Saturday, November 04, 2006

End of day report

BAD! Kitty Art Studio

end of the day report

Ok, so we went from store to store...looking for furniture. We have not owned a piece of furniture since late July of 2006, when we started the move cross country. I have not sat in a comfortable seat in over 90 days. My legs hurt, my back hurts, my bottom does not even have feeling anymore.

We went to at least 7 different places today, and found not even one piece of furniture that we could afford. It sucks. I hate it. It's just a couch! I mean we went to thrift stores, used furniture stores, and new furniture and the like...and we still do not have a piece of furniture that will welcome my sore and tired ass with softness and support. I am becoming despondent over the whole issue. I do not have any extra money...hell I have no money...and I can not find a free, or otherwise inexpensive piece of furniture to make my sore and tired body happy. I never knew how good my furniture back in Portland, Oregon was...until it was 90 days behind me...HA!

I long for a couch, any freaking couch, a recliner, a freaking love seat from hell, at this point I don't care. We have gone totally white trash and brought the removable car seats into the house and are sitting on sucks to be sure.

So, I am working hard at not being totally pissed off and bitchy about the fact that I own nothing to sit on. So, that's the big news from BAD! Kitty...I need to have at least $800.00 to buy a new couch and love seat or die trying. OMG! I need some furniture in the worst way...

That's all for now...I am stuck in a world were my legs and ass hurt all the time and my spine is in total revolution...I have chronic RA and spinal pain with nerve damage people, I need a soft and supportive place to sit down once in awhile...for Pete's sake! ARGH!

Please buy some art so I can buy a freaking couch...I need to sit down and soon, or someone might get hurt.

Love to all...from the most tired arsed Heather there ever was...

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