Sunday, May 07, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~Etsy Store! ~Portland Oregon Artist Blog

BAD! Kitty Esty Store!
I am done with Ebay...THIS is my new Sales Site...
Wonderful place to find the BEST in Hand Made Art (all kinds), Home decor, jewelry and so much more...Glory!
Hit the logo and go check out the MOST fun and Interactive site for everything Handmade under the sun...
they also celebrated their 50,000 the sale in their 10th month!!!!
If you are an artist...Go now...Don't wait...I LOVE this site and the people involved.
If you are a Patron...Go check it out for the BEST shopping ANYwhere for the UPcoming holiday's (Read Mother's Day Jive Turkey's!
and everyday is an Etsy day!
have a great day....


Cynthia said...

I hear ya, I just closed my ebay store! I love Etsy!!!!!

HMBT said...

Yeah Ebay's just a lot of work and money for no I'm pretty much done with it, except for like "other" than art stuff, I do real well with that...but Etsy's the shit for the art community, I was so glad I found it! Thanks for stopping by,
best wishes!