Monday, April 10, 2006

Inspiration Comes Easy

Inspiration Comes Easy

Well, folks, this is a first for me. One of my biggest patrons and now blooming real relationship, inspired her to start painting her own work again and she painted a painting about me! Me, Me, Me! No one has ever done nothing like that for me should take a look at the work, it's GREAT! She's great, I am great, let's everyone gather hands and sing round the fire shall we?! I Love it, it's great, and I am feeling great today, and well this was just a reaaly nice suprise, for someone who has the social like of a hermit crab....Wow...a real human friend...who woulda knew?
Much Love!!! You and me Pinky...let's take over the World! Bwhahahahah!

1 comment:

pinky said...

hand in hand, sister, hand in hand.

and, with a humble bow, thank you...