for living
4. somebody’s personality or temperament
5. somebody or something that is a
divine, inspiring, or animating influence

Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

To Risk Or not to Risk that is the question

Winner Thinking 101
~ To Risk or Not to Risk~
Time to Risk More?
(Note to reader: As always, of course you need to be willing to take all consequences of your actions.)
100 people aged 100 were asked:
“What do you regret most?
What would you do differently?
”The majority answered: “I wish I had risked more”.

We regret the things we don't do, far more than the things we do.
Fear STOPS us living.
We get a sense of security.... which can be upset at any moment anyway. Control is an illusion - we can't control events.
So it’s a sad joke on us humans that the people who try hardest to live in their comfort zones get upset the most.
Once we accept that we can’t control life,
and that comfort is not very fulfilling,
we are free to risk.
What can happen?
Rejection, moving into a smaller home,
losing our partner, breaking an arm, losing a job we like etc.
But above all we fear looking silly, foolish, or failing at something.
What would your life be like if for the past
10 years you had lived without fear?
What if life is a game, and we've forgotten?
We attach significance to everything
- no I can't ask her out because XXXX,
I shouldn't apply for that job -
I wouldn't get it.
I'm not going to take singing lessons -
I'm not any good.
If you feel you are at risk of regretting
not fully living your life
when you lie on your death bed,
I invite you to complete the following exercise:
Optional Exercise:
Write down three areas where you play it safe.
Pick one area where you are willing to risk more.
Play a bigger game.
Live LIFE!
Is it dating?
Communication - telling the truth ALWAYS!
Going on a holiday - backpacking through South America?
Making a commitment - moving in/marriage?
LEAVING a relationship!!?
Pick one, and share it with a friend.
Top Ten Suggestions To Risk More
(Note to reader:
As always,
of course you need to be willing
to take all consequences of your actions.)
1) Tell the truth, regardless of the consequences

2) Say ‘no’ when you feel ‘no’

3) Ask for what you want in your job (e.g. location, pay rise)

4) Go for the job you REALLY want

5) Ask out that guy/girl you REALLY want to go out with

6) Ask for something you REALLY want in your relationship.

7) Move to where you REALLY want to live

8) Say ‘yes’ to something with an uncertain outcome.

9) Book an adventure outside your comfort zone
(e.g. horse riding, white water rafting, sky diving, sailing.)

10) Be vulnerable to someone you’re arguing/in conflict with.

~ "David Wood is a personal and business coach, and an original founder of the International Coach Academy - a global coach training school"Copyright 2001-2004 Life Coaching Resource.com
These Questions and Answers
can change your entire life today,
Wash, rinse, repeat.
Here's to your best you today,

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote of the day
"Specifically that guilt holds no
currency and learning holds a pot of gold.
Guilt is -out of bounds-
either self-imposed or demanded.
It is that simple.
It may not be easy, but it is simple.
The antidote to shame is more complicated,
and more rewarding,
in my opinion,
and has more lasting benefits
that ripple out to all areas of your life.
It requires several steps of skill acquisition,
and therefore continual practice:
Develop emotional awareness;
notice when you are in the shame
Develop perceptual flexibility;
step out and notice your emotional state
thereby dis-identifying from it [NOT disassociating,
but rather dis-identifying]
Expand your focus to include other
positive representations of your behavior,
and consciously expand your unconscious sense of time
Remind yourself that whoever you think you
are [behaviors, etc.] you are more than that.
As always ask yourself:
"how am I responsible " and "what can I learn?"
Add resources and imagine yourself
behaving with these additional resources in the future

As you read this, and review it in your mind,
you can begin to imagine, even now,
how these practices and skills
would give you choice and eventual freedom
-and not just from shame, but with full integration, from all unnecessary negative emotional experiences.

Join me in creating the kind of world
in which we all want to belong.
A world in which unnecessary
negative emotional experiences are
known to be just that-unnecessary-
giving us access to a world of choice,
and through that choice,
joy and freedom,
and through that,
beauty of unknown richness."
~Jason McClain, Evolutionary Guide (tm)
hands moving,
all thoughts
of the next project
in my head.
Spliting myself into
of action
The seed has split,
curling soft white
down covered roots
are spilling from
the outer hardness
tender greens
full of hope
pushing up
hard earth
to reach for the sky
and harness the power
of the sun.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Recycled thinking...

Packing, tape spinning out
the smell of cardboard and sweat.
Books old and frayed,
placed into these boxes,
pictures of loved ones,
trinkets of a life that no longer exists.
Choosing, value based on emotional attachments
and practical needs.
Watching my life being reduced to another pile of brown boxes.
I am happy.
With my boxed life,
as we draw our wagons together
to recreate ourselves into the beings
we are meant to be
and serve to greater good as we were made to do.
Accomplishment is all in the mind.
Virtue is the deed.
Wisdom is knowing when to put the best
of your memories into another brown box
and move into the future of the un-known.
Faith, I believe what I am, and so therefore I AM.
and heading for the finish line,

BAD! Kitty Art Studio Portland Oregon Artist Blog


To Share in brief, this is a great example of what we as a family and as individuals are doing NOW.
Here's the part that I thought really needed sharing now:

So here's the clip, do go to the page link above to read the entire article.

Telling the Truth

Telling the truth is not just about not lying.

It is about honoring yourself—expressing what you truly want.

It is about saying what is there for you—what is in the space between you when you look at the other person.

“Of course!” You may say.

But we stop short all the time, don’t we?

Or we share irresponsibly by blaming and shaming.

We do this for several reasons:

1. Fear [that the other person will not like us, leave us, that we will not be liked, etc]

2. Fear that the other will respond in a way that we do not want to deal with [shame, upset, etc—essentially their inability to “hear” our truth]

3. Attachment to the Other or to the relationship and being identified with it as the “I”—feeding in on 1 and 2 above

4. While 2 is a real and valid fear that can be verified in our experience with the person we are in relationship with, numbers one and three are due to a lack of a healthily developed ego which can certainly be overcome.

5. We blame and shame for an often hollow and short term “self-esteem” boost. Not really esteem for the self at all—but pre-rational ego where we indulge in superiority or go for that pound of flesh or that pint of blood. To extract payment for “wrongs” and lose all graciousness and openness. In the end, this is a lose-lose approach.

As in all things related to evolution, it is not a question of whether we experience the above or not—but rather to what degree.
What is fundamentally necessary for telling the truth

is our ability to witness our sensations and emotions

as well as meta-cognition

—that is thinking about our thinking

or about our own process.

It is these skills of self-observation that allow

us to notice when we have internal dissonance

and to notice how telling the truth typically relieves that tension.

We can also share “responsibly”.

That is we can say “I am noticing I am…” upset, etc. rather than the irresponsible “you upset me”, etc.
Additionally, the acceptance that there is no true “one” for us assists in relieving the attachment once noticed.

That there are many and that each relationship we have will be deeper and richer for so long as we are conscious and consciously evolving we are attaining greater depths.

As a result, we can reflect back greater depths.

As a result we have deeper and richer relating.

We often also confuse qualities that we love for the people—collapsing qualities with identity.

The truth, contrary to the Platonic view of love,

is that there is no “other half” for us to find or be completed by.

And to paraphrase Nathaniel Branden,

until one is completely at ease

with the truth that they are ultimately alone

are they ready for healthy romantic love.
Be Well,



Sunday, July 23, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio Shares the wealth, in learning that is, how to make some.

BAD! Kitty learns some pretty good stuff...

You know we are moving, across the country, and while we are putting all of our treasures into boxes, we also have to think about our 'out of the box' investments. Where they should stay, and where to invest them smartly for the future.

One thing is for sure, the economy is rough every where,

So recently while we were taking with our professional Money advisors, they brought up a good point about putting some money into things like bullion coins, gold, silver, platinum... And that sort of thing.

We have been thinking about this a lot and research shows that in proven periods of time of economic failure that these investments held up better than that of blue chip stocks & the like.

Just a little FYI,

for you to think about.




BAD! Kitty Art Studio PDX Metro Portland Oregon~ recycled art, Original oil paintings,& motivational words

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote of the day
Happy Sunday!
That woman and all those like her keep evading the thoughts which they know to be good.
You keep pushing out of your mind the thoughts which you believe to be evil.
They do it, because they want to avoid effort.
You do it, because you won't permit yourself to consider anything that would spare you.
They indulge their emotions at any cost.
You sacrifice your emotions as the first cost of any problem.
They are willing to bear nothing.
You are willing to bear anything.
They keep evading responsibility.
You keep assuming it.
But don't you see that the essential error is the same?
Any refusal to recognize reality,
for any reason whatever,
has disastrous consequences.
There are no evil thoughts except one:
the refusal to think.
Don't ignore your own desires.
Don't sacrifice them.
Examine their cause.
There is a limit to how much you should have to bear.
Ayn Rand
So busy and working so hard all day.
The sale is going on Full Speed, and yesterday was slow and we still did pretty good...for a dozen total customers. We have a differnt paln today, and we will see if it brings more people in to see my treasures.
Nothing will stop us now, nothing will
slow this train down,
and so we continue,
we are at T Minus 10 days
to hitting the road...
and I can't wait to see the
future unfolding, and rushing forward
and all for me to explore and learn from.
It wil be a day of
thinking and working and
being myself, and
knowing that will be enough.
Happy Sunday,
The ***Greatest Garage in Beaverton***sale is posted here on CL:
and I sold a lot of cool stuff yesterday, but I went a digging around and refilled the garage with things no one (besides my family) has ever seen, for today's sale, with even more treasures to find, and I brought Out MORE ART too.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Garage Sale Stuff TODAY!Don't miss it!

Vintage Mirror Shelf shadow box 1940's and very cool
$50.00 OBO

My Favorite Water pond Pot, blue green glaze handmade and waiting for your small space that needs the magic of water, this is a very large pot though, has no open hole in the bottom, made for pond making. SOLD

The Lawn MowerSOLD

The leopard Gecko's Girrls and they are very happy and friendly! Raised my loving children from tiny little baby's.
Very healthy and the whole set up looks better, it's just that we are moving, and the comic book box hangs out under that cabinet, they don't come with the grrls.
$100.00 OBO

6' tall plus Corn silk Tree with new babies at the bottom
$15.00 OBO

Indoor plant Plate size split leaf pathos
6' tall plus, in pretty ceramic Burgundy pot.
I raised this one from seed, it's 12 years old.
$15.00 OBO

Indoor plant Corn plant bush type about three feet tall and round in good condition, but could use a repotting soon.
$15.00 OBO

Simple ten gallon fish tank set up, hood fancy light, food, fish and filter with green two door stand

The BIG Entertainment center, all black laminate, a few scuffs here and there, but in good shape, equipment not included, has shelves on the sides too for more storage of movies, or cds
$75.00 OBO

Pair of Cast Iron Vintage Fence post tops
square hole on the bottoms, made in the late 1900's.

BAD! Kitty Sell Off Speeds UP!

Weston Clock Collection, some winders, some plug in, all work in some way, but not well, I used them in an art installation about time.

The set $10.00

Outdoor plant collection as a group, we are trying to protect and shelter them so it's hard to see what's what...But I did find some native ginger, and some more Blue Angle Wing Hostas, as well as some dogtooth violets, and some other cool stuff.

Vintage tube transistitor radios
all work, set for $25.00

My studio "thinking" vintage red leather chair. Very small, rocks, low to the ground, and perfect for pondering in, and it's in near perfect shape for a 60 year old chair..I love this chair.

The English Closet, plain lines, and a gentelmens closet so not fancy, but the wood is wonderful, I liked the clean lines.
For all you CL People asking for pic's check here first!
thanks for the huge response!
Email me about questions and such HERE.

Friday, July 21, 2006

BAD! Kitty all NEWS Friday

More news you can use...are you still planning your summer time fun?
You know... I grew up in Southern Florida,
so this is the inside scoop...
and we used to go and take the best yearly
family vacations in the Orlando area of Florida.
Such a wonderful town, not to mention Disney,
and the shop's and local flair it is
terrific fun for every age and type of person.
There is Nature, theme parks, shopping, food and so much more!
My Dad used to get us these great places to stay while in the area
and it was so great, just like being at home but
even better!
So, if you are still planning you summer vacation & want one that will not be forgotten, don't overlook the Orlando area for fun and right now...money saving adventures!

BAD! Kitty with More news you Can USE! Free Power! Want some?

Know your top three goals for 2006?
Get your free Goals Report in less than 5 minutes at:
Be well and go after those dreams today!
I am chasing mine down, what are you doing today?
Much Love ~ Heather

BAD! Kitty With NEWS you can Use!

BAD! Kitty with News You Can Use!

I will tell you a tale:

Once upon a time there was a young kitty,

she was smart, pretty, and very ambitious.

She went to college and learned all they had to teach,

and then with the weight of the debt

of her learning on her back,

she went out into the world to make her way.

Well, the way is never easy,

and as it happens this kitty had her ups & downs,

had success and then failures.

Made money, lived beyond her means, and found herself

having to re-learn how to make, spend & Invest money

with the help of a good

debt consolidation


and lots more hard work,

the kitty grew stronger, wiser

and wealthy again

this time

the smart way.

Have a happy Friday!




Thursday, July 20, 2006

I sold my first cellphone wall paper using MyNumo!

I just thought it was cool, I set the whole little thing up there in less than 20 minutes, and within 24 hours sold my first wallpaper...Mr. Funny Bones...Isn't that funny? I just thought I'd share, coz it's fun, and a great little side revenue, (LITTLE Now) but it could build with popularity and time, and be something really quite nice. The Guy behind it all is Uber cool for making it a free to the public to sign up and try it out...And for us who love a GOOD new thing...Well we kinda like to brag.
So, Toot, toot..I made a sale today.
Thanks whoever you are!
Go MyNumo!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio PDX Oregon~ recycled art, Original oil paintings,& motivational words

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote of the day:
"Evolution in the cultural domain is, of course, a politically incorrect topic, which almost certainly means it is true."
~Ken Wilber
Breathing, packing, selling, cleaning,
working, I continue to play
on my strengths
and chaos opens to opportunity,
assessments of daily circumstances.
Priorities are made.
More work than hours available,
means my life is
Any Struggle to be free, truly free that will allow for me to just be myself, no matter what, is worth
all costs and risks, to this quiet warrior.
Boldly facing my own unkowns, willing to learn, able to listen, willing to work hard &
Always Willing to go First,

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

BAD! Kitty Chews on a dilemma of life/personal homework~ Artist blog

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day and my thinking
about thinking...Again.
My personal homework sheet for problem solving, I hand out to my clients, given to myself, so that I may find the FLOW in my actions, and choices, and circumstances, within today's reality.
Here is my working on it quote for the day:
"There is no liberty except the liberty of some one making his way towards something. Such a man can be set free if you will teach him the meaning of thirst, and how to trace a path to a well. Only then will he embark upon a course of action that will not be without significance. You could not liberate a stone if there were no law of gravity - for where will the stone go, once it is quarried? " ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery
The stone
once quarried
where will it go?
Thinking about my thinking, making
sure I have embarked
and understand the laws that may bind
me along the way,
that of the natural world,
and those of the human world.
It's a struggle to live in truth
because you have to always be ready to be
accountable for such risky
moves in your life. Telling the
truth is not what society is really about, it is
only the
subterfuge of the majority
and I understand that fact, I just have to know the laws.
Thinking about my thinking and how to make lemonade aid out of grapefruit...So I gave myself some of my own damn home work to do..."Physician heal thyself! My answers are deeper within myself, so I have to dig a little more."
So this is one of the ways I am using my current today circumstances to continue to remain
enthusiastic about my life's makeover...Because after all as Churchhill said it best..."Success is being able to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."
So! To abundance, today I raise my half full glass...
always half full....And learn what I need to learn.
Text below Provided by Richard Middleton.
(In the beginning of our learning to become professional coaches this is a man we studied, and still are...We later adapted/amended a version of this type of questioning for H & J Empowerment's use in different ways, But this version is straight from the master himself, as course work...Here we go:
Ultimately we'll only take a risk when we
realize that the cost of not acting is
greater than the cost of acting.
Unfortunately we often have these
realizations a little too late.
What are those things you're putting off?
Take a second to write a few of them down.
Now you have a short list of things you're
not learning but could probably benefit
from learning and
another list of things you're
not doing but would likely
profit from if you got around to doing them.
What I recommend is that you
subject each item on your list
to the following questions:
1. Is this something that would truly benefit me if I learned it or put it into action?
2. What are some of the possible benefits I might gain if I learned or did this thing?
3. What could I potentially lose if I didn't learn this thing or do this thing?
4. What's the worst that could happen if I took a risk and learned this thing or did this thing?
When you ask these four questions of every item on your list, you'll have reframed your risk.
What used to look risky might not look so risky anymore.
In fact, it might actually start looking like
a great idea to learn or do this thing.
Thanks, doc I needed that...Right to hard stuff, for this old gal...
time to hit the books..."How's that working for you?" ~Dr. Phil

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sale Update

BAD! Kitty Local Sale- A- Thon!!!
here's the link to the goods:

BAD! Kitty Art Studio PDX Metro Portland Oregon~ recycled art, Original oil paintings,& motivational words

BAD! Kitty Art Studio

Quote for the Day!

Happy Monday, anything is possible today.


That was a memorable day to me,

for it made great changes in me.

But it is the same with any life.

Imagine one selected daystruck out of it,

and think how different its course would have been.

Pause you who read this, and think a moment

of the long chain of iron or gold,

of thorns of flowers,

that would never have bound you,

but for the formation

of the first link on one memorable day.

Charles Dickens




like the thin skin

between onion scales

emergence of


within the


The potatoes


soaking, sweet

young peas


shelling under

the shade of

old Oak

the breeze


warm wet air

over hot bodies.

Dreams of a future

and knowledge of the

present, understanding from

the dangers of the past.

Onion skins fall

dry on sparse ground

no tears from the hand

of the eye.

I am


HuMBle 2006




Sunday, July 16, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio PDX Oregon~ recycled art, Original oil paintings,& motivational words

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
Happy Sunday!
"Belief, humble belief,
is the foundation of all righteousness
and the beginning of spiritual progression.
It goes before good works,
opens the door to an eternal
store of heavenly truth,
and charts the course to eternal life. . . .
Belief is the brilliant beacon
that marks the course
through the waves
and woes of the world
to that celestial harbor
where rest
and safety
are found. "

Bruce R. McConkie
Packing, tape spinning out
the smell of cardboard and
Books old and frayed,
placed into these boxes,
pictures of loved ones,
trinkets of a life
that no longer exists.
Choosing, value based on
and practical
Watching my life
being reduced
to another pile of
I am happy.
With my boxed life,
as we draw our wagons
to recreate ourselves
into the beings we are meant to be
and serve to greater
good as we were made to do.
Accomplishment is all
in the mind.
Virtue is the deed.
Wisdom is knowing when to
put the
best of your memories
into another brown box
and move into the future
of the un-known.
Faith, I believe what I am,
and so therefore I
Burning, bright, brilliant and heading
for the finish line,
Scroll down to see the goods, today is the last day of
BUY One Painting
and get another of the same value or less
*Shipping not included.*
Locals Come BUY one HUGE painting
and take home another one or several smaller ones for free!
You have Got to tell me you saw it on the blog or on CL, to get the free ones.
one BAD! Kitty Original
and get another one
Scoot now, & scroll down and shop!
I still have art that will not fit into the moving
trailer...So so come one
come all to the great
BAD! Kitty Liquidation for A Dream Sale
is winding down, because we have to
concentrate on the practical
matters at hand...So get yours today!

Friday, July 14, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio Portland Oregon Artist Blog

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
thoughts of the day.
No others words today, Only my own.
No others thoughts today, Only my own.
I was thinking about Money, and the making of it, the spending of it, the meaning of it, the why of it, the un-doing of my own understanding
then the wealth of knowing, the flood of really knowing in a micro second, what is really important, and what really just isn't...As circumstances provide.
My friend Casey and I where talking about money and in our short discourse I saw the truth in what his words were meant to say to a part of my self that needed to hear it;
what the detachment from the end results
really means to me,
and I thought I would share my response,
well a part of it anyway, I don't think it's always prudent to allow the curtain be lifted and the light allowed deeper inside… well, I am a private person, with a transparent life and…because it really feels 'right' to allow you all to see how and when I grow…
too. :)
From me to Casey: I hear you about the money thing, and live my life in all honesty extremely modestly (live below my means), and am I am actively choosing an even more low-impact living choice for the same reasons you are not "into" the magic of making money.
I don't want to live in a world where I can never make enough of that stuff.
My plans include writing a how to book on low-impact living, from any place on the globe and offer a book that will give the experienced to the first timer real world ways to provide for their own food, energy, and water and housing for that matter for several of my upcoming experiments deal with re-designing buildings, and how and why they are made.
But long story short, I will never charge a dime
for that information. Why would I?

I also work for free most of the time,
people need work done, and it's what my special knack is, so it would be against my nature to not help when
ever I can, whom ever I can,
with no thought to asking for payment in any form,
because I make my way through this reality on a different level,
money I just can't seem to care about enough to be socially acceptable.
I make what I make, it usually covers my basic needs,
and I can work harder at making money itself...But for what end meaning?
If it has no heart it is a path, I don't care to walk along for very long,
and I find that my detachment to money itself, makes it easy for me to teach others how to make gobs of the stuff, if that's what they are looking for, I can make it rain money...But to what end?

In my own life I choose to live within the natural realm, and money means nothing to the wind, the trees at first mornings light, my children, my family, my love of human kind, and my need to teach...I am a nomad and I have this small clan, and we are spreading the real word.

You must use the available systems to build a ladder out of the thinking patterns that the world is currently locked into, then when used
(this metaphoric ladder)
it will dissolve immediately, because it never existed at all....
So...I am with you on the money thing,
I understand and agree.... Money is and can be a trap or a tool,
depends on how your holding and using it, for what meaning is it to you personally?
That is the only question one needs to ask, then true wealth
is allowed to enter freely, in all ways the inner self
is truly comfortable in the making
and re-distribution of true wealth to all humans."
Be well today all,
Be wealthy,
Be you,

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chug-a-Chug-Chug on Reality!

Here are some quick links to great work for super prices,
take a moment and check them out!

BAD! Kitty Dream Building Liquidation Continues!

Break Out
To read more click HERE.

Blown Away
To read more about this work click HERE.

To read more click HERE

Five Flowers
to read more click HERE
Fairy world series #4
"If wishes were..."
24" X18"
Oils and mixed media
Was 375.00 NO Only $50.00 + Shipping
Email me HERE to make it yours.
BAD! Kitty New Art for For A DREAM Liquidation!
The Goal for today is to sell one painting.
Now only you can make that happen,
My Goal of moving in now T minus 20 days,
Your original artwork is still valued at it's retail/real world value...Just the prices are crazy low so I can
accomplish my goal of being able to move at
the end of the month to a home in the country, where I can paint
and finish growing my sons and company in peace, a place that feels like home when you pull up to the door, you know?
I will mention again are we are NOW at
T minus 20 days to departure,
and these works at these prices Should Not last long,
(Locals Look NO Shipping for HUGE ART!!!)
so please, please, please just help me reach my goal
of getting me and mine
to a little peaceful place in the country,
with just one car and a 6' X 10' trailer,
and 2800 miles between us...
we are chasing down a DREAM
So the Art has to go! It won't fit around my Dog! :)
Thank you for being here,
and please check my site as I have added
new art to replace the ones that that have sold,
in the last 2 weeks.
Let's make this A Red Banner day for BAD! Kitty shall we?
I am asking for the sale, I need the sale.
I will be posting new art all day so check back often!
email me here

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


" No more Gray Days"
4' X 4' X 2" (Yes that's 4 feet square!)
HUGE work that is fantastic in person!
Was $1500.00
Now $300.00 + Shipping
Email me HERE to make it yours

" The New One"

HUGE and incredible depth...and an AWARD Winner!

Was $775.00

Now $275.00 + shipping

Email me HERE to claim it as yours.

Read more about the work HERE.

Mars in Retro Grade

HUGE WALL Sculpture!

I really can't capture the depth, or the texture well enough for this painting. It is Huge and was made for hanging over my Fireplace in my old home, we had 15 foot ceilings and this fit the space well, plus it has been treated to resist heat and warping, because I made it to hang over a heat source, which is bad...but not in this case! Handmade canvas extra deep and strong.


36" X 60" X 2" (YES it is 5 feet tall or long however you hang it!!!)

was $3000.00

NOW $450.00 + Shipping!

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" SfearS"

When we touch this domain, we are filled with the cosmic force of life itself, we sink our roots deep into the black soil and draw power and being up into ourselves. We know the energy of the numen and are saturated with power and being. We feel grounded, centered, in touch with the ancient and eternal rhythms of life. Power and passion well up like an artesian spring and creativity dances in celebration of life.

~David N. Elkins

This work Was NEVER going to be SOLD, but here it is.

Deep and emotional, with a calming effect at the same time...one of my personal favorites...

An Important First Large BAD! Kitty Work that has has very good critical reviews, and many offers to purchase in the past...

uuummm, I am ready to sell it now!

(it was never for sale so I did not enter it it in many things)

Now $450.00 + Shipping

This is Framed!

52" long by 42" wide and 2" deep Needs a Big Wall to live with!

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24" X 30 X 2"

Thick Gallery wrapped canvasOils & Sculpted plaster

WAS $775.00

Now $300.00 + shipping

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I have to sell one of these works TODAY!


Fairy World Series #6
'Fairy Tree'
NOW $150.00 + Shipping
with oils, real feathers that move when you walk by and timny mirrors that let you see yourself in the fairy world to read more click HERE.
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Fairy World Series #0
"The Portal"
24" X 24"
I have loved having this over my desk for years, it gives me great energy, and it's deep swirls make me relaxed and full of ideas when I look at it.
NOW $150.00 + Shipping
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Fairy World Series #3
'The Bride'
24" X 18"
oils and mixed media
NOW $150.00 + shipping
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BAD! Kitty New Art added to the Dream Sale!

BAD! Kitty New Work added to the Dream Sale!
Dream State Series #2
'Waking the Soul Power'
24' X 24"
Was $475.00 NOW $200.00 + Shipping
Multi-media wall sculpture
More about this work:
The Dream State Series started
out of my need to understand my inner voice.
I can hear it, beating a steady back-beat in my mind.
I can feel it in my feet when I am dancing,
creating, and breathing fire.
So, when I closed my eyes and grabbed
a handful of plaster, this is what happened.
I used found objects, feathers,
costume jewelry, vintage lace, and oils.
This painting placed in the
top five in an International Mixed Media Event, in 2005.
Waking the Soul Power is the face
that I have given to my inner voice.
I guess my inner voice is a dark skinned,
tribal warrior woman.
That works for me.
What does the face of your inner voice look like?
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PS there are prints available here:

More Art for the liquidation for Dream Building!

Self Control
24" X 36" Gallery Wrapped needs no frame, ready to hang.
charcoals and poly
Was 375.99 NOW $150.00 9+ Shipping
The quote that inspired the work:
For want of self-restraint many men are engaged all their lives in fighting with difficulties of their own making, and rendering success impossible by their own cross-grained ungentleness; whilst others, it may be much less gifted, make their way and achieve success by simple patience, equanimity, and self-control.
Samuel Smiles
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From the Fairy World Series:
"Midnight at the fairy debutante Ball in Savannah"
Rich and deep, with hidden objects in the indigo rain, and she is just a heck of a lot of fun to live with, she did not show up the her ball wearing all white!
24" X 24"
Was 475.00 NOW $150.00 + shipping
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