Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Work In Progress- Reaching up

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
New Work in Progress
'Reaching Up'
I just got to a stopping point with my new work...and guess what... I didn't do an outdoor scene like I thought I would! I just painted from my gut instead and this is what happened. I have been struggling with my new work and my new life...and this is my prayer for me and my family.
Reaching Up is just that, me reaching up to heaven and bringing it back to earth for myself and my loved ones...I look forward to it drying enough to start the figure and "flesh" her out. Right now she is just roughed in with the dark's and mid-tones...waiting for the light of life to be brought in. It'll be a few days before that can happen, but I look forward to what happens next.
Let me know what you think of her so far...and the pictures came out a little darker than I would have liked but it's late here and the light is gone for the day, she is flying up through graded colours of dark violet, madder lake deep, crimson red, and brilliant yellows.
She is sketched in with red ocher...
Have a great night all...this tired Kitty is going to eat dinner!

Oh Goddess Teach Me!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Learn new Life skills with a little help of the Goddess Demeter....

The goddess Demeter is often thought of as the only goddess on Mount Olympus who truly empathized with the human experience of suffering and grief, having experienced it fully herself. The most nurturing of all the goddesses, Demeter, whose name means "Grain Mother," is the goddess of compassion and fertility. She is seemingly the most independent from male influence of all the Greek goddesses. Demeter is associated with the cultivation of the soil and therefore the abundance of the harvest. Romans equated Demeter with the goddess Ceres.

According to legend, Demeter fiercely defended her daughter, Persephone, who was abducted by her uncle Hades, the god of the Underworld. When her child vanished, Demeter wandered the planet ceaselessly in search of her. Her loss was so great, she decided to withhold the harvest, causing the plants to wither and die. Thus, the land became barren and bleak and the people starved.

So valuable were Demeter's gifts, that Zeus (who after all was her father) freaked out and sought Persephone's return. However, before she left, Hades tempted Persephone with a pomegranate (a symbol of fertility). She delighted on six tiny seeds, allowing Hades to have a slight say over her. Hence, it was decreed that she spend four months each year in the underworld. Imagine if she'd eaten more!

During these months of absence, Demeter grieves for her daughter and gives us winter. When her daughter is with her, Demeter allows things grow. This is why the goddess is intimately associated with the seasons, the cyclical dying and blossoming of nature.

The illustrious Demeter has many gifts to offer:

Love is Almighty
Demeter is the earth goddess/mother, representing maternal instinct, motherhood and nourishment. She is the archetypal single mother. She demonstrates a woman's infinite ability to love and nurture. There is nothing more powerful than a mother's love -- the bonds are incredibly strong.

She also exemplifies a woman's wonderful kindhearted nature. Ask yourself, are you nourishing your relationships with positiveness? Are you generous and giving or do withhold your love as a form of punishment? Do you cultivate your relations? Are you aware of your sacred power?

We nourish with love and understanding, and when we channel this powerful energy, our life grows and blossoms beautifully and abundantly. Not only does our life blossom, but the immediate world around us does too.

Perseverance is Genius
Demeter reminds us to stand firm for what is good and right, even in the face of adversity. As the saying goes, perseverance is genius. Determination pays off in the end, so keep on truckin'. Do not give up on your dreams and goals -- we must plow to harvest grain. Focus on what it is you want rather than what you do not want. Nourish and cultivate your spirit and don't settle for less. Patience is key. Meanwhile don't obsess. If you do, then other things around you go neglected.

Ebb is not the Enemy
Winter is a necessary part of existence. Death is needed to bring new life. If you're experiencing a rough patch or if it feels like winter in your world, don't despair. Ebb is always headed for flow. There would be no light without dark. It's all part of the divine cosmic plan. Unfortunately, to grow we sometimes need to struggle and suffer. It's part of what makes us human. While it feels like nothing exciting or positive is happening during winter, things are rumbling underneath the surface. It takes time for the seeds of change to sprout. If you are depressed, ask the universe this: give me strength to adjust to the seasons and the ability to change and adapt to life.

Express Yourself!
Demeter makes herself heard. She does not sulk in silence. Feelings left unexpressed build up and can even create disease for they take up space inside you and thwart flowing energy. The goddess tells us, "The more you learn to accept and acknowledge your feelings, the less time you will spend in emotional turmoil and the more energy you will have to live life." The more we learn to accept and honor our feelings, the safer it will become to express them.
I'm off to be very Demeter-ish forward, love healthy, tolerate the patience my life is requiring today...accepting things as they are.
Welcome to the real, it's not always fun or fair. This is my life and I will make it what I can with dignity and as much grace as I can muster. Being a Greek woman myself, I find great strength in Mythology...sometimes it's just what I need to make it through tough days. Hope you enjoy your world this day,
and walk like a God/Goddess!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fears - what have they done for you lately?

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Topic of the day...

Are you ruled by your fears? Are the boundaries of your world, your possibilities and your dreams hemmed in by your fears? If your fear is keeping you from living a full life, it's time to get serious and get busy.

For our purposes, there are three types of fear, the first is fear of your potential, then fear of pain, and finally the fear of aging and death.

In fact, one measure of how important something is to us, is the amount of fear that accompanies it. For example, you wouldn't have any problem walking up to that nice old man and asking for directions, would you? Yet, if you had to ask the most stunningly beautiful person you'd ever seen, you might hesitate, stammer, or wander off silently. Fear can make the most ordinary things seem insurmountable. As a result, people often avoid things that trigger a sense of fear. Over time, they can almost forget what exactly they're afraid of, and extend a habitual avoidance over anything that triggers discomfort.

Fear of Potential
There are many who have hidden dreams they're just too afraid to acknowledge, never mind, pursue. This will usually show itself as a nagging sense that somethings not right, that you're impatient and wasting time, and feeling chronically slightly dissatisfied but not being able to quite put your finger on what's bothering you. It's a neglected dream sending up vapors and wisps of discontent from just below conscious awareness.

If you see a box of paints, or hear a song, or look at a photo of an ancient ruin and feel your heart lift and then get a shuddering sense of disappointment - that's your dream piping up and your fear knocking it out.

To deal with this type of knock out fear, it's best to trick it. Decide on the smallest possible step you could take towards it - say buying that watercolor set. Then continue with small steps until your fear begins to adjust to the presence of this creative interloper in your daily life. Eventually, your fear will diminish as your enjoyment and exploration of your creativity grows and you'll have successfully tackled the fear of your shining potential.

Fear of Pain
Next up is the fear of pain. Obviously, pain is uncomfortable and in its throes we can think of little else than it ending. Later, it's common to recall that pain with ever increasing dread, to embroider it and thereby magnify it. This then can lead to avoiding pain and become a habit of mind. Too worried about those dizzy spells to go to the doctor? Too afraid of being burned again to date someone who might be able to hurt you (which means not dating anyone worthy of you). Fear has a nasty way of proliferating and soon your life couldn't be safer - or grayer. Choosing not to work past our limits almost always means creating an unsatisfying life.

Even if the fear is of physical pain the way to minimize it mentally is to go deeply into it, to breathe it in and to relax into it as much as possible. Then once you've settled into it, let your mind go to a compelling obsession, maybe your love life, maybe an interesting work problem. Acceptance allows the mind to divert its focus on the pain giving the impression that it has lessened. It takes real strength to shift from avoidance to acceptance but this is how to defeat the fear of pain.

Fear of Aging/Dying
What of the fear of aging and dying? Again, acceptance is the key. This is the one thing that no one escapes so the question is how to live with it? Many people who've been diagnosed with a fatal illness find that life becomes vivid, moments are as full again as they were when they were children, purpose and meaning aren't something sought after but become who they are. In other words, they live fully in the moment and from that place are able to handle and process their fear and their anger while living fully.

Oddly enough, all the varieties of fear have one thing in common, they can be mastered by acceptance and living in the present. If you want guidance in living with acceptance and in the moment, there is a great body of literature by Buddhists, Hindus and many others, all on the subject of living in the present.
Fear...well to be truthful I don't live with fear myself anymore. I tend to be one of those people who thrives on it instead. These days fear is a jet fuel for me, I dab a little behind each ear in the morning, and run with it. If something gives me the willies, I do it. I know when this changed for me, I can remember the day exactly. I was sitting in my house painting away, and my Mate Man came into the room where all my stuff was starting to stack up, and said "these are really good, what are you going to do with them all?" I felt like the world had opened up under me and the thought that I should do anything more with my work just seemed so huge and daunting...I just said, "I don't know." I thought about that all night, I mean what was I doing really? I was very sick at the time and painting had been a stress all of a sudden because of one little question, I was stuck and scared. The next morning I had a moment of crazy, I mean I had to "do" something to make the creepy crawlies go away, I had to fight fear back into a hole... so, I piled my work into my beater of a car and started driving around from store, to gallery, to consignment place. I got out asked who was in charge and then showed them a piece of work. I had 10 rejections in a row, and a few people educate me on sales tact...I had no idea people didn't just walk into galleries and ask to see the manager. I thought after about 6 hours of this that I had my answer and was going to go home, when I drove by a small shop and thought "what the hell, I might as well make it 11 No's!" I walked in and the woman that owned the place was very nice...we talked, she looked at my works...and then she asked me to sell some of my work on consignment in her shop. She took three works there on the spot and said we would see how it went. 1 week later, all three works had sold and she asked for more. That was when I learned that fear could be a good thing. Because of my work being in her shop, I was offered my first solo show three months later...the rest is history. After 20 or so shows both solo and in groups, and more than a 150 works sold...I feel ready to take on anything these days. I have art in 8 countries and 25 states. I have been told NO by some large galleries and art agents. I have had my worked picked apart in public venues by art professors. I have been embarrassed. I have been scared every time I go public. I have also survived, developed a thick skin and found my ultimate muse. Fear. Now when I get scared I think to myself... is this a risk worth taking? The thought that I am not good enough or some other such rubbish does not enter my brain usually until I have already begun. I use fear as fuel does fear use you, or do you use fear for some some kind of powerful kick in the pants?
Tell me I really am interested in this subject...and I wonder how fear interacts with other peoples lives these days.
Yours in courage and fearlessness!
PS. I really need some paint supplies, I mean really, really! The gift giving holidays are fast approaching...consider supporting living artists today...yes I mean me...but if not me then some artist that resonates with you. Buy Art!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

WOW! If you think Etsy is great artists check this OUT! MAP

Check this out you all! MAP 'My Art Plot' is a new Etsy type art portal, except it's focus is on ART my friend, ART! I have already joined, added some of my works, and in just minutes I have a new portal for sales, and in less than an hour... people commenting and viewing my work! I love it! An Art comrade stopped by my web site and told me about it...check Her out too! Here
I am totally excited because Etsy is great, but the opportunity to find a web portal dedicated to artists is amazing...check it out and join and spread the word.'s the next big thing...tell a friend, and BAD! Kitty will keep bringing you the best of what I find!

Expecting the Best, never mind the Rest

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Are your Expectations too High?

The cornerstone of a healthy life is taking responsibility for your own happiness rather than blaming someone else. By setting reasonable expectations for those around you, you can manage how you react to situations and minimize disappointment. This applies to all of your relationships -- not just with your lovers.

With Family
Family relationships are notoriously sticky. You've known your family your whole life, yet chances are, you're continually disappointed by the same things over and over again. Rather than setting yourself up for pain and frustration, try to understand how your loved ones will behave -- and don't expect anything else from them. If you know your sister always forgets your birthday, don't get your hopes up that this year, she'll finally remember.

It's okay to express your hurt when someone disappoints, especially if you can find a healthy, non-threatening way to share your feelings. But don't expect things to change. You can't control what someone else says or does, but you can always control how you react. Managing your expectations will allow you to bounce back from hurt and be more forgiving.

At Work
Most people want to believe that if they do their best and work hard, they'll eventually be rewarded. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Sometimes you have a bad boss who'd rather point out your flaws then encourage your strengths. Or you're assigned a partner who takes credit for all the work you've done. Or you're employed by a corrupt company that overworks and underpays you.

If your situation is bad enough, you should make a move to a better job. But if that's not possible, you'll have suck up your unhappiness and try to make the most of your days. The best way to manage your expectations at work is to remember that it's just a job. Do your best to keep the way you're treated at work separate from your personal identify and self-worth. Make an effort to leave your stresses and frustrations at work instead of bringing them home and allowing them to effect your personal life. Remember, you work so that you can live, not the other way around.

In Love
From the moment you meet someone, there are a thousand different opportunities to have your heart broken -- usually because he doesn't live up to the ideal you have in your head. Women tend to have strong expectations for what a partner should be like, and when a man inevitably falls short, they end up disappointed.

The best way to avoid disappointment in romance is to adjust your expectation for each stage of the relationship. If you meet a great guy and he asks for your phone number, don't start planning the wedding. Considering the number of men who don't call when they say they will, it's reasonable to say there's 50/50 chance a guy will call. This type of thinking allows you to be less attached to the outcome: if he calls, great…but if not, well it's his loss.

Even at later stages of a relationship, it's important to let go of your unrealistic expectations. Your partner is not a fairy tale prince, but a real-life man with faults and challenges. Learn what those are and try to help him overcome them -- but at the same time, adjust your own expectations. In the long run, you'll both be less frustrated by shortcomings and more impressed with successes.
I have been working on this issue for years...I am a high expectation person. I have always thought that because I expect a lot of myself, that it's important to expect a lot out of those that I love too.
I have learned that makes for a lonely social life, and a family life that can become very bleak. Now... I think it's important to have healthy expectations of yourself and even our children because that creates a healthy tension. Boundaries are important for everyone, just as long as they are not over the top.
I also have been discovering that too high a self expectation level is an art killer. I can't think about being the best at anything until I have given myself time to learn all the rules of the situation and practice new skills... not judge myself too much while in process. The most important thing that this exercise has taught me is: art has no rules that are hard and steadfast...and I don't want to feel like crap while learning new about a mood killer! There will always be someone who is better than me and that is a good thing. We all need people to look up to, emulate and learn from.
I am cool with that today. I am also cool with people not being perfect, or living up to my personal standards...I am still not OK with people in my life that I have taken the time, trust and energy to explain a situation too, like "please don't ignore me it makes me feel unimportant. Just tell me how you really feel, good bad or indifferent, I want to know the truth always." To then have that person do exactly what you asked them not to do, because it causes emotional pain...I am not cool with that at all. But learning to relax around just about everything else and becoming more forgiving in the process has created a place in my brain pan that is more inviting for new people, places, experiences and things...I have room for life to happen and bloom now. That's a good thing.
So, what are your expectation levels?
Are they healthy for your life today?
Tell Me...I'd really like to know.
Yours in expecting a good day :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

BAD! Kitty's Cool Horoscopes for the New Year

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Cool News for the Year ahead
Well, I do have some inside information for you know I am totally hooked up (or hooked In, I should say!). I thought this would be a really great way to kick off this Monday...with the horoscopes for all the Sun Signs for the New Year ahead.
I hope you enjoy, and have a great day!
Dare to think big and dream big, Aries, because there's almost nothing you can't accomplish in 2007! Your life will be fast-paced and exciting this year as you broaden your horizons on many levels. Opportunities to travel and study abroad will present themselves, and you are poised to learn new skills that will translate to a more profitable and satisfying career. New friends will come into your life as well, allowing you to work with others toward achieving your highest goals. Take a good look in the mirror and remember what you see, because you won't recognize yourself by the end of the year! You're on the road to new and exciting places, so do what the Ram does best and forge ahead.

Want more money? What red-blooded Taurus doesn't? As one of the signs most concerned with material wealth, you'll be thrilled to know that 2007 brings great new opportunities for abundance. And if that's not sweet enough music for your ears, you also may get a chance to put down roots in a place of your own. There is a catch, though: you have to be willing to embrace the changes ahead. This is never easy for the careful, steady Bull. Whether stuck in an unfulfilling relationship or a dead-end job, Taurus often prefers to plod along in silent suffering rather than to take a leap into the unknown. If you dare to take risks this year, the payoff will be beyond your wildest expectations.

As curious as you are, Gemini, you'll be like a kid in a candy store in 2007! You're never so happy as when you're learning about new subjects and sharing them with others. You'll get plenty of opportunity to do so this year, and you may even formalize it by going back to school for an advanced degree. Socially, 2007 promises to be a sparkling year in which you'll meet many kindred spirits. And yes, there may be a special someone among them, although you might have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince or princess! If you're not married, there's a good chance that you will be by the end of the year. Likewise, you might have a few false starts before finding the job or career that suits you best.

You're often a little down in the dumps when the New Year starts - you're a summer baby, after all. But 2007 promises to be a glowing exception; so don't go hiding in your shell, Cancer! As the year begins, you might have a lead on a great new job. If not, be on the lookout. If you've been hoping for a better outlet for your creativity or a workplace with more positive, upbeat people, this is your year to find it. And you'll probably be paid better, too! The financial pressure you felt in 2006 will lighten up, allowing you to save for something special - or just for peace of mind.

You've been carrying a heavy load, Leo, so you will be pleased to know that your life is going to lighten up considerably in 2007. With Saturn leaving your sign this year, you'll notice that obstacles and limitations begin to clear up, and you will have more time and energy to do what you want, not what everyone else expects of you. Better still, Jupiter is positioned throughout the year to bring you incredible good luck in all areas of your life, especially love. If you're single and looking, you won't be for much longer. If you're already committed, 2007 could bring the pitter-patter of little feet.

What's your idea of the perfect home, Virgo? Think about it carefully, because your dream can come true in 2007. Do you want a bigger kitchen with more counter space? A fireplace? Or, like many Virgos, do you want southern exposure for an expansive vegetable garden? With lucky Jupiter in your solar house of home and family for most of the year, you can make it happen now! If your idea of home and hearth includes someone special to share it with, that's in the stars, too! The downside, of course, is that you might have to let go of one relationship before you can find a partner who is better for you. But it appears that you are more than ready for change.

To Libra, relationships are everything. You're not happy without a romantic partner, and being on the outs with someone you love can ruin your whole day. So you'll be thrilled to know that 2007 brings some of the best relationship news you've had in years. Family relationships, especially with brothers and sisters, will be the source of great happiness, and you'll be increasing your social network by leaps and bounds. Did someone say "party time?" If you're single and looking, 2007 looks sweet indeed for finding the soul mate of your dreams. If you're already committed, there still will be plenty of romance in your life. What more could a Libra ask for?

Your hard work finally is starting to pay off, Scorpio. You've been noticed by the right people, and you already might have gotten a promotion or been assigned to head a juicy high-profile project. In 2007, your career continues to surge ahead, with one important change: you'll get the money that goes along with the power and influence. This won't be about exercising your stock options or getting a hefty bonus. It's your salary that's about to increase, and big! The downside is that your family may see even less of you than they did in 2006. And you'll have to make an effort to maintain some semblance of a love life. Balancing your work and professional life won't be easy, but if you can do this, you can have it all in 2007!

Let's hope you're ready, Sagittarius, because you're about to have one of the biggest years of your life! You have the good fortune of starting off 2007 with Jupiter in your sign, which is the sign he rules, making him doubly generous and lucky. And with stabilizing Saturn positioned in a friendly fire sign, you’ll be able to have a ton of fun and excitement and yet at the same time come down to earth long enough to be more successful than you’ve ever dreamed of. Career-wise, you're going places, and there could be a move in store for you, too. Of course, this could create a problem for your committed partner or your family, so you will have to be sensitive to their needs. Start by giving them a heads-up that big changes are in store.

Career matters are always top priority with you, Capricorn, and in 2007, your dedication definitely will pay off. Venus in your sign at the start of the year indicates financial growth, while a Sun-Mercury conjunction hints at strong mental abilities, especially where business is concerned. By the end of the year, you'll be solidly heading up the career ladder. In affairs of the heart, 2007 also holds great promise. If you’re not married or seeing anyone, love at first sight is a definite possibility. Indeed, whether in business or in love, you'll be moving faster than you like, which means that you'll have to stretch out of your comfort zone to make the most of this year's opportunities.

Fasten your seatbelt, Aquarius, because your life is going into overdrive in 2007. To some degree, you're used to a constant parade of people and situations coming in and out of your life. This is the way you like it, because you can't stand being bored. Well, being bored is the last thing you'll have to worry about in the New Year! In addition to expanding your social network, you could enter an important new relationship, one that seems fated. This could be a business partnership, but it's more likely that it will be a new romance. Still another possibility is that love will blossom with someone you've met just recently. Whatever your individual circumstances, excitement is guaranteed.

For the better part of two years, you've been working your you-know-what off. The late nights at the office and lack of sleep haven't helped your health - not to mention all those extra lattes. Well, Pisces, as 2007 begins, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter. Indeed, you're about to see a radical turnaround in your life. You might have caught a whiff already, perhaps with a lead on a great new job. You see, others really have been noticing! Of course, with so much change, you can expect your relationships to be affected, especially toward the end of the year. Don't let that get you down, though. Your star is on the rise. Finally, it's your turn to shine!
Be Wonderful Today!
Share your love,

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Work in Progress

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Work In Progress
I am teaching myself a new technique...and learning to do the human form in a realistic, impressionistic style. Don't get me wrong I am still a lover of the abstract style I have taught myself over the years...but this is my first attempt at a impressionistic portrait, and I am OK with the way it's coming out. This is the base of the work, it'll have much more color and texture when it's done...and yes eyes too. The neck is a little too long but I like it anyway, the mouth needs more definition and pulling out, try to make it look more masculine, and the eyes are totally hard to do, because that's the life of a portrait... Mate Man was my muse (It looks a little like him, well not really, just that this guy is bald too...Tee-hehehehe, I am trying to learn to paint the Male form too) and I want to bring in a ton of light and feeling into it, but for now while it's drying... I am pleased with the way it's going. I am going to bring it to life with the next layer, and it'll be done with a knife and large brushes...very heavy texture. I'll breath light and life into it with the next layer... I am learning that I do not have to be so uptight with perfect blending, colors that always compliment and smoothness in general. I have been painting for years and years, and my personal style is something I am really comfortable with, very Pop-Art and abstract...smooth, blended, bold colors and hard lines for the most part. I love painting in the impressionism and expressionism styles, and use those techniques in my backgrounds often, but I want to learn something new...I want to loosen up a little, I want to unlearn my style and stretch out know? So, even though this is not my best work (not even close) I like sharing my work here, and seeing what others think about what I am learning...being self taught I also have to keep myself a little scared, a little vulnerable to the world, I find that element keeps me on my toes and keeps me trying hard to improve and get more confident in myself. I usually have this "thing" about my work, being an artist is expensive and I have realized of late that I have been approaching my work with this whole, "it's got to be a good work, I have to be able to justify the costs by selling it when I am done" attitude. That has really put a kink in my creativity, because to be honest...I am bored with what I know how to do. Totally bored, I feel like I have done it all already and I have no fresh new ideas. When I decided to learn something new, something challenging... I got so excited, the world opened up again and I had something to look forward to when standing in front of the easel...I don't have to justify the expense of learning something new, it's education...HA! Break through! Eureka!
So, today I am going to start another canvas, while I wait for this one to dry...I am going to work on an outdoor scene using pictures I took while back in Oregon of my lovely garden...sniff, I miss my garden so much right now! When I get to the stopping point I'll show that one too...I am really loving the feeling of not knowing what the hell I am doing at all...I can't think about what I am doing at all or I'll slip into what I know and that's what I am trying to get away's all about loose, free and bold strokes, with the feeling of the image coming together with light and shade playing together...Too Much FUN! Creative Insanity...I love not thinking!
Hope you all are having a great weekend.
I am bringing my heaven down to earth!

Friday, November 24, 2006

When the Turkey hits the Fan

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Thanksgiving was great! Mate Man made a spread fit for kings...and a Queen, of course. We had a great time all around cooking and eating for the entire day, I hope you all had a great Holiday too.
I am finally coming out of my sickness, thank the Gods...I was really hurting this time around and a few of those days, I wanted to run away to no-where land and never come back...everything hurt, and I was so miserable. Today my hands are working again, and I think I am on the mend...Whew!
Just before the sickness took me down the long road, I did manage to finish the smaller commission I have been working on, and I finished the sale/trade on 'Self Control'. A wonderful jewelry artist saw my work on Etsy, and asked if we could work out a deal for my painting...I am not much of a jewelry person, but I took one look at her work and fell totally in love with her style. We talked for a while about the purchase/trade and I chose a wonderful necklace named 'pinball' from her stock...I got it a few days's even better in person, and it's perfect for me. Wanna see it? Angela Walker me her work is amazing and really super well done, tough enough for the likes of me...and pretty too! Thanks Angela, I love my new bright and shiny!
This weekend we will be taking the boys over to the skate park so they can burn off some energy...before they drive me crazy. I'll be working on my new work, I can't wait to get back to the easel again, now that I can stand up.
Well I guess that's all for today, I have tons to get done...the boys have both told me they want a painting for Christmas...and not easy ones either, so I have to get busy trying to figure those two works out. I love my kids so much, they understand we are very broke right now and took the pressure off of Christmas by coming up with art they want me to make for them...ain't they great?!
Have a wonderful day all,

Friday, November 17, 2006

Danville at Sunset

The other night we were outside, and looking at the incredible sky. I ran in and grabbed the camera and caught this wonderful sunset as it happened... I hope you enjoy it too. It took less than 3 minutes to complete, and I shot about 30 pictures, these are the best 8... this makes me feel like there really is a Universal Spirit talking to me...and you too...can you hear it? I can!

Happy Weekend all.


BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Above: Wild Flowers by HMBT 2004 (Sold)
Hello all, I just wanted to drop a line and say top of the morning to ya.
I will be resting today, and trying to get my pain under control.
Mate Man is still looking for work, the boys have outgrown thier shoes, and I am laid up on the couch. We are trying to figure out how to purchase the Thanksgiving dinner, and what we are going to do for the end of the month expenses. Fun huh? I know you wish you were me.
The holiday's are so much fun for the poor.
We are working on it though and that's what matters.
Today I will try to get up and work a little if my body co-operates with me.
I really want to paint, but don't know that I can manage the brush. I was thinking of duct-taping the paint brush to my arm and giving that a go...*Grins*
So I guess that's it for today...
I hope you all have a great weekend, and a happy Friday.
Please buy some art today...Hey Jive-turkey, it's almost Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

End of day report for Thursday

BAD! Kitty End of Day...
Well I have not felt this bad in a long time, and No...not in a good way. My body hurts from head to toe...and I wanted to stay in bed all day, but I didn't. I didn't move around too much either. So this fibromyalgia thing sucks...I hate it.
My hands are claw like, and my body is throbbing with every heartbeat...I feel swollen all over, and I have a joints sound and feel like they have sandpaper in them, and I can barley think through the brain fog.
So...I just thought I would let you all know why I was so poopy this morning...not because of depression...well maybe, I hate being sick, but because of my body that hates me. This attack has been coming on for about a week, I know when they are coming, and sometimes I can ward them off...not this time though.
I will be living with it till it's gone I guess.
So if I go MIA, it's because I am stuck in bed, sick as a dog and probably moaning in pain.
I hope all is well and good where you are...

Why Bother?

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
I didn't want to even get out of bed today...yet here I am.
I don't have anything to say...
Why Bother?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fighting for Life

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
There is frost on the ground this morning. I shiver and steam in the frigid air, thoughts of the upcoming day filling my mind. Wondering what fate holds for me today, if this one will be better than the last. Clinging to hope, and muttering my silent prayers, I walk into the dawn. Making breakfast for the boys, smells of cinnamon and syrup remind me of the countless days I have lived thus far, knowing I will replay this morning out for countless more. The battle within myself is between fact and fear. Will my destiny play out in this simple way? Is there something left to pray for? Bone and muscle grind together and pain is my companion, reminding me that this body is holding a soul, greater in size than this shell of existence can contain.
Step outside to look at the moon one last time before the sun rises on the day, it's perfect crescent hung in a bowl of midnight blue. Faith is an invisible partner.
There is frost on the ground this morning.
I shiver and steam waiting for the dawn of another day.
Live large today,

Monday, November 13, 2006

What you know can hurt you

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
~Albert Einstein
Running down a dream.
Working on my Destiny.
Going where ever it leads.
Looking for a mystery.
Running down a dream.
~Tom Petty
Sing your song, live brave.
Buy art today. Just do it.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mighty Me

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Today I woke up and found this in my email box from a wonderful, loving
Zaadz friend, named JoyBringer...she so totally rocks, and I love her.
It was just exactly what I needed to wake up to. I laughed and cried and was so tickled... that I thought maybe you would like to see it too. Just click the link below, turn on your speakers...and enjoy the show!
Mighty Me
Love to all, I am off to finish my new painting...Yippee, I know what I am going to do to finish it, I dreamed about it last night...I paint my dreams, I dream my life, I am Art....and mighty too. :)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

What's up?

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
End of the Day...
'No Cheating"
Laminated Collage 2006
$55.00 + Shipping
Email me for purchase, it's not on my web site.
I have cleaned the house. I have helped Mate Man look through the help wanted ads. I have tried hard to be patient with my boys all day. I have worked on my new painting a little. I got up at 2:30 am because of a horrible bad dream that left me shaking and scared shit-less. Mate Man got up with me and stayed close by all day to make sure I felt safe and loved. I did, I love my husband.
I wrote a up-beat post this morning, I read some interesting blogs about women in the escort business, well not that interesting really. I checked in on my blog friends. I thought about my mental health all day, and came to no conclusions. I tried not to think about the bad dream, my lost best friend, my oldest son that I miss more than most could understand. I prayed for an art sale, it didn't happen.
I worked on some sculpture I have been toying around with. I took a short nap on the couch and didn't let myself really relax, because of last nights drama.
I stayed in the moment for almost the entire day. I also researched some materials for the holiday's, getting ideas I can make for the kids presents.
I am tired and feeling more than a little out of sorts. My arthritis is horrible and I have claws instead of hands...and my right leg and back are in major pain. I'm not thinking about it. I ate next to nothing all day, because of my stomach being in revolt...and my ulcer is active today...again. Blech!
That's all for the end of this day...I pray for a better day tomorrow.
Sleep well,

The Day after the pity party

Well... I woke-up this morning and thought about my self indulgent pity party yesterday...and then forgave myself for it after awhile. I mean we all have moments, right? Yesterday was mine I guess...I am tired and it's hard...but I never give up. I never quit on my dreams. I am not a quitter.
So my poor me pity party is at an end and it's time to get back on track to who I really I am still trying to figure that out, but at least that sad sack crap is done and out of my system. We will make this whole thing work, I am sure of it...we have never really failed to do so in the 12 years we have been at this life together, and I have 26 years before that of taking care of myself and my kid. I figure that means I will eventually make it out of this mess too.
BAD! Kitty is back and in better form for the day, hopefully that will lead to something really positive in the near future. I could use something going right for a change and I now realize that is up to me to manifest change and not bemoan this circumstance. It's a place in time not my definition of being.
If any of you KY readers know of a good job for my very qualified, hard working, and honest Mate, please email us and I'll forward his resume over to the hiring never hurts to put it out there and see what happens right?
Also, if anyone is looking for some wonderful saucy art...well you know where to find me. Think about could buy some artwork and enable an artist to keep working, now isn't that a nice sounding purchase? Would be music to me, that's for sure.
Have a happy day in your neck of the woods,
share your love.

Friday, November 10, 2006

End of day report for Friday

BAD! Kitty art Studio
Well, it's the end of a long week...of planning, of plotting, of taking risks.
And we are no closer to our goal...being a family of people who can self-sustain.
I am beginning to wonder about our long term goals, being a family who could take a risk and make it in the long run. Maybe we should have stayed in Oregon, maybe we should not have ventured out into the realm of dreams and fortune. Maybe we should have stayed in the safe, but boring as hell, port of what we knew...following the dream of my art career that has gone flat...maybe we should have stayed and not ventured forth into the unknown...I just don't know.
I hate not knowing, I hate not knowing the answer, I hate the fact that I may have unwittingly put my entire family in jeopardy for a dream...and my Mate Man, my beautiful Man, might have bet on the wrong horse.
I just don't know and that is making me crazy with worry...
and regret is knocking on the door. Bill in hand.
I need some hope.
I just need some hope, simple and plain.
I need a friend, I need a family outside what I have under this roof, I need a gift of faith...I need...and that maybe our undoing in the end...

Friday Fun Facts - Suspended for today

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
"One moment of patience
may ward off great disaster;
One moment of impatience
may ruin a whole life."
~Chinese Wisdom
Hello everyone, my blog is acting weird...I can't copy my fun facts for the week into it, I also can not post new comments that have come in...and it's driving me crazy.
So... I wanted to thank Pinky for the kind words about the new work. Thanks Pinky! Glad that you are feeling better, I hope that continues for you, all the best to you and yours.
I also was wondering if Blurr could let us know what she thought of the new work she bought recently...Monster Suit, how is it in person and did your BF like it too? Let us all know if you don't mind. I hope your move into your great new place is going well for you.
And Kathy, yes we are really enjoying the new area, and isn't that gallery just the cutest place? Thanks so much for keeping up with's that book of yours coming along? I can't wait to buy a copy for my very own!
Now for the rest of you regular readers...and goodness there are a lot of new readers from the KY area...thanks for being here today, I do hope that your week has been good, and WOW! this weekends weather looks kinda freaky, huh? Maybe we will see snow this weekend, pretty cool I think being that we are new to the area, and have not gotten to see much of that before.
Now for the news from BAD! Kitty...I have started a new painting and it's going pretty well so far. I have finally gotten the background color the way I like it, a rich yellow orange...inspired by the great fall colors hanging from the trees like jewels here. I plan to work on it some more today, if it's dry enough to paint the next layer on top and if I can scrap enough of the right paint colors together for the work. I also found a couch yesterday! One that I could afford...and it does not suck! It's very comfortable and nice looking...and my bottom is very happy to have it. It's amazing to me how little it takes to make me happier these having a couch...the simple things make life a little nicer to live daily.
There have been no new sales of artwork, now going on close to a month...I'm getting worried that the gift giving season will not translate into sales for me. ARGH! It's not that my value is based on sales, but they do make a grrrl feel inspired to keep going some days, you know? I also really need to buy some supplies and can't right now, because of not having the funds to do so...and that's hard on creating new work...when you don't have the paint or canvas to do it on. I have been working on a couple of small collages, for creative insanity will set in if I don't work in some way everyday...and I do love collage as a medium...but I just want to badly it's making my teeth hurt.
The boys are doing well...Mate Man is still looking for work, going to interviews, waiting to hear back on any of them, and trying not being depressed over the difficulty of finding a living wage job and I am working hard on not letting it all get to me too. I am a little homesick for Oregon, and missing certain people in my life a whole lot...trying not to dwell on their absence in my world, but as the holidays approach, and one of them in particulars birthday is coming up this month, it's hard not to think about the holes in my life without them in it. I miss her, my best gone for more than a year...and my oldest son who has stayed behind in the west to do as he feels is best for himself...being a grown-up has been not too much fun for me... as of late.
So...I guess that's all for now...I will try to post the art of the day a little later, if I can...blogger has to work with me and not against me for that to happen...and I wish you all a great day, and a wonderful and fun weekend.
Share the Love,

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do you even miss me?

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Well, I have been having blog problems...did you notice?
Did you miss me while I was gone?
I wouldn't know,
you never send flowers,
you don't write me love songs,
and you don't write or call.
So, how would I know if I was loved, valued,wanted or needed?
I have so many regular readers, so many real people
who are missing in action, so many just gone...
even if I never cross your mind...
I think of you often, I want you to know I miss you, and
many of you I love, deeply.
I ask you...
do you miss me?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

On the Flip Side

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
"All paths lead nowhere, so it is important
to chose a path that has heart."
~Carlos Castaneda
Blazing a trail from my heart,
working for it, not wishing for it.
That is my mantra for today.
I will not dwell in places that do not
feed, build or embrace my true self.
I will work to remain even and steady.
I will pray for results,
but not rely on the outcome of things.
I will live like today is my last
day on earth.
Leaving no rock unturned,
no unexplored territories,
no challenge unmet.
Bring it Universe.
I am ready for change.
Just today, Just imagine.
Yours in truth,

Monday, November 06, 2006

Maple Tree Gallery

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
with news you can use.
The above pictures are of a lovely gallery, gift and frame shop located in downtown Danville. We stopped in to check it out on our walking tour of historic downtown last week. We had the opportunity to meet and talk with the delightful co-owner Mrs. Julie Nelson. The gallery is stuffed full of terrific local artist creations of every kind, and the store itself looks like a slice of heaven. (It smelled Soooo good inside too, because of the great candle selections!) The art was fun, and and of every type you can imagine, she had some wonderful gourd art, paintings, glass art, pottery and lamps too. I mean it's just a treasure trove of fun and practical gifts, home decor items, as well as a well stocked frame shop to boot. The artwork was grand to tiny in scale and in every form and fashion you could think of, from country to funky the Maple Tree has it all.
So, if you are ever in downtown Danville stop by Maple Tree Gallery, tell Mrs. Julie Nelson, Heather from BAD! Kitty Art Studio sent you
and treat yourself to a fun shopping experience
or a new wonderful work of art, (or two) gifts
or just take in your favorite artwork for framing.
(You know that one in the closet that you have been meaning to get framed for how long now?:)
Just make sure you have some time, the store is full of great stuff, you don't want to rush through it and miss something!
Have a great day,
Maple Tree Gallery
225 West Main Street
Danville, KY. 40422

A Do-it-Yourself Christmas Idea-Herb Gardens-Easy!

Here's a do it yourself Christmas idea that I have used myself in the past with great results. I made them and sold them in my nursery all year long, and they were one of our most popular items...ever! I also made these in hanging baskets for warm weather, if you live in a mild or hot climate you can try these that way too, now. Start now gatheing and choosing the herbs and edibals for this project, I like to use herbs and also lettuces as well, it makes for a great looking pot that is really useful too. I also add minature roses, pansey, and other edibal flowers like nasturtiums and marigolds, for color and vibrance. It also makes a boring salad or meal look incredible! Try it out and even if you don't give it away for Christmas, make one for yourself and enjoy the feast.


Things You'll Need
Several Containers

(size and shape depends on your space)
Watering Can
A free afternoon


STEP 1: Decide on container shape and size, if you have the space you may consider square or round containers about 2-3 ft across (the depth can be useful, less transplanting needed later). If you have only window ledges or balcony ledges then you will want to use the window box style. Material doesn't matter, your budget does ;)
STEP 2: Size is going to matter later so you want to make sure you row things according to size. I do it both by size and color so as to achieve an attractive and tasty project! I will list three categories that work well by size.
STEP 3: Large, these will be your back rows. Rosemary, Sage, Basils, Fennel, Dill, Tarragon, Garlic Chives, and Chives.
STEP 4: Mediums, these will be your middle rows. Cilantro, Parsley, Globe basil (habitually grows in a globe shape on a medium height stem), Caraway, Lavendars, Greek Oregano, Lemon Balm and Mints.
STEP 5: Small and creeping, for your front row. Thymes, Creeping Rosemary, Creeping Oregano.
STEP 6: Fennel and Dill tend to be the tallest so you may want to place these in the back and centered. Put one Dill in one pot and one Fennel in the other, back and centered. This is also a nice color and a feathery herb so it stands well as a rear centerpiece. An Upright Rosemary can be a great centerpiece as well, just make sure that is is "Upright" and be patient with it, it will be around for a long time! Make sure if you do the Upright Rosemary to not have it in or near the sage pot.
STEP 7: Basil's come in greens and purples, what I like to do is put a Salad Leaf Basil on one side of the Fennel, a Purple Sage on the other. Put Garlic chives on both sides of these. If you are using a round container, wrap these around the back, if a square, straight across the back. If you are using window boxes, this should be all you put in one. The second container would ideally have the Dill in the back and centered, with a Purple Basil (or Thai Basil) on one side and Tarragon on the other. Flank the Garlic Chives same as container one. The colors and leaf texture are great for the sides.
STEP 8: Choose a container and put Globe Basil or Caraway in front of your Dill then a Parsley or Cilantro in front of the Fennel.
STEP 9: You should have space on the sides of the second row and space on the front row (if you are using window boxes, make row #2 and the front one box, just put the front row to the sides of the first row). In these spaces, creeping herbs look wonderful, and they have space to grow well. I would put Thymes to the sides and work a Creeping Rosemary in the front of one and Creeping Oregeno in the front of the other.
STEP 10: Parsley and Caraway are biennial,(live two seasons, blooming second season only). You will need to plan for them to be replaced, if you don't need parsley seed, plan to replant it next year. Dill, Basil, and Cilantro will reseed itself (annuals, flower one season then die) but most people prefer fresh starts. If you do that at least it gives you a chance to put fresh dirt in. Sage, Rosemary, Oregano, Lavendar and Chives are perennials (overwinter, blooming each season once established) so these will be the permanant spots for them, barring transplanting.
STEP 11: Mints need their own pots, so if you want Mints you need to do this. They will take over a pot quickly, but they don't have to be plain. Two ways to make a nice Mint pot. Spearmint tends to be tall, as well as Catnip (another mint) so they make great center pieces. Lavendar grows well with Mints and is also a nice centerpiece. Lemon Balm is another invasive mint, beautiful and tasty as well. Peppermint is mid height so Lemon Balm and Peppermint would be good for sides, front or circling the taller plants.

Overall Tips & Warnings:
Water often. Plant drought tolerant plants together on one side of the pot, and even consider seperating them with plastic lids cut to size between the root-balls. Herbs in general like to be a little stressed, and will do better not living in a soggy pot. So water when needed and let the pot dry out in-between. My rule of thumb for watering is this: if you see leaf wilt, water! If you can insert a finger into the pot and don't feel dampness after the first knuckle, water.

Also, placing a tray of small pebbles under the pot and allowing water to sit and evaporate will help your herbs stay hydrated and not over watered by sitting in a water filled tray.
Use organic fertilizers. Write me and ask about this one, there are so many you can use, found right in your kitchen!
With insect problems, use organics as well. Again write and ask if you have a question about this issue...too many to list here, but I have great solutions to most if not all pest problems!
Trimming promotes growth, and tastes great too. Basil should never be allowed to seed, it makes it taste bitter.
If you have a slug problem (they love Basil) try plastic lids and cheap beer. At least they pass on happy :)
Plant early in spring in order to get the most out of the season! This project can be done anytime of year, that's why I love it so. If you are planting in a season other than Spring, try buying herb starts instead of seed, they look great right away, and take off better in off seasons. Here's a link to a great herb site:
Possum Creek Herb Farm.
Do NOT place Rosemary and Sage next to each other, the Sage will most likely die. (I have never seen it live!) This is because of the strong oils that plants like, chives, lavendar and sage exude into the surrounding soils.


I hope you enjoy your project! Happy Gardening.


7 Steps to a good Day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
'Walk in the light'
Laminated 8"X 10" Collage above by
HMBT 2006
$55.00 + Shipping
"Giving names to things is a way of knowing them and of seeing them as well. Knowledge deals importantly in names, and naming requires the sort of vision that discerns that these two objects are of the same kind and those other two are not. "
~Allen Lacey
Living your life well is living with purpose and joy.
Not there yet?
There are seven big ways to waste and deplete your energies without even noticing.
If you're feeling dark, down and drained it'll prevent you from reaching your dreams. To see your energy rebound dramatically; here are seven important things to address:
Cancel Regrets
The past is irreversible; it's forever gone.
Many people, instead of licking their wounds and moving
forward a little wiser, torture themselves by staying fixated on
"what might have been, if only… " There is no surer way to prevent
yourself from having the energy to move towards your dreams
than by allowing yourself to stay mired in the past.
Indulging in regret roots you in the past and limits your energy today.
Stamp Out Repeated Patterns
If you've ever heard yourself say, "I don't know what it is, I always pick such losers" or "This always happens to me" then you've got a repeating pattern.
This means you've got some learning to do.
Start by writing down a list of the similarities in every
re ococcurrence your pattern.
Then write down the first moment you began to wonder
if it was happening again. Next, figure out how you convinced
yourself to stick with it despite your intuition that something was amiss.
You should see a point in each situation, relatively early
in the process, where you noted something
and yet still convinced yourself to stay the course.
If, for example, it's the bad boyfriend situation,
and each time it started with you waiting in vain for him to show up.
Write down on a card, "Stood up = No go", leave it
where you'll see it everyday. Tell your best friend and
ask her to remind you if it happens again.
Just taking this small action to unravel your patterns
will make you more in charge of your life.
When you're in charge of yourself; you'll feel on top of the world!
Unmask Your Anger
Do you erupt with anger when you're cut off in traffic?
Or do you 'flame' people on blogs, usenets or internet forums?
Have people accused you of being self-righteous,
difficult or confrontational more than twice?
Then your anger is telling you that you need to do something.
If you spend too much time cleaning up after your co-workers
and kids, it's a sign you're not setting appropriate limits.
If you're allowing yourself to work 70 hours a week,
you're not giving yourself adequate rest and recovery time.
It usually only takes a few minutes to unearth the causes
of boiling frustration. However, if it's something big from
the past, then your anger is telling you it's time to get
professional help. Anger is hard on the body and mind; it erodes
your health, saps your energy and damages your relationships.
Get a handle on your anger and your overall energy should skyrocket.
Make an Attitude Adjustment
Quick, grab a pen. What areas of your life are bothering you?
Make a list. Then, without thinking, write down
the first song lyric, proverb or cliché that pops into your mind.
Say that you're having turbulence in your love life,
and "Love it or leave it" is what comes to mind,
then that's how you really regard the issue. This is a direct
way of accessing your subconscious wisdom. Once you know your inner wisdom on the situation, act on that knowledge
and it will release an enormous amount of stored energy.
Kick Down the Bully
No, not the kid that picked on you on the school grounds.
The bully that drains your energy and stamps on your
dreams is much, much closer.
The next time you make a mistake
listen to how your mind reacts. If it's something like,
"I'm such an idiot" then your mind has let in the bully.
First, you need to catch the bully in action. Notice what
you say to yourself. And when it's bullying, replace it with the truth.
For example, instead of invective about being stupid,
tell yourself, "Next time I'll spend more time preparing my presentation." Eventually your bully will get sick of being
blindsided by the truth and will leave you alone.
And your mind will be free to be creative and playful again, which will energize your entire life.
Curb Negative Energy
Pay attention to when you feel blame or envy and complain about others.
This often shows you where you're letting yourself
down either by not speaking up for yourself, by not letting
your light shine, or by not honoring your own values. If your co-workers
work habits drive you to distraction, is it that you hate
to watch procrastination in action?
Are you a procrastinator yourself?
Be honest, act on what you learn, and you'll find your energy
levels surge.
Be Here In The Now
This is the hardest to remember and the easiest to do.
No matter what's happening, good or bad,
take a moment to feel your weight on the floor or in your chair.
Take a long, slow deep breathe starting from your
belly, and then push it out slowly using your abdominal muscles.
Do this when you're not stressed and it'll come
more naturally when you are. Settling into the present
moment frees up so much energy, so much focus and so much joy that it's amazing how little time we spend there.
by: Martine Jeanne Craughley
What are the areas in your life that need attention? What are you working on to make life better? Right now I am working on Kicking the Bully Out, and Living in the Now. I think it's important that we open a dialouge about our true lives and selves. With the holiday's a-coming, we all need to be reminded of the most important relationship we will ever have. The one that we have with ourselves...because no matter where we go, who we have around us, we always have to go to those places with ourselves in tow. I really would like to know...what are the things that you need to look into? How will you take action to help yourself? Think about that and get back to me. I would really like to know. I hope that with open dialouges like this one we can help each other to become the selves we really want to be.
I am working on Living in the now, by not being totally pissed off that this is the fourth time I have written this darn article this morning because my computer or blogger one...keeps eating the damn thing. And I am working on Kicking the Bully out of my head by not allowing myself to be upset with myself for not being a time traveler, and being able to go back in time to change the future or the past me. The past is just that, done and over. I need to feel like my life has meaning beyond the obvious things like my family and my pocketbook. I create art and words everyday. I spill my guts and cry my tears...but I need to feel it in a deeper way than the surface of life. I need to feel my life is moving forward...I need rocket fuel. I get those needs met by listening and paying attention to my inner voice...the one that keeps me up at night.
How do you do what you do?
What are some ways that you can improve your level of living...internally?
The truth of living fully isn't always in our own brain pans...sometimes we need to hear how and what others have done or are doing to make things make sense to ourselves. Today I will work hard to be positive about my lot in life, look into my own internal broom closet and do some sweeping out. I am reaching out into the world ask you...
What do you do? How do you feel about it?
Tell me. I really need to hear it today, and I have the feeling that many of you may need to say it. In teaching the teacher gets to learn twice.
To all I wish the best of all Mondays,

Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Work Finished

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
New Work Finished
Untitled as of yet
20" X 16"
Oils & Collage
$125.00 + Shipping
The quote on the front:
"These hills, the softness of the sky, the outline of these trees at this very minute lose the illusory meaning with which we had clothed them, henceforth more remote than a lost paradise. . . that denseness and that strangeness of the world is absurd. "
~Albert Camus
The colors in this work are vibrant without being yelly, the pictures did not come out with the depth of vibrancy that I had hoped, but then photographing blue work is very hard for me. I love the little angels and spirits that are included in the work, they lend a sense of whimsy and texture. I had a lot of fun de-stressing and working on these last two works, that were meant to be just that, fun works to relax me from the commissioned work that I am currently sweating over to complete. I hope you enjoy looking at them too...the other new work 'I hope you dance' is several posts down...take a look at that one too!
I have a no questions asked 7 day return policy (from when you get the work in your home). If you don't like it, let me know and then wrap it back up, and send it back, I'll refund you the sale price, minus the shipping charges. No problems, no hassles, no waiting. I also offer to get you an exact shipping quote, to anywhere for free. Just send me an email with your zip code and I'll get a quote for shipping to you within 24-36 hours (depending on the day/time you ask for it.) Just ask, I add no extra costs to ship, just exact shipping charges.
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

End of day report

BAD! Kitty Art Studio

end of the day report

Ok, so we went from store to store...looking for furniture. We have not owned a piece of furniture since late July of 2006, when we started the move cross country. I have not sat in a comfortable seat in over 90 days. My legs hurt, my back hurts, my bottom does not even have feeling anymore.

We went to at least 7 different places today, and found not even one piece of furniture that we could afford. It sucks. I hate it. It's just a couch! I mean we went to thrift stores, used furniture stores, and new furniture and the like...and we still do not have a piece of furniture that will welcome my sore and tired ass with softness and support. I am becoming despondent over the whole issue. I do not have any extra money...hell I have no money...and I can not find a free, or otherwise inexpensive piece of furniture to make my sore and tired body happy. I never knew how good my furniture back in Portland, Oregon was...until it was 90 days behind me...HA!

I long for a couch, any freaking couch, a recliner, a freaking love seat from hell, at this point I don't care. We have gone totally white trash and brought the removable car seats into the house and are sitting on sucks to be sure.

So, I am working hard at not being totally pissed off and bitchy about the fact that I own nothing to sit on. So, that's the big news from BAD! Kitty...I need to have at least $800.00 to buy a new couch and love seat or die trying. OMG! I need some furniture in the worst way...

That's all for now...I am stuck in a world were my legs and ass hurt all the time and my spine is in total revolution...I have chronic RA and spinal pain with nerve damage people, I need a soft and supportive place to sit down once in awhile...for Pete's sake! ARGH!

Please buy some art so I can buy a freaking couch...I need to sit down and soon, or someone might get hurt.

Love to all...from the most tired arsed Heather there ever was...

The Walking Tour

BAD! Kitty's Walking Tour of Danville.
We had a little time yesterday, while waiting on my new work to we grabbed the camera and went for a walking tour downtown. I got a few good pictures of some of the great things to see here... not all of my pictures turned out well, but some of them I am really liking. We also went into several galleries and shops to chat up the owners and drop off my card to see if we could drum up a show for BAD! Kitty Artworks. I will tell you all about that later, but for now...walk with me into historic downtown Danville, KY.
This is the church I was telling you about that we saw on Halloween. The picture was really hard to take as it's located on a busy street, and I wanted to stalk around and not get cars in the photo, I am going to be going back soon to take so may pictures of this building...built in 1783, it's just a marvel of curves, spires and wonderful stonework. Love it.

These are the parking posts downtown...for your car or horse. I love them...and no pay to park meters! Love that fact all by itself, being that in Portland if you didn't move your car every 90 minutes the meter police came by and wrote you a big nasty ticket, I love being able to park downtown and not worry I'll come back to a ticket worth more than my car.

This is the most adorable little tiny church tucked into a spot on Main Street. It has a wonderful curved red double door, and is literally sandwiched between big buildings. I will be going back soon for more pictures of this one too, I think I have to paint it. I'll post more pictures when I get them done.

This is the big courthouse...and it looks like a courthouse should. During the civil war it also served as a hospital, when the Union army took it over. I love the columns, the huge tower and the cobble stone courtyard all around it. It sits back off of Main Street and is very impressive indeed.

These are just two of the wonderful facades downtown, the entire main street looks like this, and I plan to take tons more pictures of the whole street, I just wanted to give you an idea of what I was talking about. I plan to paint a series about these wonderful buildings as well. Fun huh?

Another shot of the Court house tower, I just loved it.

These following shots are all from a little square of historical buildings that are open to the public, and set into a wonderful little park, named Constitution Square. I loved this park too much! I will most definitely be going back for more pictures of all of these buildings and artifacts. This picture is of the inside of the jail cell from the jailhouse building.

Here's another shot from inside the Jail, each building have perfect tableau's inside and lighting too...wonderful!

Looking through the bars...the jail was mandated it be built with nine inch logs! The craftsmanship is very impressive.

Outside the Jail.

The First town meeting hall, this building is very cool, it was the place the town held meetings, church, and voted.

I loved this! It is what is in the middle of the square, on a really tall statue...I lost the picture I had of the whole thing, but I am glad to have the words. "And another empire was born"...I love that so much!

The corner of the First Post Office, I just loved the joint work, can you imagine the craftsman working, measuring and placing these logs? Wonderful.

The front of the Post office. This was the very first Post Office west of the Allegheny Mountains. Kentucky has always been ahead of the times in being modern. I loved the way this shot turned out, very pretty.
So those are the best photo's from downtown that I have so far...I am going to do another post later with a few photo's from the gallery I fell in love with, not to mention the owner was delightful to talk stay tuned for more on that soon.
I hope you enjoyed the tour, thanks for being here today.
Love to all,