Wednesday, May 31, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
"To laugh is to risk appearing the fool. To weep is to risk being called sentimental. To reach out to another is to risk involvement. To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self. To place your ideas, your dreams before the crowd is to risk being called naive. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To live is to risk dying. To hope is to risk despair, and to try is to risk failure. But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live. Chained by his certitudes, he is a slave, he's forfeited his freedom. Only the person who risks is truly free. "

Leo Buscaglia
A truly awakened person can not deny that the Universal spirit is
And that we are part of that spirit which in turn makes us
I live from a place that sees all as One.
I am working hard on my accomplishments
striving to learn what being truly
I want something, I want a home.
I will focus my energy on acquiring a home and being dual and non-dual
in my approach will allow me to accomplish that which I desire.
Do I need a home of my own? Yes and no.
Do I require peace and comfort?
Yes without hesitation.
So I will bring myself into alignment which will allow what is to be
To Be.
Worry brings delay.
I do not wish delay, so I refuse to worry.
Hoping on things that can not be, is a waste of time.
So I will not hope, I will work harder to find my treasure.
I do.
I act.
I choose.
I live engaged.
Watch me burn into my truth
my brand on this reality
This is
See me.
Raw & Radiant,
Buy art...Buy my art it is good for the soul, and is needed for the accomplishment of my dream. To be the master of a small home, and a large garden, and to then dedicate myself to the understanding and truth of this world. I need sanctuary...That requires cash in this reality.
So go purchase something that makes your heart sing, I will harmonize and bring the sauce!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the Day
I know not if this earth on which I stand is the core of the universe or if it is but a speck of dust lost in eternity. I know not and I care not. For I know what happiness is possible to me on earth. And my happiness is not the means to any end. It is the end. It is its own goal. It is its own purpose.

Ayn Rand
More from me later in the day, I have a busy morning and the sunrise was incredible this morning
here in Oregon, so as I saluted the mighty star of our dawn I thanked
the Universe for too much to do and
not enough earthly time to get it all done.
Let it be.
Come to me,
beauty, truth, Understanding, Faith
Come to me success,
wonderment in the small things,
come to me sales of my artworks
to make my dreams come true.
Come to me hard work.
Come to me the ease of knowing truth.
Come to me and let it be that
peace is my constant resident.
Come to me and let it be
that I can fully accept myself
as I continue to evolve
as a being.
Come to me
all that is
and will be.
Come to me.
Let it be.
Raw & Radiant in all my moments today!

Monday, May 29, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
I never had any other desire so strong, and so like covetousness, as that . . . I might be master at last of a small house and a large garden, with very moderate conveniences joined to them, and there dedicate the remainder of my life to the culture of them and the study of nature.

Abraham Cowley
This family wants and needs a REAL home. We have been Nomads since the collapse of our town and economy 5 years well for nomads for sure, but still having to move every year or two SUCKS! And I hate it. And I can't paint or dig up the yard for an Organic farm whenever I want to...and well I hate SUCKS. I want and deserve my own home again. We have worked hard to get where we are today, we had a five year goal to "make-over" ourselves and have rung all the accomplisment goal bells in three years of hard focused effort...I ready for the next step.
I want to move.
South to my Roots...And we hear the call of the wild pulling at us...
we want back out of this city, out of any city. I need land and woods and animals and earth!
We are simple folks, that wish to lead simple lives.
Dear Universe, I ask humbly for one of these recent opportunities to work out for our little tribe.
I see the possibilities, I see the desire, I only need confirmation that this is the right course of action for my career (which is exploding, btw! Yippee!)
and my family (which is Incredible and all important),
and all the while trying to empty myself of desire for things I can not have.
To want nothing more than what I already have...
but, thing is matter how hard I try not to think about it...the fact remains that this is what I WANT:
I really want a little home and business in the southern part of the USA...That's what I really want.
I want to move from Oregon.
I want to go South.
I want to go.
Let it be.
Let it be that I come to terms with what is possible
what is feasible
what is prudent
what is risk
what is adventure
what is this life for?
It's mine.
I want something that is defined now.
Watch out, I usually get what I really want.
If it is possible I usually can make things happen, just by desire and persistence...
but this is different, this involves asking the entire unit that is my family to pick up and move cross country...
I've got balls of brass, I know we would make it...
but is fair to ask the children? Is it fair to ask the Mate Man? Is it fair to ask my Art career to Continue even if I move out to the back woods somewhere USA?
Is my desire coming from my highest self?
I want to go home.
Is this a good move fo the kids?
The two locations that have caught our attention both have great schools, and we are prepared to homeschool no matter where we land...If need be. We are in charge ultimately of our sons education, and we will make sure they are more than properly educated where ever we land.
Can I still push my career farther down it's path?
I can paint and create anywhere...anytime...From anything. And am already quite successful at selling and continuing my art...and I have less than 3% of my volume of collectors here in my area...75% of my largest colloctors are in the South. (the rest are sprinkled all over the states but, I have artwork in all but 7 states now... #2 runner up in BAD! Kitty art is Canada, followed by Australia and Tokyo!))
Is it fair to all involved?
We will have more time together in this plan,
together...Which is my fondest desire...To be with Mate Man again everyday running our own lives and company. We miss it terrible, and we were great at it when we did it all those decades together 24/7 working...I loved that time in our life, and miss it with a passion I didn't expect, untill it was really gone, and we came into the city and started the grind...of ordinary life....
My goal for working as hard as I do, has always been so that Mate Man can come home and work HERE, with me...Where he should be, by my side.
So this would be doing that, and we would go back to being really, really poor by most peoples least comapred to what we are doing now...
Things in this life hold so little interest for either of us anymore....That we don't care about any of it anymore...We have had it all, lost it all...Got it all back, and then gave it all away...Because we use things as tools, or fuel....But not weight or obligation.
Not anymore.
We are free of wanting, we focus on needs.
I am a flurry of thinking.
Of manifesting.
Of creating opportunity.
Of wrecking havoc.
Of Living fully engaged...
in a fuzzy orange
meme of understanding and thinking...thinking in orange today.
I am aligning myself with the universal spirit, and as I do
I become less and less dependent upon
the human definition of reality, and more dependent
upon my own.
Let it be.
Let me be heard, and seen in my blazing state.
Come to me.
I'm Radiant today,
PS. Please buy some art, I am so close to a down payment (saving every penny from every sale for two years) to really doing it, being able to really have my very own home buy some art and watch an American Dream Come true...Hell if you buy art You are Helping to Making it Happen!
Thank you for your support.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio Presents a New Resident Artist! MAX STONE

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Presents the newest Artist in Residence:
Max Stone
Click on the header or the picture to check him out!
He has been painting for his entire life and is
BAD! Kitty gives this artist
two furry thumbs up!
Heather & Max
We hope you enjoy!

BAD! Kitty Thoughts....

Just click on the picture to enlarge...I love my new favorite Mag...'What is enlightenment?'
A must have for today's modern life!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio: Original Art With Soul~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog

"Drag Queen trapped in a woman's Body"
Mixed Media laminated paper collage
8" X 11"
***Weekends Art special $55.00 + shipping****
Go to web site to buy iy today!
*Note: Now that I have made my plug for the weekend sales extravaganza that is Memorial day In America... people please try to remember that Memorial Day is NOT about the Big, Great SALES, so you can spend Money On More Crap and Stuff and Things that you really don't need, Things that will not change your life in anyway...It is a day to recognize and honor the Men And Women That Have Fought And (are still fighting and dying however wrong the war may be the fact remains those are OUR humans, all of them!) That Died For YOUR right to Shop.
Use your Time + Money = Power...Wisely.
It's good for the Soul.
*Artist now does a double back flip off the soap box and returns you to your reading pleasures... and I hope you have a happy weekend*
The Quotes that inspired the work:
"My facts shall be falsehoods to the common sense. I would so state facts that they shall be significant, shall be myths or mythologic. Facts which the mind perceived, thoughts which the body thought - with these I deal."
Henry David Thoreau
"The first thing that strikes the careless observer is that women are unlike men, they are 'the opposite sex' (though why 'opposite' I do not know; what is the neighboring sex'?). But the fundamental thing is that women are more like men than anything else in the world."
~Dorothy Sayers
"Let us not hesitate to be the messiahs of our age."
~Lucretia Mott
I am a Woman. I am a Human.
I am More than a Gender.
I am More.
I am the epoch of non-gender thinking.
We are Human, and we could be more.

Friday, May 26, 2006

More News you can Use from BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ PDX Metro~ Artist Blog

Just click on the images to enlarge, hope you like the Friday Newsday from the front lines of Ordinary Life...This is what I am studying NOW, in my life...Thought I would share for those interested.

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog

BAD! Kitty Art Studio with news you can use for the day!

By: Marelin Thorton
"Swooping In On A Swell of Sales"
How do I attract a never-ending swell of sales?
"First of all you want to begin with allowing that there might not always be a never-ending swell of sales. Those that can do this are usually those who come to experience never-ending swells of sales. Why is this you might ask?
It is because they ask and let go, not expecting anything to come. And this is not the easiest thing to do if you NEED sales to survive. This is something that can get the best of you from attracting all you desire.
If you are dependent on sales, it can set up resistance that keeps them from coming. That is why so manynew businesses' that start out with excitement and enthusiasm never make it. They are forced to go out of business because they can't "make it" happen.
When they try to make it happen under pressure, it flattens the whole business bubble.
If sales start to slow down or never seem to get started, it sets off an energetic attraction that closes down or pinches off the flow of more money.
Then they are forced to close the doors because of the pinch they are in, feeling that their energy force has been cut off.
I am making light of this, but sales cannot come when you are feeling weighed down.
You have to fill fulfilled, a swelling up of if you will, of what you want, rather than bursting your business bubble by paying attention to less sales than you would like.
The energy is never-ending, and so is the flow of money and sales.
If you look at a company like Coca-Cola, that was at one time just an idea in mind, you can surely see that there's no end in sight of sales. They have their sails wide opento receive, and the winds take them to one sale after another.
They literally pick up a swell of wind, and it carries them onto the next sale, easily and effortlessly. If you could see that you have a relationship with sales, and love therelationship you are in, the sales cannot help but thrive.
It is when you strive to pick up more sales, that you take the wind out of your sails.
You see things die down like the wind when sailing, and rather than know they will pick up again,you go down in your vibration ... And it can't carry you the distance you want to go.
Imagine being so busy that you have to hire someone to help out.
Be as busy as a beehive in business, within, and you will see lots of honey in the form of money! These are the questions you want to ask yourself.
Are you staying in the business as it is ... Or like it is in your new reality?
Are you taking yourself into a new reality so you can get there, or are you going there because that is where you were headed anyway, before you felt the need to drum up somebusiness?
If you want to see a swell of sales, get full of yourself making sales. Imagine that you are swelling up to the point of popping you are so busy.
See a time when you say to yourself: I could sure use a break, because I AM on sales over load.
The more you can place yourself in a reality that takes you out and through where you are, the better.
Make it as much fun as possible all while making it believable.
For example: Sit at your desk, imagining speaking with someone on the phone that wants to get a discount on quantity.
Have a sales meeting with your future employees.
Or imagine for instance that you have outgrown your office.
You want to imagine things that will allow energy to give you a swell of never-ending sales.
The reality you want to be in must believed before you get there.
That is how you get there.
Doanything you can do to put yourself in the vibrational frequency that sets up conditions that bring change!
If you are seeing that things are as they are, the energy that creates all things cannot take you to any other place than right where you are!
So you can see why we would encourage you to play with the idea of what you would be doing in big business, because BIG business is definitely where never-ending swells of sales come from! You want to swoop into the reality that goes along with never-ending sales. And where you are is not that reality, so you want to shift the energy by taking the energy to a different place.
If you want something different, you have to be different, because nothing can come to you other than through you!
Swoop down upon your new reality when you might feel down about the reality you are living.
That will bring your feelings or spirits back up to speed with more sales. When you swoop down upon and into your new reality, get the feeling that this is where you are. That sends a message that brings more sales.
Now if you find that you are doing this swooping to get the sales you see you are without, then go back in and see that you are within that reality.
This is the reality you are in, within. You are not doing the swooping to get something because YOU ARE that something.
You see?
It is a slight shift of energy, but it only takes a little shift of energy to move things into a new reality ... Because it is so powerful! You want to get busy birthing your new reality so that you can bring forth new life.
Just because that is what you want! Not because you NEED the sales. If you can understand the difference in what was just said, it will make all the difference in your never-ending swell of sales reality.
Copyright 2004
Serious Comedy Publications
I hope you enjoyed the reading this morning, it was longer than usual, but I wanted to drive home a point...
if you want more in your life
GO make IT
Stop thinking.
And you will be here...In this place where your sails
are always full with the wind of
Understanding, Action...
SOUL Living.
It's incredible, and I ask you...
Wanna take a ride with me?
Through my World?
Have a great day,
I require you to buy some art.
I Want to be overwhelmed with my work...Guess what...I all ready am.
Time to go! I have a new HUGE commission to get started on, paintings be mailed out again...Sold 2 more artwork this week, and worked four out of five days at least 7 hours a day on the phone, coaching people to their highest vibrations....
I am overwhelmed...
And so happy that
I MADE this
happen for all of us!
Looky-Looky MA!
No Hands!
Raw & radiant,

Thursday, May 25, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio PDX Oregon~ recycled art, Original oil paintings,& motivational words

BAD! Kitty Art Studio quote of the Day
"Personal magnetism is a mixture of rugged Honesty, pulsating Energy, and self-organized Intelligence. I believe, absolutely, that truth is the strongest and most powerful weapon a man can use, whether he is fighting for a reform or fighting for a sale. "

Arthur Dunn
My Truth.
What I believe about myself to be true.
Living my life as if the Change
I seek has already occurred.
Being myself in everyway,
Being the Change in my NOW...
and learning from that.
Working non stop to find
discovering what I believe
and making it my truth.
Here I am.
Right here.
See Me.
I am on fire.
Raw & Radiant,

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
I use to have a "Comfort Zone" Where I knew I couldn't fail, The same four walls and busy work, were really more like jail. I longed so much to do the things I'd never done before, But I stayed inside my "Comfort Zone" and paced the same old floor. I said it didn't matter that I wasn't doing much. I said I didn't care for things like diamonds, furs and such. I claimed to be so busy with the things inside the Zone. But deep inside I longed for something "special" of my own. I couldn't let my life go by just watching others win! I held my breath and stepped outside to let the change begin!! I took a step and with new strength I'd never felt before. I kissed my "Comfort Zone" good-bye and closed and locked the door! If you are in a "Comfort Zone" afraid to venture out. Remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt. A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true. Greet your future with a smile, Success is there for you!!!

Source: The Comfort Zone
Be BOLD...Venture into the wilderness
of your own Unknown today.
Be well,
Be Bold, & don't worry...
I'll bring the extra sauce.
Raw & Radiant & and OUT in the Wilds Today

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day!
A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe," a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.

Albert Einstein
And Now Harder.
Here I am.
Where are you?
Have a great day,

Monday, May 22, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~ What's on the Slab Today?

New Art Magnets From BAD! Kitty Studio
"Myths & Legends Collection"
5 handmade clay art magnets!
Super Strong magnets, and fun durable Fine Art for anywhere ART is needed ASAP!
****Not completed! This collection is currently curing and drying! They will be ready in 5 days or so dependng on the Sunny Hot Oregon Climate *HA!*...And will be Sold as a Whole Collection, Only. So, if you like one....You might want to think about expanding your art collection a little farther (make more space on all magnety type things in your life)...Or give one each to the special people in your life and share energy, and the SPARK of life with others in a unique and FUN way. In other words, they make great meaningful gifts! Just CLICK HERE to Email me about making them yours today! They are not on my site for purchase yet...Because this is a BLOG Sneak Peek!***********
The quote that inspired the Collection:
"I was a man who stood in symbolic relations to the art and culture of my age. . . The gods had given me almost everything. I had genius, a distinguished name, high social position, brilliancy, intellectual daring; I made art a philosophy, and philosophy an art: I altered the minds of men and the color of things: there was nothing I said or did that did not make people wonder. . . . I treated Art as the supreme reality, and life as a mere mode of fiction: I awoke the imagination of my century so that it created myth and legend around me: I summed up all systems in a phrase, and all existence in an epigram. "

Oscar Wilde
*one of my favorites!*
BAD! Kitty Says: "I am ready for my close up's Mr DeMille!"

Myths & Legends Collection
"Counting Bunnies"

Myths & Legends Collection
"Innocent Spirit"

Myths & Legends Collection
"Flower Power"

Myths & Legends Collection
"The gender myth"
Have a wonderful day!
I am working my Lilly white off in the studio, running errands, making sales, swinging from
limb to limb.
I am naked.
I am a nature grrrl.
I am burning.
I am a secret.
I am transparent.
I am Raw.
I am Radiant.
I am.
PS! Don't miss yesterday's photo blog...
I sent you a bunch of pictures of flowers from my garden!
Just scroll down...A little more...You'll see BAD! Kitty flowers...Sensual, bold, & they have the Sauce!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

BAD! Kitty Spring Flower Photography! Happy Sunday! 2

BAD! Kitty Spring Flower Photography! Happy Sunday!

For your Viewing pleasure...I give you flowers from the garden...all from Sunny Oregon, just because I like you.
Happy Sunday!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~ & The Quote for the DAY!

"Drag Queen Trapped In A Womans Body"
8.5" X 11"
laminated mixed media collage
$35.00 + Shipping
The Quote that inspired the work:
"My facts shall be falsehoods to the common sense. I would so state facts that they shall be significant, shall be myths or mythologic. Facts which the mind perceived, thoughts which the body thought - with these I deal."

Henry David Thoreau

" Distraction 2"

Mixed Media laminated acrylic painting on

solid black heavy cardstock paper

$35.00 + Shipping

The Quote that inspired the work:

"At the bottom of the modern man there is always a great thirst for self-forgetfulness, self-distraction . . . and therefore he turns away from all those problems and abysses which might recall to him his own nothingness. "

Henri Frederic Amiel

"We the Female People"

Mixed Media laminated paper collage

8" X 11"

The quote that inspired the work:

"The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service."

Albert Einstein

"Tribe of Five?"

Mixed media acrylic collage laminated painting

8.5" X 11"

$35.00 + Shipping

The Quote that inspired the work:

We need very strong ears to hear ourselves judged frankly, and because there are few who can endure frank criticism without being stung by it, those who venture to criticize us perform a remarkable act of friendship, for to undertake to wound or offend a man for his own good is to have a healthy love for him.

Michel Montaigne


These are some new laminated works for your enjoyment on this Sunday.

I am working hard.

What are you doing this Sunday?

Hey want to shop for great art?

then have a great day and go get your wallet....then go here:

and spend some of your Time + Money = Power

with me!

I have something for EVERYONE!

Raw & Radiantly Yours,


Or you can email me here about any of the above works...I am getting their web pages built... so if you cant wait....just hit the little link and let me know, I understand and I am here for your needy needs for ART Fast!

Meow Power!

Friday, May 19, 2006

BAD! Kitty New Art!

BAD! Kitty New Art!
"The Quiet Warrior"
Laminated collage
8.5" X 11"
Here are the two quotes that inspired the work:
1. "Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore, a warrior must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if he feels that he should not follow it, he must not stay with it under any conditions. His decision to keep on that path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. He must look at every path closely and deliberately. There is a question that a warrior has to ask, mandatorily: 'Does this path have a heart?' "

Carlos Castaneda
2. "Every Warrior of the Light has felt afraid of going into battle.
Every Warrior of the Light has, at some time in the past, lied or betrayed someone.
Every Warrior of the Light has trodden a path that was not his.
Every Warrior of the Light has suffered for the most trivial of reasons. Every Warrior of the Light has, at least once, believed he was not a Warrior of the Light.
Every Warrior of the Light has failed in his spiritual duties.
Every Warrior of the Light has said 'yes' when he wanted to say 'no.'
Every Warrior of the Light has hurt someone he loved.
That is why he is a Warrior of the Light, because he has been through all this and yet has never lost hope of being better than he is.

Paulo Coelho
There is a journey we are all taking...
this reality.
I am a peaceful warrior in this world.
I work hard to bring forth what is
best about myself,
the life I live,
and my place in this universe.
I depend on the people in my life
to be
warriors too.
Life is battle
I live a path that brings me closer
with each step to a different
Where we don't sit passively by
watching our lives play out like
reality TV shows.
But one where people get fired up inside
about being a
No gender
no affiliations
no expertise
no higher or lower
I am one such
And I am
I am not Average.
You can Trust me on that,
I am a
My Sword is love,
My staff is fearlessness,
My shield the trust and faith
I have in my tribe and myself.
I am
that warrior.
See me BURN.
Raw & radiant.

BAD! Kitty Art Studio: Original Art With Soul~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog

BAD! Kitty Art Studio Art of the day!
"Putting it All Together"10" high X 16.5 wide" Mixed/Collage & Acrylicsin a Vintage Wooden Swivel Table top Frame.$179.99 + shipping***Today 5/19/06 $99.00 + Shipping***
"Putting it all together"
Retail Priced $179.99 + shipping
On special today!
The Quote that inspired the work:
"Yes, there is a Nirvana; it is in leading your sheep to a green pasture, and in putting your child to sleep, and in writing the last line of your poem. "
~Kahlil Gibran
Vintage wooden frame, and two collaged 5"X7" panels made up primarily of one of my own works cut up and re-worked in smaller bits.
I love it.
I had a lot of fun working on her, and I think it shows.
She seemed to come together as if by magic, while I cleaned out my "vault" of older works, I am finding new inspiration in my exploration of my recent past...Now isn't that a nice change of pace? Being able to look back over the recent past and feel
about where I have been, and where I am going.
This is my mark, leaving my bread crumb trail back to myself, speaking in symbols, textures and Bold Color...With a nod to the "good old days" with the Vintage Frame that yelled at me when I found it in a throw away pile at a yard sale...Screamed
"Take me home!" So I did.
And this is what happened....
On the right panel the fortune cookie on it says: "Depart not from the path which fate has you assigned."
Hope you enjoy!
Have a wonderful day, and please consider supporting living artist, while they are still ALIVE!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

BAD! Kitty Good Deed

Sorry Folks! It's GONE...took 15 minutes on Etsy!
THIS is a Pay it Forward listing! You can only get it here...or just hit the header, or the picture... If you "buy" this item, I will send it to you, for FREE, with no S&H just ingnore all that stuff... but you must promise to continue to pay it forward yourself someday, for someone else. You will? Scouts honor? Pinky Swear? Know what happens if you Pinky Swear and then go back on it right? I get to keep the we are clear on this... you promise to do a random act of goodness...Ok? Good, then here's my offer for a Universal random act of goodness. Let it be found by the one who most needs it, with love...Just me.
Take A.I.M. At Your Destiny!A: Affirmation I: Inspiration M: Motivation

Large, Medium & Small , flat magnets.To help inspire, motivate, laugh at & Live with this reality we share.Completely laminated, so they will hold up to any spills, stains, exploding blenders, with a simple wipe! Fun Huh? Well I thought so too...So being as smart as I am :) I made them for you!They will be made in various sizes,but almost any image you see you can requestin a different size and I can make it for you, just ask.Prices include shipping inside the USA (up to two (2) in one package for the same price).International buyers please contact me for FREE exact shipping quote, I will ship Worldwide!Now go shop and have FUN!Check Back often, I will be putting more of these up daily,I am not mass producing them, I have just been making them for years, and have a huge stock pile. I will make each image at least one time in each size...I have not decided on that yet, so it's not written in stone.Each is hand made and signed (on the back) and come with COA's.So just take a look, I have tons more I'll be adding, daily.Also, did I mention that I am offering FREE SHIPPING inside the USA!

Just in case you missed the links...
that's the only way to get it for FREE...NO S&H, nothing... Nada...Zip.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~One More Laminated Mini Collage!

Another New laminated collage! Of course I couldn't just make two...That would just be wrong.
"We reap what We sow"
8" X 10"
laminated collage, these are collages in the traditional sense...They are layered papers, elements, and other stuff...You know collage.
But these are way cool. They go anywhere. They are fine art that can be used in a variety of ways, and are indestructible to spills, oops's, and all other life issues, and they look great while doing it!
Email me HERE to purchase it, I don't have them on the site yet.
$35.00 + shipping
Hope you are enjoying my playing today!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~ More NEW art~ Collage!

" We the People"
Mini laminated Works
laminated collages
8" x 10"
will have magnets on the back so it's a fine art collage for the fridge, or cabinet... Or wherever fine art is needed to liven up a joint...
I love it.
Click on picture to enlarge!
$35.00 + Shipping
Click here to contact me about purchase...As I don't have it on the site yet.

" There is still Wonder"

Totally layered collage, mini works of indestructable artwork!Laminated collage, it's the future.

8" x 10"

Go anywhere, easily cleanable art for everywhere!

You gotta give me my props...These are pretty cool, and I bet I could make some that would look great suction cupped to a window...OH MY! New Idea, must run and try it out!

Click on the link above to buy it now...I don't have them up on the site yet.

$35.00 + shipping

Have a great day!


BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~ #3 in the Interaction Series~ Heart Felt

"Heart Felt" #3 in the Interaction Series
9" X 12"
oils, mixed media, glass, on canvas board
Unframed $325.00 + Shipping
# 3 in the Interaction Series
"Heart Felt"
The passages of text in the painting say:
At the top:
I am Burning.If anyone lacks tinder, let him set his rubbish ablaze with my fire.~Rumi
At the bottom:Let us bear with magnanimity whatever it is needfulfor us to bear.~Seneca
I have been working hard on the issues around
my ability to trust, to be totally scared
poop-less, and learning what "letting go" really means.
This painting stared as an experiment with a new technique I am working with, floating acrylics on top of oils...and well to be honest the work took over.
The mediums told me where to go, my fingers and brain felt along, not knowing if any of the things I was working with were going to work together, most importantly because it breaks all the rules.
You can not mix oil and water...proven in science again and again.
Yet that is the truth of my life.
Floating oils and
waters running deep
the continuation of my growth
my understanding of myself.
This is a work of release,
beautiful in color, rich in texture,
medium, tone...and proof of my willingness to interact with my NOW.
I am willing to listen and able to learn, but I still have to do it my way...and that's what makes me different, not avaerage...that's what brings my soul and spirit together in a joyful union of understanding.
I hope you enjoy it too,

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio: Original Art With Soul~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog

BAD! Kitty Art Studio


Sybil Ann Tells All

Quote for the day


Belief, humble belief, is the foundation of all righteousness and the beginning of spiritual progression. It goes before good works, opens the door to an eternal store of heavenly truth, and charts the course to eternal life. . . . Belief is the brilliant beacon that marks the course through the waves and woes of the world to that celestial harbor where rest and safety are found.

Bruce R. McConkie


I am paddling harder into the wind and waves.

Trust and belief my companions in this little boat

faith is my Main Sail.

I work harder when doubt creeps in.

I double my effort when things feel

hard or scary.

I push the edges, boundaries, classifications.

Watch me burn.

Raw & Radiant,


PS. I made my first Etsy Sale! WA-Hoo! One of my A.I.M. magnets went in less than 24 hours after I posted it....So I added more this morning to the growing selection, go see what's new...And catch them while you can, I am only making One of each, so once they are gone in all three sizes...They will be really gone! I love limited edition stuff, and I don't like to mass produce...So this project is a labor of love...Check it out!

Monday, May 15, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio: Original Art With Soul~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog

BAD! Kitty Art Studio &
Sybil Ann Tells All
Quote for the day
Moral education, as I understand it, is not about inculcating obedience to law or cultivating self-virtue, it is rather about finding within us an ever-increasing sense of the worth of creation. It is about how we can develop and deepen our intuitive sense of beauty and creativity.
Andrew Linzey
I woke in a creative frenzy today, my mind is literally spinning with ART!!!!
The weekend was a stressful mix of birthday parties, and Mother's Day activities. It was all great and wonderful...But I am tired. I was also sick the entire time, so that made it even more fun...Shopping for birthday presents with a high fever and trying not to look like a total crazy lady crack head while doing it.
I made it, but I am exhausted from the effort.
I am so excited about my new series!!! I feel like I found something I feel really proud of, and just freaking excited that I CAN create artwork that everyone can afford AND benefit FROM!
click on the letters above to see more too.
I plan to add them to my Etsy site, and make more of my favorites and add them to the site. I am only making them one at a time, because for one I am not big into mass producing, and also I would like for them to remain special one of a kinds.
In local news, there were NO sales made in art, at all...nada.
So I guess my memo of Urgent Attention
was lost in the ethereal mail.
But just in case...I could really use some art sales...So if your listening to this Universal Goodness...Could you send some my way? Please?
I've been real good, and I promise I WILL start eating those peas...This time. I promise!
Thanks everyone for reading,
have a wonderful day.
Raw & Radiant Today & everyday!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

BAD! Kitty New Series A.I.M. check it out! NEW ART! Portland Oregon Artist blog

New Series!
Large, Medium & Small , flat magnets.
To help inspire, motivate, laugh at & Live with this reality we share.
Completely laminated, so they will hold up to any spills, stains, exploding blenders, with a simple wipe!
Fun Huh?
Well I thought so too...So being as smart as I am :) I made them for you!
They will be made in various sizes,
but almost any image you see you can request
in a different size and I can make it for you, just ask.
Prices include shipping inside the USA (up to two (2) in one package for the same price).
International buyers please contact me for FREE exact shipping quote, I will ship Worldwide!
Now go shop and have FUN!
Check Back often, I will be putting more of these up daily,
I am not mass producing them, I have just been making them for years, and have a huge stock pile. I will make each image at least one time in each size...I have not decided on that yet, so it's not written in stone.
Each is hand made and signed (on the back) and come with COA's.
Here's the link to the page I am still building...So just take a look, I have tons more I'll be adding, daily.
Also, did I mention that I am offering FREE SHIPPING inside the USA!
Thanks for taking a look!
Let me know what you think.
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers...You know who you are.
Blessed be the creator. Let it be.
nite-nite, this artist is worn clean thru to the bone....

Friday, May 12, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio PDX Oregon~ recycled art, Original oil paintings,& motivational words

After seeing it online, I figured I might want to add the text on the picture so, it says: "The last suit that you wear, you don't need any pockets."
Wayne Dyer
BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All
Quote for the Day
"Neither am I the means to any end others may wish to accomplish. I am not a tool for their use. I am not a servant of their needs. I am not a bandage for their wounds. I am not a sacrifice on their altars."
Ayn Rand
Source: (Anthem)
I Just Am.
I am here, working, bringing faith
inside for tea every afternoon,
in the evening sassing grace,
from the corners she likes to hide in.
Inspiration comes to morning brunch,
and loving the spotlight she
appreciates longing stares, and covets whispers.
Solitude is my morning companion.
quietness of the body, mind,soul
with the rising rays of our great star
I salute the sun
and welcome
myself into this body
that is my resposiblity
to move with
till I stand in the clearing.
I am only my own tool, my only means to only my own end,
my only book of
infinite possibility
and knowledge.
I am just me.
Who are you?
I am Raw & Radiant today,
PS. Just in case my memo to the great Universal request Desk got lost yesterday...I am still really needing a sale.
Asking for my needs, I'll work harder for the rest, thank you.