Monday, May 01, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART BAD! Kitty Longboard skateboards! ~ Artist Blog~ Portland Oregon

BAD! Kitty Skateboards Are Finally Here!
This is my very first for the public and not for my friends and kids
BAD! Kitty Board!
This Board Rocks,
Canadian Maple 8.5"
8 Ply
46' Long By 9" wide
Pre drilled for old school and newer style Trucks and wheels
Epoxy Coated and will have a cool ass D ring on the tip for
hanging...So you can ride it, or hang it as art....I will include a swivel for the the D ring so they can be hung as free Form Art inside or out...They spin great in the wind....Also this is a high-tech custom made board...You won't find them any more, and the ride is sweet.
NOT for Beginner Riders...
But a sweet smooth, easy to paddle and hang ten from
RIDE that is GAS free.
Also there are not Hot Boards for Hot Chicks,
so I have created them.
Only Two Available!
So what do you think?
Be the Change!
Be Bold
Ride with Sauce!


pinky said...

I am soooo inlove with this board! It's completely and totally awesome!! Loving the hell out of the BadKitty Logo!

are you going to make something else with this logo, too?

HMBT said...

Yes! I am working on a line of clothing and everything else...Watch for it soon!
Thanks, Heather