Saturday, May 31, 2008

Daily Art- New Works- Small Sculptures

Fine Art Magnet

‘Imagine Love’

Fine Art polymer clay sculpture, an art magnet if you will

3.5″ across and 4.5″ length wise

It has super powerful ceramic magnets securely attached to the backside. Art for anyplace you can stick it. ;)

To See More/ or to buy this work Click HERE

This work is deeply brown. I have glazed it with vintage Aztec brown ink and then embellished with oil paints. A little silver reminder of Imagine Love never hurt any body.

Fun, durable and one of a kind.

fine art sculpture with magnets

‘It’s just a phase’

Fine Art mini sculpture with magnets

3″ wide by 4″ long

To see more/or to buy this work Click Here

The same process as above was used for this work. Fun and strong little works of art.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Daily Art- New Work- Atomic Age

Atomic Age collage and mixed media by Heather Brown Truman

atomic age by Heather Brown Truman

Atomic Age by Heather BRown Truman

‘Atomic Age’

24″ x 30″

oils, acrylics, vintage inks, collage and mixed media

Back stapled canvas, finished sides, ready to hang


The quote on the work reads:

“In this era of world wars, in this atomic age, values have changed.

We have learned that we are guests of existence,

travelers between two stations. We must discover security within ourselves.”



‘Atomic Age’ is a work that started as a collage with acrylics. The more elements I found that I liked within the collage, the more paint got added in. Near the end of the work, I wanted a deeper, more textured feeling, so I switched to thin layers of oil glazes, reds, purples, yellows, and golds. When that was dry I applied a fine crackle finish to some of the elements and let that dry. I intended to come back over the crackle with some shoe polish, but thought I liked it as is. The color in this work turned out to be hard to capture on digital because it’s deep and ever changing, I used interference powders in some of the layers. I have at least 20 layers of transparent colors within this work, and the textures are subtle, so it really glows in real life. I mean it GLOWS and Shimmers, it’s a must see in person.

Of course, this work is about my need for security for myself and my family…in this insecure world. We can’t find job security, costs of living are sky rocketing, with no increase to family salaries. For some of us we don’t even have the security of people in our lives, we have become fractured to the point that families don’t stay together through marriages…let alone generations living together to raise whole units of healthy people. We have human warehouses for our elderly, we have single parents trying to be everything to their children while under employeed, we have no health care, we have debt that is a never ending monster, we have children raising themselves in a world that tells them, “you will be fine, if you just sell your soul, and don’t try to think too much.” and we have the global environment’s crashing down upon our ears. Many of us are thinking that Y2K was a warm up for what is coming down the pike. Many of us are questioning things like, Will I be able to continue to afford to go to work when gas costs 5 times what it does now, in the next five years? Will I be able to afford food when it costs 5 times more and my income has stayed the same? What if I can’t find/keep a job? Will I be ready for those real possibilities? We as a family have planted a garden, we are loosing one of our vehicles because we can’t afford it, we are reducing and re-using everything we can, we are buying and eating less food, we are planning for an unknown future. It’s hard and we are all dealing with it in some form or fashion. Each of us, collectively. It’s reality.

It’s a crazy mixed up world…and this work is about putting those feelings into a work that uplifts, gives hope and reminds you of your own personal happiness…that it is your responsibility in this life . Not your partners, your friends, your families, not the worlds, not your past experiences…not your therapists. No one is responsible for your personal well being and happiness but you. You won’t find it out there [in the world, it's things, it's addictions, it's shiny, shiny things, we can not save ourselves through consumerism, we can not buy our way out of this recession] you find it inside yourself. Personal accountability is hard to do…it requires a constant vigilance and commitment to living in the moment. It ain’t easy folks, but it can be done. Yes, it can be done. This work is about letting the addiction of living in either the good old days [or the bad ones] and also not living in the future fantasy days that we are positive thinking about all the time. It’s time for real change. We can not find world peace unless we start with creating peace within ourselves. Then it’s like a virus, peace and self love, healthy inclusive love, it can spread.

Change happens. It’s up to us to make the most of it. One person can change the world. Let it start with me. Let it start with you, in this atomic age, let the change start with us.


I hope you all have a happy Friday, thanks for reading.


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

daily art- new work- identity

Identity by Heather Brown Truman


18″ x 24″ x 2″

Oils and mixed media

Painted sides on extra thick canvas, ready to hang

Here are the quotes for this work:


“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”


Most of all we hate collective identity: every day of your pathetic life you are being put into a little box by society by the way you look or the bands you listen to. Collective identity sucks. Be an individual, don’t make it easy to be dismissed in a sentence

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, and school is in it’s last week for the year. Identity started as a moment of drawing…it just happened. I have all these old pictures of women posing….and I found one similar to this and just felt like drawing, so I used it as a model. I was working at the time so I just drew and talked on the phone and didn’t think too much.
Later when I started painting in much the same way…she started coming to life for me. In her hand she’s holding a perfect little silver face. (It’s pure silver from a jewelry maker I found and bought some unfinished bits from) I’ve had it forever and when I re-found it…I knew it belonged in this work. From start to finish this work was done in little spurts. It took about 7 days to finish that way, but hey…I got it done. Thing is, aside from some small critical things that I see myself, I think it’s a strong work. And…to beat all…something I’ve never done before. I got the feeling I wanted and I did it when I thought I could not possibly find the time to get it done. Cool beans.
Letting go of expectations of how it’s all got to be just so…well, it liberated a new type of work from me. I think that’s pretty neat, and I find that the further down the rabbit hole I go, within myself…the more I like it. The pyramid said one morning over coffee…”Pssst, I’m not a mountain I am a Pyramid.” OK…pooof, you are a pyramid. The trees didn’t want to be fussed up with leaves, they were a little bossy one night after the dinner dishes were done. Her dress and Red Drape talked in my dreams for two nights before I committed to color choices. OY! Fashion, what a pain in the butt. I love the way they turned out though, the cloak is red like you would not believe and three dimensional, I piled it on thick. You can see it moving in the breeze.
I’ve had to adjust to not being able to work as fast and as often as I was. Being the bread winner is hard work, I honestly don’t know how Mate Man puts up with it like he does. He has always worked, always. Not having a job is driving him bat shit. I can tell you we have the best looking and most weed free organic garden….ever on the planet. Lord I love that man. It’ll turn around for him again, hopefully before he goes crazy. LOL
So this work is about living your life the best you can every single day, and having faith that it’s what you do to become who you are that matters. In the long run…don’t sweat the small stuff. Just keep swimming.
I hope you are enjoying your day, thanks for reading.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Daily Art- Ego Death

‘Ego Death’
18″ x 24″
sides painted black no frame needed

To see more/or to buy this work Click HERE

As I search for meaning in my humble life I have fallen into several pits that threaten to trap me in a tar like form of living.
The biggest Beast by far is my own Ego.
Meditation on the subject of how to have
Less Suffering and Torment
in my everyday living has led me to come to understand the important role that Ego plays in the discomfort of living at 100%.
If I am truly giving 100+% to my life and work, then I must learn to push aside the Ego.
Creating room inside my soul for the beauty of success and failure.
I must create a space where judgement and fear do not live. I must make room for my true self; make room for the lightness of being.
That is what this work is about.
Making room for the beauty of living a whole life with a whole heart.
This is a work of manifestation; of the life I am leading and the life I am leaving behind.
Here is the quote that inspired the work,
“If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge. Those are the three things the ego is doing all the time. It’s very important to be aware of them every time they come up.”
~Deepak Chopra
This work is done in five colors: Ivory black, french ultramarine, titanium white, Payne’s gray and brilliant turquoise. I look forward to releasing this emotion and lesson into the world.
Live Bold and Free today.
Honor those who fought and died for that freedom.
Thank you to my (best Grampa in the world) Grandfather for fighting in World War 2, and then again in Korea. Thank you to all the Vet’s from Vietnam.
Thank you to all the Vet’s from the First Gulf War.
Thank you to all our fighting Men and Woman
Struggling to stay alive in the war we are not having right now, may each of you come home safe to your loved ones soon. Thank you for your commitment still today.
Thank you for my freedom to say and pray as I see fit.
Thank you for your service. I hope every person takes a moment in their day today to think and remember our fallen Heroes and Heroins.
Thank you, from one American to another, one Human to another,
I humbly say Thank you.

With A Whole Heart,


Friday, May 23, 2008

Daily Art- Surrender from the choir series

surrender close up

Close up Surrender
Close up
Sorry for the small thumbnails! Please click on images to enlarge them!
‘Surrender’ From the choir series #8
24″ X 36″
ready to hang, needs no frame
Gallery wrapped/back stapled
Here are the two quotes for this work.
(it’s a big work, it needed more words before
it would shape up and fly right):
Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us.
Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender.
Henri Frederic Amiel (1821 - 1881)
Everything is on its way to becoming something else, and therefore, nothing can be held onto. If you see this clearly, if you consider and examine this deeply and fully, then letting go is the only thing left to do. How can you hold on? What is there to hold onto? So the art of spiritual surrender is really the art of not knowing. Then it doesn’t make any difference at all whether you are walking down the street or eating lunch or responding to your email or making love or sitting alone on your couch. This is the first and last time you will ever be doing this. If you truly understand that, it changes everything.

Good Friday all!
I have been so crazy busy this last week. I do have a new work that is coming along. I hope to finish it this loooong weekend, so maybe I can show it to you all by early next week. It’s supposed to be nice weather here in the Bluegrass, so we will be gardening, playing with the kids, and taking siestas on the back porch.
I hope everyone has a great Holiday weekend, be safe!
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is my 965th post! Daily Art- Dreaming Summer

“Dreaming Summer” by Heather Brown Truman
Full painting
“Dreaming Summer” by Heather Brown Truman
Close up
“Dreaming Summer” by Heather Brown Truman
Close up
“Dreaming Summer” by Heather Brown Truman
Close up
“Dreaming Summer” by Heather Brown Truman

“Dreaming Summer” from the Choir Series #10

18″ x 24″

Original Oil Painting

Finished Sides, ready to hang

To see more/Buy this Art Work Click Here

International buyers are always welcome, please email me HERE for a free shipping quote to anywhere in the world.


Here is the quote that helped the work along:

I paint not by sight but by faith. Faith gives you sight.

~Amos Ferguson


This work took some time to tell me when she was ready to be finished. Small details is all she asked for and that’s what I gave her. The textures in the background and the green foreground are subtle, but vital to the energy of the work. Her wings are stilling themselves from her flight so are slightly blurred. Her gown brings the fiery reds and deep oranges of the “anything is possible” of an Indian Summer. She smells of fresh cut grass, sunshine on the lavender fields and the earthy dust of opportunity.

She reminds me that this is not the time to trap myself within virtue. I do not need to be caught on the treadmill of doing what is “right”, I must release my expectations of what I am learning, and allow the growth to happen. Transition isn’t supposed to feel good, or none of us would ever make it through it at all. I am what I am, I am doing what I need to be doing, and the Universe will provide the necessary synchronicities to happen as I continue my act of spiritual faith in myself and the greater power of the Original Creator, faith that I can channel that creative energy, faith that I can use it for good in my life and in every life I may touch, or know; faith in the love for every living thing. I accept what I am asking for, I will work hard, remain true to myself and look no gift horse in the mouth.

So be it.

May your day be filed with turquoise possibilities and golden opportunities.


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daily Art- New Work- City Lights

Oil painting by Heather BRown Truman

Full Painting

By Heather Brown Truman

Detail (click to enlarge)

by Heather Brown Truman


oil painting by Heather Brown Truman

Detail (click to enlarge)

oil painting by Heather Brown Truman

‘City Lights’

18″x 24″


Ready to hang, needs no frame, finished sides

$185.00 + 25.00 Shipping anywhere inside the USA

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International buyers, please contact me HERE for a free shipping quote to anywhere in the world.


Here is the quote that goes with the work:

“This is the fairest picture on our planet, the most enchanting to look upon, the most satisfying to the eye and spirit. To see the sun sink down, drowned in his pink and purple and golden floods, and overwhelm Florence with tides of color that make all the sharp lines dim and faint and turn the solid city to a city of dreams, is a sight to stir the coldest nature, and make a sympathetic one drunk with ecstasy.”

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)
City Lights was inspired by the car and brake lights on a wet rainy night, driving through downtown Portland. everything was hazy and bright and dripping. The sunset was amazing in all the low clouds and smog, turning everything into flashes of weird other world colors. Neon running down in an alien world. And everyone was rushing, trying to run between rain that drizzles in blowing sheets and then pours like a monsoon once an hour. Darkness that turns life like in splatters of reflective color. Crossing the bridges into the suburbs of our home I looked back and saw the outline of the buildings retreating, melting into the blanket of speckled night.

I hope you enjoy, it’s my first ever city scene. Now I do city scape’s too! *Grins* It’s all about doing something I’ve never done before right now. I am in another experimental phase…I might even try to paint a horse, just in time for the Derby.
Update** This Did not/Has Not happened as of yet!! *double snap* I can’t seem to do what I ought to do ever. KY people have been asking me for more than a year to paint horses, or if not that then they ask, if I paint horses. I just can’t seem to do it, send help, I think it’s a disease. I seem to have a deadly case of “don’t tell me what I ought to do”
What the heck, I guess I’ve lived with it this far, forget the help, just send money. :)

Have a wonderful day all. Happy Wednesday.
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PS! I Sold another Fairy World the other day, Patience is now gone to live in her new home! Yippeee!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daily art- Thrive from the Choir Series

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

Full Painting

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

Click on images to enlarge

“Thrive” from the Choir Series #12

24″ x 36″


Back Stapled/ready to hang with finished sides

$285.00 + 45.00 (shipping is expensive on this painting because it’s over-sized to ship, this is large wall art) Shipping to anywhere inside the USA

To Purchase this work Click HERE


Here are the quotes that inspired the work:


“In a perfect world perhaps we would all see more clearly. But this is not a perfect world, and it is enough to hope that each of us will share our talents, and find the balance between greed and benevolence that will allow us to live and thrive and help the world around us grow.”

~Kent Nerburn Source: Letters to My Son: A Father’s Wisdom on Manhood, Life, and Love, Page: 40


Beyond a critical point within a finite space, freedom diminishes as numbers increase. . . . The human question is not how many can possibly survive within the system, but what kind of existence is possible for those who do survive.

Frank Herbert (1920 - 1986)
Source: Dune


Survival. Thriving.
That’s what we all really want, right?
In this life, this reality, it’s about more than just surviving. We all want to survive, but then to Thrive as well. Free people are given to bouts of wanting to be all they can be. We all want a reason to keep doing what we do. We work to survive, and if are lucky we get to even like or love what we do that makes this thing called money. I know I do. I enjoy my work. It’s like therapy that I get paid to do. When I make sales that is…we have a joke round here, we don’t call art money Income, we call it If-come.
This work is about working out the logistics of a life that is bigger than I am. In a world that is bigger than I am. With problems that are bigger than I am. In finding the ways to feed and keep my family surviving, and the hope alive (for ourselves and our kids) that someday that will include thriving in a money way too.
I think we are thriving, as a family. We love being together, I mean it sucks ass that Mate Man lost his job and we are freaking out about every little thing all the time. (*news update, Mate Man did NOT get the Job we were hoping he would, and we are still looking*)
Truth be told, we are better when we are altogether, not because of co-dependency but because of faith and trust. I can count on him, the same goes for him. No matter what, I can count on him. It’s a nice feeling. It’s what reminds me that I am already doing more than just surviving this world, so are my kids, we are all thriving, because we found and make love happen. Because this family unit, the place where you can always go, and everyone is glad you are there. Where you can royally screw the pooch, and people will still love you through it all. That’s a miracle for people like us, people who came from what we came from. Real, Lasting, true Love in our lives is more than what we ever asked for, for many years more than either of us thought we deserved…the rest of this reality is logistics.
When I told Mate Man that I wanted to stop being a popular garden designer and become a full time artist, you know what he said? That sounds good babe, how do we make that happen for you? Never was there ever even a hint that it would not be possible for me to do what I wanted/needed to do. That’s love. When he said he wanted/needed to get out of Portland, that he wanted to try and find a simpler life, that he really just wants to be a organic farmer, and be at home when his kids come through the door, and feed us from his own hard work, that he had found (farming) and lost his passion (our farm), that he hated working in the professional world, that he hates compromising himself and his values for the sake of money…there was never any hesitation from me to him about that…it was OK babe, I understand your need, how can we make that happen? We are still working on that for him, for his dream to come true, but it will, because we are tough to beat as a team, we are unstoppable. (*news update, we have gone ahead with dream building and have started an Urban Organic garden, the lesson here was: bloom where you are planted! Mate man is happier with his garden well under way and we have even harvested three times from the salad greens beds!)
We have cultured a life where, Unconditional Love and support for the people we are in the moment and the next moment and the next, is always available. That’s what this work is about. No, we have never had it made, or had it easy, but we have always thrived together. We have always survived (sometimes better than others for sure but we are still standing so that counts for something).
I find I can still thrive in/under such conditions.
It’s nice.
I am no longer so small.
The world no longer so large.
I am still small,
the world still large.
I still Thrive.
What makes you thrive?
When the world is looming, when the pressure is on, when the thumb screws are been turned, what makes you go beyond mere survival and thrive?
Here’s to the thriving,
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Daily Art- New Work - Her Story

“Her Story”

24″ x 30″

Oils/Oil paint pens

Here is the Quote that goes

with this work:

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through
experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened,
ambition inspired, and success achieved.”
~Helen Keller
This work has been in progress for more than a year, finished
on 5/16/08.

Her Story
: Well it’s all of our stories isn’t it? Our personal travels,
experiences, lessons, baggage some say. I say it’s my story and it only can
and or ruin my life if I give it power too. I have a story, just as you do. My
story has heroes, risks, lessons, devils, dragons, mountains and roads.

It’s mine.
It maybe the only thing I get to take with me as they say, my story.
I leave it open, I leave a ace of spades for a bookmark; my Moments, are
, the desire is not to shed my past, but to incorporate it into the whole

I get to write the ending though.
I get to write the ending.

I am what I am because of every single thought, experience, choice made,
choices not made, love had, love lost. I am what I am because of my story.

I have no shame.
We have all suffered, it’s the suffering I feared.

I no longer Fear.
The opposite of Fear is not Courage,
It is Love.

Living in the moment,

I can accept every line on my aging
face as testament to the many thousand
battlefields, and miles over come
to be here today.
As I am.

We all have a story.
We all have a terminal illness.
It’s called Birth.
I’m living like it’s my last ten seconds.

Balls to the Wall.
Strap it on.
All out.
Full steam ahead.

A good friend recently commented that my work
made her think that I was a person that did what she wanted to do,
regardless, and screamed at people to “Be Happy!”

[with my work, not literally]
I think she is right,

I am doing those things,
and I would add only one thing,
to hone not to destroy her sentiment,
“Be Happy Right
Here & Now!”
For it’s all we may have in the end; living without regrets,
don’t miss it.
I don’t want to dismiss, I want to embrace.
I want personal freedom.

I release my resistance.

This is my Story.
Well, One of them.

Where is your story taking you?
Thank you for reading, have a great day.

To purchase this work:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daily Art- New Work- Behold! Modern Man

Mixed Media by Heather BRown Truman

mixed media by Herather Brown Truman

Behold! Modern Man

24″ x 60″ (including the tail)
Canvas itself is 24″ x 30″
Finished sides, needs no frame
oils, mixed media (lots & lots)

Behold! Modern Man is a multi-mixed media event.
A work of art it is, but it is also an event unto itself.
It’s a work that you must see in person, you need to touch it, you need to
see the shadow the kite tail makes against your wall, you need to see how
the prayer flags move in the slightest stirring of air currents, you need to
know what they have written upon their frail surfaces.

Honestly I have found things that over the weeks as I have worked this
message in a bottle out of my head, that I don’t remember putting in.
It all done in, flash moments, work came together.

I found the vintage toy paper flag at a tag sale years ago.
Folded and mostly intact.
Aged, used, saved and loved.

The vintage, real not copies, ration stamps from the world war years came
next, they too had been saved, stored, kept and horded; themselves still a
symbol of some faceless person, of their fear for and love of those in their

The clay project rejects came out of a box a few weeks back, I remember
when I was packing them, why are you taking up limited room for rejects?
Because I am a lover of rejected things. Simple.
Now their use is clear, of course they were headed to the bluegrass in a
brown cardboard box; their truths to be told here in this event. Proud they
are not the side show; the freak tent; they are sculptures of symbolic
meaning, sacred totems, not rejects, no not at all.

Toys, I love small plastic or otherwise toys.
Pocket stuff.
I collect it every where I go.
Mementos of lives lived.

To Read more about the work, and see more pictures of this work including lots of close ups, then CLICK HERE.

Have a great day!


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Monday, May 12, 2008

Daily Art- New Work- Name your Poision

laminated collage by Heather Brown Truman

‘Name your Poison’

8.5″ x 11.5″

Laminated paper collage

Will need a standard frame to display

Here is the quote that helped the inspiration:

“People who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned.”

James Baldwin (1924 - 1987)
This work is paper on heavy card stock then laminated. I am working on a large canvas mixed media work, have been for a week or more now. I also was finally able to unpack all of the studio boxes full of the paper I hauled across the country. Gave up space in the trailer to make room for a few boxes of paper, vintage pictures, collected fine hand made paper, vintage magazines, snips of pictures, pages ripped out of books because I could only afford so much weight in the trailer for my enormous book collection. In sorting, and sorting I have been collage/mixed media crazy. It’s so fun to pull out the bags and tins that I carefully sorted and packed so many moons ago. This one small collage came from the sorting effort. I needed to create, had little time, and a small box of pre-cut images. The laminator got unpacked…and that’s all she wrote folks. It came together pretty quick and in the moment.
This work is a little about anger, a little about family life, a little about humanity, a little about not enough love, a little about fire in the belly, a little about fear, a little about personal power…a little about me.
I love collage and mixed media for the effect that it has on my brain. I can’t think beyond does this fit? Is that right? Is this what I want to say? Ohhh, can I fit that in? I love it.
I hope everyone is enjoying their day in the world today,
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

For All The Mothers & and all the Mother-Less

Happy Mother’s Day to every single person on the planet! We are all here because somewhere, at some time and place a woman said, “OK, let’s do this thing” gestated and gave birth to us all. If you think about it, it’s the one thing that every human has in common, the spark of creation (Father Energy) and the Cradle of Life (Mother Energy) got together, and BAM! here you are. The question of whether or not we our-spirit selves ask to be born or not is debatable fluff in my mind, chosen or not we are all here are we not?


“Why was I born, if it wasn’t forever?”

Eugene Ionesco (1912 - 1994)
So I wanted to address all humans today, form my humble place on planet earth and say…Happy “Down the Chute” day! Not to offend but to address that some of us don’t have, never knew, will never know our Mothers (Cradle of Life Mothers, because I hate the whole bio-logical label tag thing). Some of us knew our Mothers but never knew love, acceptance, or signs of protective Mother Bear love from that person. Some of us had Mothers for a short time, but they didn’t do the (Cradle of Life thing) with us and we, in so many ways and forms we lost them; sometimes because they left, sometimes because we left, sometimes because they could not stay, and sometimes it’s because they. just. left. Some of us got to experience that Mother Love with both of those, the Cradle and the Step-up Mother. Some of us are still for what ever, for so many reasons, from the wonderful to the tragic are Mother-less Today. Happy Mother’s day to you.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could spare them from all suffering? No, it wouldn’t. They would not evolve as human beings and would remain shallow, identified with the external form of things. Suffering drives you deeper. The paradox is that suffering is caused by identification with form and erodes identification with form. A lot of it is caused by the ego, although eventually suffering destroys the ego–but not until you suffer consciously.

Humanity is destined to go beyond suffering, but not in the way the ego thinks. One of the ego’s many erroneous assumptions, one of its many deluded thoughts is “I should not have to suffer.” Sometimes the thought gets transferred to someone close to you: “My child should not have to suffer.” That thought itself lies at the root of suffering. Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of consciousness and the burning up of the ego. The man on the cross is an archetypal image. He is every man and every woman. As long as you resist suffering, it is a slow process because the resistance creates more ego to burn up. When you accept suffering, however, there is an acceleration of that process which is brought about by the fact that you suffer consciously. You can accept suffering for yourself, or you can accept it for someone else, such as your child or parent. In the midst of conscious suffering there is already the transmutation. The fire of suffering becomes the light of consciousness.”

This day can be hard for some of us, even as we smile at our families and accept the handmade gifts from loving and loved children of our own. Some of us Mothers don’t have our Children today. Those of us without our Children on this day, should still be told, “Thank you Mother, Cradle of my Life, thanks Mom for the time and energy.” Happy Mother’s day to those of us human beings that are missing our Children today.
Happy Mother’s Day to you.

“I’ve noticed that the only ones who celebrate ‘the triumph of the human spirit’ are humans.”

Happy Mothers day to one and all, celebrate the life you have today and love someone. Just love someone that’s near or far, here or there, if only for a single moment, a heart beat or two, if it even alone inside your mind, heart and soul.
Celebrate your life today by saying Happy Mother’s Day.
Happy Mothers day with a Whole Heart,

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Daily Art- New Work- Woman Work

mixed media fine art by Heather Brown Truman

‘Woman Work’

18″ x 24″

oils and mixed media

There is a link at the bottom of this post to see more detail pictures.

Here is the quote for this work:

“Don’t shut yourself up in a band box because you are a woman, but
understand what is going on, and educate yourself to take part in the
world’s work, for it all affects you and yours.”
~Louisa May Alcott (1832 - 188 8)
Woman Work is a little doodle I have been playing with for a few weeks. I’d
stop by every once in a while, between loads of laundry, working my day job,
tending to life, creating in the studio and comfort giving; give it a little tweak
here, and a little sparkle there. It’s either the worst mixed media work I have
ever done or it’s just busy like my life and maybe I’m not always so
comfortable with that fact.
Probably the later of the two.
It’s got a little of everything I had on or near the work table at the time on it.
Flat backed glass marbles of clear, light blue, dark blue and ruddy ruby red.
There are mirrors both round and square. There is super fine glitter, *Gasp!
Glitter in fine art, yes it’s true and there is a Santa Clause* I used a blue
crystal glitter in the blue areas and in the red a fine red gold. I have got a
bucket of paint pens on the table so they got used willy-nilly.
The images are all forms of the ancient expressions for goddess or woman
*creator/giver of life*. I made template a while back to carve some stamps
with and never got around to carving the stamps…so the template got
thrown around too. Work/Life is messy sometimes, and bright and hopeful
other times; and sometimes those moments are right next to each other.
Today, I decided I could not fit or add another thing to it, so I know it’s done.
That simple.
That complex.
That’s Woman Work for ya.
I hope you enjoyed and have a great day.

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Happy Friday everyone!


Daily Art- New Work- 5th Dimension

5th dimension

5th Dimension

Full painting/sculpture

5th dimension

close up

5th dimension

close up

5th dimension


5th dimension

Full work again

5th Dimension

24″ x 32″ x 2″ (thick box canvas)

Plaster, mixed media and oils

Needs no frame, ready to hang

To Purchase Click HERE.


Here are the two quotes that shaped this work:


“I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”

Dr. Seuss (1904 - 1991)


“I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.”

Willa Cather (1873 - 1947)
Source: O Pioneers 1913
This work…ahhhh, this work. I’ve been working on this canvas for about a year now. I’ve plastered it several times, added skeleton leaves, stained it, sanded it, stained it again, gessoed over it, started all over and ended up here. That’s how it got it’s name…5th dimension. Fifth times a charm. The Tree has always been in there, I’ve painted it three times. I had to actually get out my internal master gardener and take a look at this tree. It was a hot mess. Limbs criss crossing, jumbled, tied and knotted.
I had to untangle the branches, prune away the dead useless wood and discover the original thought, the original vision, the original tree. I wiped away limbs ruthlessly, pruning a tree is not a job for the meek, it takes a bush whacking mentality sometimes to get to the heart of things. Ruthlessly healthy is what I call it. I let the tree awaken. It’s not the prettiest tree, but rarely is beauty visible to the eye.
It is growing, newly untangled it will be weak for a year or two; standing up to wind and rain. Leaving the lowest branches intact will help to strengthen the trunk again. They will be pruned away soon enough, by the world. Wind will push against the tree, new naked limbs will thrash, the beauty is that they will remain flexible and strong, the thrashing will strengthen the whole tree from tip top to smallest root fiber. It will bend. It’s bark will heal itself and seal of fresh wounds to the outer world, and it will become more resistant to pests and predators.
It will grow and live.
It will bloom green life, it will create oxygen again,
it will be a wonder for humans to find.
In the golden light of that future day,
this tree stands. Unashamed of the scars, the twisting turning of it’s strong limbs, unapologetic for being able to give what humans need, a testament, a home, a history, a path, a religion, a fire, a chair, a tool,a hiding place, a calender, or a meal…a life.
The magic of understanding and being understood.
Your belief is not necessary for magic to exist.
Your understanding, evolution, needs and desires are not important in the sands of time.
Life in every form is a miracle. Unexplainable. undefinable, unknown.
One fact we do know, and this with out a doubt,
Life always finds a way.
I hope you like the new work and that you have a great day.
the fine print:
5th dimension
24″ x 32″ x 2″
plaster, mixed media, oils
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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Daily Art- New Work - My Website!

Hello and Good Sunday to you all.

No new art today, but I have been working on my old tired web site for the last week. I’d love it if you have the time, to go over and check it out. I have updated all the artwork, and everything that is available for sale now has it’s own page. Just click on any picture and read (or maybe even buy) all about the work. I was all set to work with a great web designer (Chris over at Online Arts Marketing) so I could have a super fancy pants site, and we even started it all about three weeks before Mate Man lost his job. He was great about the news, he is such a good guy…and then a few weeks later he and his lovely Queen (Sara) decided that they were going to live the RV life (I am so jealous) and so I thought well… I might as well work on the site I have. Because Lord knows when I’ll have any money again to invest in my marketing. I think I’ve done a pretty bang up job for a novice. If you have the funds and need a site built, there is no one better than Chris, trust me, he rocks and he can prove it.

So, I’ve been working away for the last couple of weeks trying to get it all working and looking right. There is still some fine tuning to do, but that’s always the case with these things. I’m pretty darn proud of myself to be honest. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be too.

Let me know what you think, I am hoping that the site is now easier to navigate, easier to buy art from, and more fun to read through.

Here is the link for your ease:

Have a great day, and thanks in advance for taking the time to check out all my hard work. :)


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Daily Art- Memories

Click on Image to enlarge
18″ X 24″
Oils and mixed media
Finished sides, ready to hang
$125.00 + 30.00 shipping to any where inside the USA
(special blog price)
International and Outside the USA buyers please email me HERE for a free shipping quote.
Email me HERE for Purchase.
This work has real leaves and the imprints of those leaves,
it makes it hard to tell what is real and what is an impression…
This work has tiny round mirrors to catch your image in,
shadows of fast moving water in the winter,
puddles played in on cloudy spring days and
the golden bronze colored memories of youth. (and of summertime, when it’s hot!)
Here is the quote that inspired the work:
My house says to me, “do not leave me, for here dwells your past.” And the road says to me, “Come and follow me, for I am your future.” And I say to both my house and the road, “I have no past, nor have I a future. If I stay here, there is a going in my staying; and if I go there is a staying in my going. Only love and death change all things.”
~Kahlil Gibran
Have a great day!
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