Saturday, November 11, 2006

What's up?

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
End of the Day...
'No Cheating"
Laminated Collage 2006
$55.00 + Shipping
Email me for purchase, it's not on my web site.
I have cleaned the house. I have helped Mate Man look through the help wanted ads. I have tried hard to be patient with my boys all day. I have worked on my new painting a little. I got up at 2:30 am because of a horrible bad dream that left me shaking and scared shit-less. Mate Man got up with me and stayed close by all day to make sure I felt safe and loved. I did, I love my husband.
I wrote a up-beat post this morning, I read some interesting blogs about women in the escort business, well not that interesting really. I checked in on my blog friends. I thought about my mental health all day, and came to no conclusions. I tried not to think about the bad dream, my lost best friend, my oldest son that I miss more than most could understand. I prayed for an art sale, it didn't happen.
I worked on some sculpture I have been toying around with. I took a short nap on the couch and didn't let myself really relax, because of last nights drama.
I stayed in the moment for almost the entire day. I also researched some materials for the holiday's, getting ideas I can make for the kids presents.
I am tired and feeling more than a little out of sorts. My arthritis is horrible and I have claws instead of hands...and my right leg and back are in major pain. I'm not thinking about it. I ate next to nothing all day, because of my stomach being in revolt...and my ulcer is active today...again. Blech!
That's all for the end of this day...I pray for a better day tomorrow.
Sleep well,



good picture

HMBT said...

Thanks! Glad you like it.