Wednesday, March 29, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio PDX Oregon~ recycled art, Original oil paintings,& motivational words

Quote of the day
It is not by accident that the happiest people are those who make a conscious effort to live useful lives. Their happiness, of course, is not a shallow exhilaration where life is one continues intoxicating party. Rather, their happiness is a deep sense of inner peace that comes when they believe their lives have meaning and that they are making a difference for good in the world.

Ernest A. Fitzgerald
Creative Insanity.
Internal chaos, it's the sign of my real self really living.
It's Ok, if everything is not just as I want it to be, because I am working at something so large,
bigger than myself and my own needs,
Being the change is a sort of
peace in and of itself.
I can always remind myself in any situation now,
that I am on the path of the peaceful warrior.
I create my destiny with the choices, actions, and systems of belief that I now live by.
Not by praying, wishing, bemoaning...
but by concentrated effort to manifest that which I want.
To be "off the grid" in every way in my professional and private life.
I want to be the Change.
That means work.
mind numbing
I have to courage and
the spirit of a winner,
of a warrior,
of a real Live Human,
of a star.
This is my spot in the Universe,
I own it, no matter where I may go.
This is my mark in this reality,
I own it from this life to the next.
This is my vision for all,
and for just me,
for I have to accept that Being the Change is
strange and weird to society as a whole.
It is not to be understood, but rather
experienced, absorbed...Proven.
You know where to find me,
the adventure has only just begun,
the treasure hunt is on,
and I don't need a map anymore.
Yours in the moment,
Heather/Sybil Ann >>>Total website overhaul happening! Check it out!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

BAD! Kitty Web site update~Check it out!

It's still a work in progress, but I am happier with my new front page, thanks to all the web master divas that gave me such great ideas and courage to go for it on the front page!
Check it out,
Tell me what you think!
Later tators,

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog

BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All
Quote for the day
Most people diffuse their psychic energy (attention) in hundreds of random ways. Those who flow focus their psychic energy intentionally upon the task at hand. It really boils down to knowing your goal, concentrating upon it, remaining determined and having the self-discipline to complete what you are doing.

Dick Sutphen
I am full of energy today,
Watch Out World I am working Here!
yours in the moment,
Heather/Sybil Ann

Monday, March 27, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~# 10 in ZaadZ series

BAD! Kitty New Art!
ZaadZ # 10
"Hungry little girl"
12" X 16" acrylic, mixed media on canvas board
Float mounted, needs no frame, ready to hang or sit on a table easel.
Will be going over the originals page, on my site for sale, and maybe then over to the Ebay for sale.
Ok, here's the original poem that I wrote myself, (first time I have ever included just my own writing on a work and I left it as I found it folded in an old journal, spelling errors and all, it was 1997, and I did not have spell check yet!)
"Hungry Little Girl"
In ancient forest, a
crystalline glen sleeps heavy
wrapped in downy
kisses of sacred secrets.
Tiny footprints leave
a glimmering path, showing
the way back
from where passion grows.
A flutter of wings
the dust settles on salty skin
saucers of warm
molasses for our eyes.
The crocus opens
it's hungry throat to the sun,
the fairies will
dance for their supper.
Heather Brown Truman 1997
There it is folks...
Raw and radiant, bring a lunch and sunglasses,
I am blazing a trail,
I'm easy to spot...Screw doubt, Screw fear,
beautiful oblivion, and CareFree Insanity.
Much Love,

ART Auctions Closing in hours!! BAD! Kitty Artist Blog~ Portland Oregon

BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann tells All

Quote for the day


"There is no satisfying the senses, not even with a shower of money. The senses are of slight pleasure and really suffering. When a wise man has realized this, he takes no pleasure, as a disciple of the Buddhas, even in the pleasures of heaven. Instead he takes pleasure in the elimination of craving."



The elimination of craving, is where I am today.

I am working hard at eliminating my need/craving/desire

for information, for money to cover my basic needs, for a larger family unit, for friends that lived closer to me, for my life to be what I want it to be, instead of what it is. I am not bemoaning my present state, instead I embrace what there is to learn from my present experience. I ask for it to hurt as much as it possibly can...hurt from: not having, not knowing, not understanding how I am going to make it work, in every aspect of my work/home life balance.

Everything is as it should be. I focus on today and the circumstances, obstacles, work, and important tasks at hand.

I continue to pursue my ideal work/life balance with intent and purity according to my own inner by laws.

I know that it is what it is, and that is a set of circumstances, that I have all the control over. I have control about weather I am going to be freaked out and panic about things I can not know, and can not change. Or I can use that feeling of

anxiety as fuel to push me forward, into the rest of the day,

like p-nut butter meeting jelly for the first time, full of protein and sweetness, yet so familiar that it makes you sick to think of eating it again.

I am eating it again. I make my way, creating words, art, and moments of clarity for my clients...Loving my kids, singing my own song as I labor in the field of my real life.

I sing those old songs of the deep south, the prayers, the messages to others, the secret code of music and beat and harmony with the back breaking work that life is. I labor in this field of mine with pride.

I love work, I love challenge, I love being the underdog, that's when I kick into gear. I no longer work my day job, I got fired for not being able to keep up the required amount of hours...Even though my numbers as far as money making stayed the same...That's the issue, they want people who can do this type of work non-stop for hours and hours back to back...I am NOT a telephone actress, so that was so hard to do....Like doing a one woman show with 60 seconds quick changes of elaborate costumes backstage every 30 minutes.

I know my accountability in getting fired. I did not show up, and eventually after months of not wanting to do it, they fired me. I make some serious cash for them, so they really didn't want to do it, but I made them. So I forced this situation to this place...And now I have to figure out how to get from here to there, when I am not really ready to fly on my own with no safety net (regular paycheck).

So I plan today, I plot, I scheme, I make an action plan on how to use what I have already set into motion and kick it in the ass, and maybe find a new job, or make what I have work better.

I will not let this get me into a brain space where I flog myself into a place where nothing gets done, because I don't know the next step...I just keep placing one foot in front of the other...I'll eventually get there, just because I am too stubborn to quit.

Now is the time for action, make things happen, shake the money trees, shake the earth, make it known that ready or not here I come, full steam ahead, all power to the force of my intent to be what I really am, honest, loyal, hardworking, and fucking stubborn.

Watch me make the best of this.

Because that's what I do, I make the best of the situation, I do the best I can with what I have available, when I know better I do better. I will also concentrate on not wanting.

Not Wanting till it hurts, or makes my somach in knots, because that is a waste of precious heartbeats...

and we all only have so many,

so today, I work to make mine count.

Be BOLD today,

Dare to stop doing the things that you are used to doing, try something new, you can always change your mind later.

Just Live today, give it all you got, I will be doing the same. You know where to find me,

in the moment...

Raw and radiant

Heather/ Sybil Ann >>>New feature art of the day specials, like the BAD! Kitty Art Lotto, you have to play to win, and it changes every 24 hours 7 days a week...Check it out! >>> Greed free, no judgment Intuitive Life Coaching, that won't break the bank, or your back. >>>to read the latest news about my state of being Wohoo huh? And see the newest art as it comes out of the studio...;) >>> I have a great POD going on ZaadZ called creatively Employed With Soul, would love to see you there, plus it's a great way to meet people that are all looking to raise the vibration of the world in matters of mind and wealth. or just hit this link and join up! let's talk! >>>auctions closing in hours, go BID, Bid I say!

Friday, March 24, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All Quote for the Day

"An IDEAL is a vision of the Ought-To-Be - some good to be attained. . . . An ideal is a challenge to a better life. First we must see it in imagination; then we must long to make it a part of ourselves; then we shall guide our conduct by it, we shall live it. An ideal is both light and power. It is light for conscience and motive-power for will. It is a standard by which we judge between right and wrong. When we see a noble ideal lived out in another's life, it gives us a holy discontent with ourselves until we make it our own and it makes more beautiful and strong our own character. This is the way of all progress, as the world grows better, for there is no progress without ideals. . . ."
G. Walter Fiske
I have auctions closing soon!
I would really love to see some art sell, and/or find a new client today.

Dear Whomever is on duty up there today:
Yes, it's me Universe, I am taking actions everyday to accomplish my Ideal, my dream. To be able to utilize my gifts to set into motion a positive wave that extends beyond my own being and envelops as many humans as possible, in the light, in love, in truth and power. I only wish to keep my basic needs met, I will work harder for the things I want, but I ask Dear Universe that you see my actions, and bring to me that which I need today, whatever that maybe.
This is my prayer, my wish, and my plan of action.
I will work harder to accomplish,
all I ask for is opportunity, chance or change...
I am open for/to the possibilities today.
I am open for the light, and for the use of that light
to create another bright spot in
the great void
of this reality.

See me Burn Universe, I am using everything gifted to me,
I am pure of heart and true of intent.
My cup runs over with passion, and eagerness for the next
bend in the road.
Universe, Bring it.
I am raw, I am radiant
Watch me Burn.
Yours in the moment,
Heather/Sybil Ann

Thursday, March 23, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All Quote for the Day

Bad! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All
Quote for the day
In the study of ideas, it is necessary to remember that insistence on hard-headed clarity issues from sentimental feeling, as it were a mist, cloaking the perplexities of fact. Insistence on clarity at all costs is based on sheer superstition as to the mode in which human intelligence functions. Our reasoning grasp at straws for premises and float on gossamers for deductions.
~Alfred Whitehead
That's the Crab Nebula as seen from Hubble, just recently, in the last year... Pretty cool huh?
That picture reminds me I am small and
just a speck...And I am the nebula, because I can see it, I am part of it, it is part of me. The cosmic cell memory of my beginning...And end.
So much Cosmic dust set aglow.
Watch me Burn.
Raw and radiant,
Be Bold today, We are all made of the same stuff, isn't it pretty?
Heather/Sybil Ann

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~# 9 in ZaadZ series

Quote for the day too!
"An educated man must have a lot of "curiosity"; in exploring the unfamiliar and unexpected, an open-mindedness in entertaining opposing points of view, tolerance for the ambiguity that surrounds so many important issues, and a willingness to make the best decisions he can in the face of uncertainty and doubt."
~Derek Bok
Each of these "little" works in the ZaadZ series, has been a huge learning experience for me.
I decided to make a series about my ZaadZ experience, and all that it has brought me in the last three years...Awareness of myself, and the importance of my relationship with my inner self.
Life moves so swiftly, daily circumstances change, and perspectives bloom, like so many lotus in the night.
My "topic" for each work has started very randomly, depending on the feelings I was experiencing at the moment, that day, that minute what I was working with and through...Like flipping through the pages of an old family photo the pain and joy and honor and character and abandonment and fear; into these works of a REAL LIVE Human Being.
This work, "willingness" is really important to me for two reasons.
I am still learning the
importance of
Willingness to really BE
living in the moments of my real life.
I am stubborn, sometimes I just don't want to do "it" anyone
else's way...Allergic reactions to not being the boss of me.
I have always wanted to not be "in" control of anyone else, but more I wanted to feel less "out" of control with the people in my life.
That means letting go of the idea that I know
anything about anything,
that my high IQ, well educated, gray matter...
means nothing.
If I am not using it in a a way that brings that circle of love, the higher vibrations of my core being, back to the source....Myself, then I must find a way to live With the circumstances of my daily existence, being flexible and made of Steele
at the same time.
The second reason this is an important work to me:
I find that in reality, this one that I live in and wake up to everyday, that I am totally out of control of everything and every person, outside myself, even my children, my spouse, my friends, my family.
I keep saying to myself everyday..."Self, you have to survive this time frame in reality." Then I go and look at myself in the mirror...I look into the eyes, my own portals... that usually are used for seeing, but hardly ever used for being seen...I am already surviving this set of circumstances.
I continue to wake up every single day.
This is not a test run.
I am not a spectator of the race.
I am not the Queen of the Universe.
I continue...But until using these words, these images, this old throw- away goodwill canvas, while not thinking but feeling my way,
through the KNOWING
the Understanding
that I have not been willing to really
let go of him, of myself that I see in him, of my need for him in my daily life...I have not really been willing to let it happen....I have been in survival mode.
Survival mode is a cooked up, fancy side dish of auto pilot, heading nowhere but a place that doesn't hurt, and that isn't dangerous.
Of the better understanding I can't procrastinate this reality, away to another place...I am still here.
I can...I mean look, I have been...I am human.
When I worked in these words...When my entire being was engaged, This little collage came together from the scrap pile...That too is a form of Auto Pilot...But one that works in my back brain...One that I discover,
the part I was looking for.
The perfect tool,
the right key...
to unlock the mystery of how to be a duel being...
how that it is a freaking, no-questions asked fact... That
this is mine,
this is my life, these are my children, that is my mate, this is my living space, this is my work, this is my passion,this is how I discover I am real.
I can't expect that any of my expectations for any of my children
will be fulfilled by them.
I must set high expectations for them as they grow, or what good am I doing them...I have a job to do here people, like...Well this is an example:
Our family morning mantra is this:
Who are we?
What are we?
Because we never give up!
Are we perfect?
Because We can't be perfect,
we can only be our BEST!
We say this every morning on the way to school, the little ones sometimes into the chant, sometimes not.
I am no cheerleader, but a wise woman once told me...
(and I say thank you Roberta)
that raising children IS a FORM
Brain Washing.
We wash in the light...That's all that we can do.
We are Programming for Whole Living Beings at the end of this phase of their own journeys...While they are here and into it...Programing for courage, faith, Love, Honesty, Loyalty...The building blocks that we have to hand down.
We have a family motto too:
We Don't:
Lie, Cheat, Steal, or Hurt others on purpose, when we make a mistake we try our best to right the wrong, we always protect each other, we will always love each other and none of us is perfect, and we ask for help from each other when we need it.
Last night, the youngest watched a few minutes of the National News, before we caught it and turned the channel.
In that short time, he saw the graphic bloody remains of the War, and discovered the Bird Flu, and heard of three new failed local attempted kidnappings of children.
He is 7.
Later that night, I was summoned to the boy room, by a crying terrified little one, who was scared that he was going to die or be killed by terrorist, or never see his Older brother again....
Overwhelmed and panicking, he was crying and scared.
I'll be Honest right here...
I was flat tired.
Another...Long hard day working to make my 50.00 dollars a day that I have to figure out how I am going to make, anew each and every freaking non stop day...(if I am so smart then why ain't I rich syndrome) I was just flat tired.
When the call came in...The SOS, I need help... I was more than Willing.
Willing to stop what I was doing, sit on his bed and talk honestly and live through his first real panic attack.
He is 7.
We talked about the Bird Flu, in scientific terms,
the germ is mutating, and it is going to come on the wing of migrating birds and land in our country,
this is true. It has not mutated to a human to human transmission, and that is what they are trying to prevent from happening.
This is true too.
We are all going to die, in our day, in our time, we will all die.
This is true, a fact for everything that ever lives.
There are bad people out in the world, that are sick and not really fully human, that want to hurt little kids, and there are terrorists, and there is a war going on that makes people look like the pictures he saw...Tissues, blood, bone, death.
These are truths too.
Now...This is the Brown Truman Plan to survive all those things and have a happy life anyway.
Then we laid those plans out, and they participated in giving ideas on extra steps we could take...Overall it was 45 minutes of myself and mate man double teaming the both of them, being honest, direct, and answering every question asked of us, simply and with as much truth as can be administered to the brains and emotional states of my 7 & 8 year old boys. Even the ones about their brother...Which we really can only give stunted answers and guess, because we don't really know what happened, but it has happened, is happening and we are making it through and we will continue.
I have done all these things with the oldest as he grew, as well, if you want the straight shit go ask Mom, he knows it...That's part of why he has gone away, he no longer wants/needs the straight shit...He has to find his own definitions to this life now...He demands it and I can not stop him from doing it.
Well, he made it through it, (the little ones) I should say we made it through it and
this morning they were their normal selves again.
We laughed about the suck-fest moments...They really suck.
Yep, that's for sure.
But we would see what today brings,
and do our best, with what we are given and what we can create.
I am understanding that I am willing, to do many things that I don't want to do and do them very, very well.
I am willing.
I will continue, so will we all...I mean you are up reading this hella long post right?
So everyday above ground is good, and to be made the most of.
Come what may.
I understand Willingness fully now.
I say Thank You.
Let it be,
Heather/Sybil Ann
To read the magical quotes that are on this work, go to my web site they are on the front page, and much easier to read.
Thanks for being here!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio PDX Oregon~ recycled art, Original oil paintings,& motivational words

Quote for the day
"Believe in yourself, your neighbors, your work, your ultimate attainment of more complete happiness. It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn."

B. C. Forbes
I work so hard everyday that I sometimes lay down at night, and feel my body scream
"Thank The Good Lord, Sweet REST!"
I work on whatever small project is at hand for awhile, to relax...
I work.
To escape my physical pain...
I work.
To figure out what the hell I am doing, and Why I am doing it...
I work.
To discover, uncover, recover some part of myself,
I work.
So this is reality; a life of work, can be a burden, that breaks my spirit, the waiting for something to "give", the expecting the unexpected at every turn, being prepared to be patient and continue to work.
Work with intention.
Work with Purity of thought, or even better
without the presence of thought at all.
Lost in the moment of what ever work I am doing at the moment.
Cleaning the kitchen, Working on my Creations, writing these words, giving guidance and coaching to those who ask, loving my children, loving myself enough to eat well, exercise, take care of myself and my body.
It's all work.
I welcome today's work load with
Tolerance of
knowing it is what it is and that is the way it supposed to be. Everything is already perfect.
Stay in the moment today, be faithful to your duties and tasks, and smile...Even if you don't feel like it...Because this is it baby!...
Life+ Work+Intention=JOY.
Work with Joy today,
Heather/Sybil Ann >>>Sellers name
ZaadZ Art up for sale now!
Fastest Selling series I have ever created, and the newest one will be ready to show you all later on...#9 is done....Almost, it's working title is "Willingness".
So Stay Tuned!

Monday, March 20, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All Quote for the Day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
New art! Click on picture to enlarge
New in the ZaadZ Series #8
"Knowing and Understanding are two different things"
9" X 11"
Hand Drawn Collage
Oils, markers and pastels
$35.00 +Shipping
Get it today by emailing:
The quote that inspired it:

In the deep, unwritten wisdom of life there are many things to be learned that cannot be taught. We never know them by hearing them spoken, but we grow into them by experience and recognize them through understanding. Understanding is a great experience in itself, but it does not come through instruction.

~Anthony Hope goes into the ebay machine soon!
HAPPY First Day of Spring! Let it be!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All Quote for the Day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All
Quote for the day
Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can't get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you're doing. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover will be yourself.
~Alan Alda
Be Brave today.
Be True to you.
Have a wonderful day
full of magic
Much Love,
Heather/Sybil Ann >>> Just a couple hours left on Auctions....Zaadz #4 is going to go for the opening bid....If you want it now's the time to move on it!
badkittyartstudio is my seller name or just hit the links!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~# 7 in ZaadZ series DONE!

Zaadz #7 DONE!
"Seen and being Seen"
New Art!
#7 in the
ZaadZ series
"Seeing and being Seen"
9" x 12"
Collage on Canvas Board
Ready to go!
$35.00 + Shipping
email me ASAP at
to make it yours.
These are selling as fast as I can make them!
Get yours today.
Here's the Quote that inspired it:
Thus we cannot escape the fact that the world we know is constructed in order to see itself. This is indeed amazing. Not so much in view of what it sees, although this may appear fantastic enough, but in respect of the fact that it can see at all. But in order to do so, evidently it must first cut itself up into a least one state which sees, and at least one other state which is seen.
G. Spencer Brown
I hope you enjoy!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

Quote of the day
During periods of discontinuous, abrupt change, the essence of adaptation involves a keen sensitivity to what should be abandoned - not what should be changed or introduced. A willingness to depart from the familiar has distinct survival value.

Peter F. Drucker
Think about that for a moment...There will be a pop quiz later.
I have a very bust day, I will share more later....
ebay machine still has a few items left up for grabs...
get them while you can, I'll not be adding more to the auction machine for awhile.
I do have art of the day up everyday now on my site...Priced for just that day...Fun stuff from the vault and such...Check it out.
I would like to do some readings today if anyone out here is interested....I would really like to do some readings that actually paid for the reading...That would be even better, overhead and acting without greed is starting to bear down on my business model...May have to change that up again soon....Well, we will see but a couple of paid for readings would be great for today.
I also would like to make an art sale today...
I threw that one in just in case someone is actually reading this..
Send people who get it....
Yours in the Moment,
PS I have only One ZaadZ work left now...Every one has sold except for the two newest ones that I have not shown done yet...
fun huh? Even better they all sold to non-zaadzsters...
spread the love baby!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~# 7 in ZaadZ series

New Art!
#7 in the ZaadZ series
"Seeing and being Seen"
9" x 12"
Collage on Canvas Board
Ready to go!
$35.00 + Shipping
email me ASAP at
to make it yours.
These are selling as fast as I can make them!
Get yours today.
Here's the Quote that inspired it:
Thus we cannot escape the fact that the world we know is constructed in order to see itself. This is indeed amazing. Not so much in view of what it sees, although this may appear fantastic enough, but in respect of the fact that it can see at all. But in order to do so, evidently it must first cut itself up into a least one state which sees, and at least one other state which is seen.

G. Spencer Brown
I hope you enjoy!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

Quote of the Day
Lose this day loitering, 'twill be the same story Tomorrow, and the rest more dilatory; Thus, indecision brings its own delays And days are lost lamenting over days, Are you in earnest? Seize this very moment; What you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Courage has genius, power and magic in it; Only engage, and then the mind grows heated. Begin it and the work will be completed.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I'll not lose this day.
I Have Courage.
I am ready Universe...Let's conspire for some real change in this world...
let's do it.
I have an incredibly busy day,
yours in the courage of the moment,
Heather/Sybil Ann >>>New feature! Art A Day Sale on the front page of my web site...Like a mini BAD! Kitty Daily Drawing...Check it out! >>>NEW Feature added! Now I can record your readings and send them to you on CD! Cool huh? Check that out. >>>Last 6 auctions from the Ebay machine are winding down...Get yours while you still can!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All Quote for the day
Wishing you happiness always!
Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember
what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. . . . .
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.
Max Ehrmann
I am Ready.
I am ready to continue, another day is here, and again the reality taped begins it's crawl, winding it's way
to the other side of the void, eating it way through the hours of another day.
What will this day hold? What risks taken, what unknown ventures gained?
Well I closed a bunch of great priced auctions for fairy world yesterday, I will not be re-listing them...the BAD! Kitty Art Lotto is Winding down. I don't "do" auction style selling very often...It's kinda stressful, and expensive to not sell.
So, I'll let what I have up run their course, and if I have some things here or there I'll put a few up now and again, but it's not a long term action career plan...Much to my mangers relief...It's exposure, it's advertising, it's making some freaking money when I needed sharing the love of my craft, by giving people everywhere a chance to buy something great at the lowest possible price I can offer...To cover the cost of making the creation itself. I know that the work that did and will sell is going to people who are already mostly collectors of my work...And that is super cool, because they got a reward for all the years and money they have spent helping, supporting, understanding what it is that I am really trying to do. Working with intention, transparency, and without greed.
But I did sell a couple of works to people who are new to me too. That uber cool, and I look forward to finding out how they feel about their new works in real life.
I know the reasoning behind auction driven artist, is to produce, produce, produce and then hope it sells, that you gather a group of collectors...That you become a "star"...But I was nevcr really interested in that in the first place...Or I would have been doing it for the last three years that I have been full time and self representing.
I just do it, when I need to, or want to...Or get the itch to gift some art out there...Or have a wild hair...I do what I want.
I am unpredictable in my sales approach, I am flexible...OK...We see that experiment did not bring the required results, what's plan X?
And then I issue the orders to switch to plan whatever is next.
Then take action.
Then see what happens.
It's like a great big science experiment everyday...
bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble...
and my Garden is growing wonderful, joy filled magic all over the place.
Secrets arrived at her new home yesterday...And was fallen in love with all over again. The Universe is good, my magic spreads, and my work changes people, teaches, changes vibrations, acts as talisman, creates motivation...They are live things...Just ask anyone that lives with my work...Can I get an Amen from the back please? Any one care to testify? :)
Have a great day today, live in your moments all of them,
and consider supporting American businesses people trying to make an honest living, book a reading, I am good at what I do, or buy some art...Again, I am good at what I do.
I have only two of the first 5 ZaadZ art Series available...New art cranked out in a fluid motion, and being bought as fast as the glue can dry.
That's good....Very, very good.
I am ready.
I am Ready.
I am the Change.
Raw and radiant,
Heather/Sybil Ann
Just do it.
I figured out that if I can somehow make 40.00 dollars a day, five days a week, I can stay alive at my present level...That's thinking outside the box for you...Break it down to the smallest amount, now...Do you think I can figure out an honest way to make 40.00 bucks a day?
I am pretty smart.
No problem, I can do this.
Call me, or buy some art cheap while you can.
Because...I am ready, and I am worth it.
And I am Good at what I do, and I know it.
I work, I prove not with wishing, waiting, wanting...But with concentrated action.
What are you doing today?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Holy Crap I sold some ART!

You Like? Please bid! TOO LATE!
SOLD! FOR FULL PRICE! Asked by a collector that is in love with the ZaadZ take the ebay auction down and she would pay the full price for it! 35.00+ shipping
Rock ON!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

Quote of the day.
It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does to have tried and succeeded.

Anne Lindbergh
Today ...another day and another set of ways to figure out how to make another dollar.
9am to 1:30 at the day job
as my mystical other half Sybil Ann...
working on finishing #6 in the Zaadz series...The love me box (shown below in last post), and trying to get through another day of promotions, auctions closing (and not getting any bids, I can't stand it it!), mailing out some small works that did sell, and keeping my little world all together.
If you need me, you know where to find me...
In the moment, and working my Lilly white off to keep the lights on,
Heather/ Sybil Ann
Book A reading! I make less than $1.00 a minute by the time I pay for the overhead, I am practically giving it away, and I am really good at what I do, and I want to do it!
Go bid on some art before I go crazy having to work for a large cooperation, or sell my soul to the elite art world! Save A Live Human today, and GO BID!
Or hey...Buy some original Art from my site...that's a good Idea!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Post #365! And New Art ZaadZ Series #6 Love Me Box

Bad! Kitty New Art!
ZaadZ #6 "Love Me Box"
Little collaged and painted box for keys or other small stuff...has a little bell inside, vintage and found on one of my walks....
I hope you like it. More Info to0 come about it soon!
I Will try for better pictures soon, too.

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~# 5 in ZaadZ series

BAD! Kitty Art Studio New Art!
9" X 12" on canvas Board
(click to enlarge)
Collage and mixed media
It says on the front:
I worthy the story myself, it's about a girl who lost her reputaion and never missed it." ~ Mae West
And at the bottom:
"Dreams are necessary to Life!" ~ Anis Nin
not all of the picture is visible, because my scanner isn't big enough...
unframed, and if you like it....
you can only get it here
today, for the next 6 hours I'll wait and give you time to think...then the NEW ZaadZ Art Get the Ebay Machine, and I might add, the ZaadZ art is outselling the other art right now...
if you want to claim it.
$35.00+ shipping
Buy it Now.

BAD! Kitty Art Studio PDX Oregon~ recycled art, Original oil paintings,& motivational words

Quote of the Day
Each band or level, being a particular manifestation of the [electromagnetic] spectrum, is what it is only by virtue of the other bands. The color blue is no less beautiful because it exits along side the other colors of a rainbow, and "blueness" itself depends upon the existence of the other colors, for if there were no color but blue, we would never be able to see it.

Ken Wilber
Good Morning! It's another busy day here at BAD! Kitty And Sybil Ann's Tells All's Place...I will be mailing out new art to a new patron in Canada, that's cool. Ebay seems to be selling regularly, all though if Carrie (aka the notorious Pinky w/a badge ) buys any more of my work, she will have to open her own BAD! Kitty Museum...But I love that my work excites her so much, she is a joy for sure....And that voice of hers, sounds like out Ebay world...I do have collectors out there that will snatch and grab!
Life is good.
Anyway, she is buying up some of the best works, because she knows what kind of BAD! Kitty Lotto it really is for me to be Ebaying at all.
I don't auction off work, not unless I donate it.
I just spent a year not showing a whole lot, I won quite a few awards and such...But didn't do a lot of "shows"...My work really sells very well when seen in person....So I was having a hard time with doing monthly shows and then having to paint the next one, because of a lack of inventory.
I decided to spend sometime just working, and I have spent a year doing just that, and now have an Art Vault, that I am ready to empty.
There are so many things that I want to do, and most of you know already that I work on three projects at a time all the time, 7 days a week. If I didn't I would be bonkers...And my house would be much cleaner, more of the time.
I love working! I am simply running out of Ebay Liquidation Machine....GO!
I love working with people, and my new client (last week, and my first from my new web site) and I hit it right off, super great work was done, and I felt "right" inside when we were done...You know Proud.
It's All Good.
I so have a couple of the early ZaadZ series closing today, still at the opening bids....But they are selling and that's what matters. I have Zaadz #5 "Reality Based" is ready to be shown...I'll post that next and then I'll put it up for sale on ebay. I also have a new box!
It's a box of Love...ZaadZ #6 "Boxed Love" To create, contain, wish for, and place forgiveness of self in a great little box, that is also great for keeping things like keys and such...they will be charged with "love" and "truth" energy when you reopen the box...everytime...I made it that way, with white pure light, but it's magic none the less.
It's a magic box...
Yep, I said it...A Magic Self Love Box.
So I'll show that one to you too later.
I'll be 9 am to 1:30 pm PST at
as my my mystical other half
Sybil Ann Tells All.
And doing everything else in between.
Much love to all,
please consider buying some art now that I have opened the vault, and let the art out....Don't leave me hanging!
"It's Ali-VE!
It's A-L-I-V-E! Bwhauhahahahaha!" ~ Dr. Frankenstien
You know how hard it is to put it up like that...No, you don't?
Never fear, I do...and it's makes me proud of my own inner confidence, but it is also very expensive to not sell anything.
So, let's fix that shall we?
I need bids and I need them today,
Let it be.
I am working toward being real and full of intent everyday,
I deserve cold, hard cash for my efforts and fearlessness, and they are so two!
Let it be.
Be Bold Today!
Heather/ Sybil Ann
badkittyartstudio is the ebay name or hit the links!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

BAD! Kitty ART SALE!!!! The Ebay Machine Is Running!

My items on eBay
New art up for sale...It's all getting bought up pretty fast so do what's smart and go bid now!
It's the
BAD! Kitty Art studio
ART Lotto!
You Must Play to Win!
Stay in the moment, and book a reading or buy some art...
Feed me Seymour!
Heather/Sybil Ann
badkittyartstudio or just hit the header or the links silly!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio: Original Art With Soul~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog

Zaadz Series #1
"Understand down to Earth"
18" X 24" Mixed media on canvas.
I know my pictures are not very great, but if you love complicated, yet simple to understand folk/pop/recycled ART and have enough boldness inside yourself to really see past my crappy pictures to what the work is saying, it's a hell of a lot of fun and crazy and silly and REAL...Not creepy, but really pretty, like a complicated Mardi Gras Mask...Like this reality that we live in....Real and yet can't really be this real...Or can it?
This is a Raw and radiant Work. Opening bid 19.99, no bids, closes in less than 7 hours and is a statement and BOLD and RAW and RADIANT, reflection of my experiences of living in the moment...Good, bad and the Ugly.
Go Bid please. Trust me, It's really a great work in person, and I again apologize for being a sucky photographer...But hey...We can't all be great at everything, gimme a break! Trust me, 7 day return policy, no questions asked...Be Bold!
Bid...Pretty please.
Zaadz Series #2
"Tomorrow always Comes"
9x12 canvas board unframed lightweight and easy to ship
mixed media collage, with 3D stand out clayworks, layer upon layer of fabrics and papers and stuff, it's really good work! But Alas...Still no bids, closes in less than 7 hours, and it has no reserve! You could be the first to own a BAD! Kitty Art Studio ZaadZ Inspired Artwork in the whole world...That's pretty cool right?
Amen Sistah!
Go Bid Jive Turkey's! It's only $10.00!
The BAD! Kitty Art Studio Ebay Art Lotto....
who will win today?
You must play to win.
Zaadz Series #3
"Soul Operation"
Due to end in less than 2 days, opening bid
$9.99, no reserve...This is an easy one folks, the shipping will be so inexpensive because of size and weight!
Why wait bid now!
My items on eBay
Look there's a link for your ease!
Today is a good day
to buy Original Art.
Let it be.
Yours in the moment,
Heather/Sybil Ann >>>badkittyartstudio ebay sellers name

Friday, March 10, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog

Quote for the Day
Men give me credit for some genius. All the genius I have lies in this: When I have a subject in hand, I study it profoundly. Day and night it is before me. I explore it in all its bearings. My mind becomes pervaded with it. Then the effort which I have made is what people are pleased to call the fruit of genius. It is the fruit of labor and thought.

Alexander Hamilton
I am still in awe, another day is here.
I have a busy day, and lots to do today. I have a new client this morning, that I am excited to meet, and then
9am to 1:30 as Sybil Ann over at
I will post more when I have time, I have to get shipping quotes ready for three paintings that sold on EBAY auctions yesterday, one to a new customer, in Canada... Thank you to all of my winning bidders...People That supported my Work, and also congratulations on getting award winning BAD! Kitty originals, for pennies on the dollar!
Thank you for playing the BAD! Kitty Lotto. Please play again soon!
Go bid! Some are closing today, and new art going up everyday...
book a reading, I am good at what I do!
I'll even prove it with five free minutes for every client every time, no matter what!
Where can you find that type of real quality?
Have a graced day,
Heather/Sybil Ann >>>or just hit the header
badkittyartstudio >>>ebay name...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog

Quote for the day:
To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.

Carlos Castaneda
Again today my hours are at
as my mystical master mind
Sybil Ann.
Then working hard on a new work, and guess what? It snowed in Portland!
That never happens, I am trying to not love it, because it makes my hands feel like claws...
but hey...
it sure is purrty.
I have two tons of stuff to do today, the day just gets bigger as the sun rises, and I keep ridding...
blazing red, and knowing
that I have to keep it simple.
There are auctions closing today!
OMG! Magic Bean Tree (one of my favorites) is going for 19.99! Come on people, there are some great works up, and it's like investment quality art for cheap! If you want more, just check back daily, I am putting up Fairy World a couple a day....
Support living artist for goodness sakes....Or book a reading so I can
really break free from the corporate machine and realize my dream of being able to survive in this reality....Without having to work for any empire built on Greed.
Support Greed Free Americans!
Feed an artist/ Psychic today,
you'll be glad you did.
I would know, too....I have an inside track.
Heather/Sybil Ann >>>badkittyartstudio in the header for a list or hit the header, or the little ebay sign on this blog...
and Bid! Bid I say!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~#4 in ZaadZ series

Oils and markers and whatnot...ZaadZ #4 Series "cumulative force used" you can't see all off it because my scanner isn't big enough...but this is the centermost of the work.
9x12 Board
$35.00 + shipping
While it's hot....

BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All Quote for the Day

Bad! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann tells all
Quote for the day.
We should all be very careful when we say "no" to a suggested improvement or plan made by a subordinate. A "no" in most cases is final. We are usually more careful when we say "yes" because we know that our "yes" decisions will have to stand the test of performance or further approval. As a matter of fact, we should be more careful with our "noes" for the very reason that they do not have to stand the test of performance or further approval.
A. W. Robertson ***
I will be working my day job at:
from 9am to 1:30 pm PST, so call me there if you need a reading from Sybil Ann, see my web site to book an after my hours appointment for my private clients.... Bills have got to be paid you Know?
I do have EBay auctions that are getting bids and starting to generate a little interest in my work and what I am doing here... doing what I want, how I want... Take my hands out of control.
Let it go and see what happens, it is the way...
I still had a Big Black R in the bottom of my shoe until I was 25 years old...

that might have something to do with it.
New art going up on eBay sometime today,
I have decided to put the entire Fairy world that is left up...
A couple a day, along with some other fun stuff from the ART vault.

It will be like winning the BAD! Kitty Art Studio Lotto!

You get to have investment quality work at the lowest prices possible,
and I get to keep eating...It's all good.

Check it out some are closing in the next 8 hours or so.... low opening bids, no reserve and KICK ASS ART... what could be better?
HHHHmmmm, maybe a few bids?
That would be better!
Let it be Universe... I know right from left, and up from down... I am asking for the sale, and the opportunity to spread my talent around, and be SEEN and HEARD.
Much love in the accomplishments of your day...
I'll be the one going for it....

catch me if you can!
Heather/Sybil Ann>>>New art...>>> I have a 800# TOLL FREE NUMBER NOW! Take Notice! >>>ZaadZ Series Up For Sale NOW! >>>>GO BID NOW!
Support living artist!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Award Winning Fairy worlds now at Auction...Must see!

My items on eBay

Go check it out! It's like a BAD! Kitty All You Can Eat Buffet! Fairy World on the Auction Block...go see it your favorite one is there yet!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon ~ Artist Blog ~Quote for the day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio &
Sybil Ann Tells All
Quote for the day
Total freedom is never what one imagines and, in fact, hardly exists. It comes as a shock in life to learn that we usually only exchange one set of restrictions for another. The second set, however, is self-chosen, and therefore easier to accept.

Anne Lindbergh
Freedom I have learned means sometimes
being alone.
Today I feel less numb, more centered and based in a place that isn't just anger based.
It's ok to have a bad day or two or a week or whatever, they count too.
I am supposed to know this, I am supposed to be in pain, I am supposed to be learning in this way.
Everything is already perfect.
It should not be any other way,
because this is my life, and this is reality
and well,
it is what it is.
It's not a definition, it could easily become that,
I could slip
and let myself become
paralyzed by fear
and manipulation
and guilt
and the control of
I could drown myself in medications that would change my brain chemistry so much that I don't feel
That's not always a bad choice, just not everyday....some days need
altering, medicating by outside means...
most don't, even really bad ones can be handled
without it, if you ride the big wave.
If you toes are on the edge, spray in your face,
roar of the water wanting to both hurl you
toward your own sandy beach or rocky cove....And
push you under, submit to it's force, it would be so easy
to let go in that way, to just go with the flow...Let the water take me, where it wishes.
I am the warrior of light, I ride
the sun is in my eyes, so I may be blind...
but I can feel the power of the force deep within me,
and I can ride any wave by feel...
hands tied behind my back, take my feet, I'll ride this
bitch on my ass and still make it.
Why not?
We have choices....We can sit and think and ponder and ask questions that bring ourselves answers that increase our own inner
slavery....Or we can chose not to do that.
We can chose to get up, dust ourselves off,
be the warrior,
and continue...
there will be more battles to fight, demons to slay,
victories to win, that
will never see
any field
never be touched with my sword
some will never end, they are the epics
the kind that make legends, myths, spawn religions....Some
are just little tiny victories, made one little infinite universe at at time, one tiny kingdom...
one tiny change, and I control only myself, and the answers for just me, become easier to consider and sort.
In this moment, I have everything,
and it is perfect as it is,
Everything is as it should be, therefore...
I continue...
I did wake up again, my feet did hit the floor, my
brain thought these words, I unfolded to another day,
so here I am.
Raw and radiant.
See Me Burn
on the edge
of this wave
fire and water
this is mine.
See ME.
Yours, in the moment,
Heather/ Sybil Ann
type in badkittyartstudio or hit the header to this post, to get some goods.
Just FYI to all ya'll out there, a couple of my big time art patrons, ahem I should say full out collectors... have found the Ebay Machine running...And they are starting to bid, they know the value they are getting, one wrote to say what had happened?! Had she hit the BAD! Kitty Lotto? ( I don't often sell my work in an auction format, unless I have donated it for auction) She just finished buying four works at a time people (lord love layaway!)...she spent a lot of money, and she knows that the paintings that I have up are some of the best works or the ones that she has wanted in the be warned Pinky and Sara are on the prowl...Between her and a couple other serious collectors that have caught the senct of great art with soul for may loose your chance at getting in on this terrific BAD! KITTY ART SALE go bid now, some are closing soon! More to go up...Check back often. I need some more space in the studio...So you WIN!
BTW Fairy World #2 was painted as a match for Fairy World #1...They were painted on the same day together...Read what was said about Fairy World #1...You can't loose!
Go bid!
Support Living Artist
the newest BAD! Kitty Scientific results are in and We found that: Nine out of Ten cardiologist agree that Original Art is good for your Heart!
We have that tenth guy out back...He uuuummm, is looking at art....Yeah that's it.....Looking at art, he'll be back to change his mind soon.