Sunday, January 20, 2008

Art of the Day - The Key

Full painting
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Close up
The blue of her robe is much deeper and has darker shading than these pictures allow for (Prussian blues and deep purples). The background and hair are well represented in tone, the hair is Prussian green, Ivory blacks and ultramarine blues as well.
There are also shadows of deep plum under her hair (on the robe) that are being washed out in this lighting. This painting looks foggy. It is supposed to look that way, she is in the world in between...between what we know and what we struggle to understand. Hence she is in and out of the fog that surrounds her.
'The Key' #6 in the Choir Series

18" x 24"


Painting extends around sides of canvas, no frame needed.

Ready to hang.


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Here is the quote that inspired the painting:

All persons are puzzles
until at last we find
some word
or act
the key
to the man,
to the woman;
straightaway all their past words
and actions lie in light before us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
(1803 - 1882)


It felt good to get this work out of my head.

I have many drawings of variations on this theme, in my journals; the key hole in the head space.

This is the first time that I tried the back of the head.

I like it much better this way.

Because of course we would not have

our secret key hole on our faces...I mean any one could see them!

The horror!

Only those most close to us will be able to ever find the secret key, button, handshake or password that opens us up.

That's what makes it scary and exciting to share our lives with others.

Love and Trust.
Faith and Work.
Those things make us grow, make us embrace the power of change, make us find our lost keys and then use them.

We all have a key that will turn the lock inside our heads, that will free us from what we fear the most.

All I have to say is,

"I'll take what is behind door number two, Jack!"

Have a wonderful, magical day.

See you on the flip side,


PS. A big Thanks to Cynthia who was my muse for this work. Her recent series of unfortunate events made me think of this subject again. So, thanks for the inspiration Cynthia...I hope you found your keys!


andrea said...

Great image, Heather!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Oh my, that is creepy in a very cool way.

HMBT said...

Thanks Andrea!
You mean it, really, really Jafa? I am chuffed! I am now able to do creepy cool! Yippeee!

Robin Lassiter Art said...

Love your art! I found it through Cynthia's blog. Love the color and expression... thanks for sharing!

Cynthia said...

Love painting and the Emerson quote! Ain't that the truth?

Now if I could only find my *^%$(*@# keys... I'm better - my husband is threatening to buy me Focus Factor. LOL - it's not that bad - only a momentary lapse.

Surely your painting and linkies have to be some good juju for me. :D

HMBT said...

Hi Robin, thanks for coming by! I hope you will come back again. Thanks for the kind words about my work, I really appreciate it.

OH Cynthia! I was so hoping to hear "they were in my purse the whole time!" I do hope things settle back into "place" soon for you my friend!!!!

San said...

Wow, Heather, I've been home for a few days. As I've mentioned before, your blog doesn't load properly on my home laptop.

I see I've been missing out--you are on a roll with your art! This key painting may be my favorite YET of the choir series. It makes me wonder who has the key...and I love it when a painting makes me wonder.

HMBT said...

San, thanks so much! I love it that you are wondering, that was the whole point...make people think about themselves, the world and their place in it all. You rock!