Thursday, November 02, 2006

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Art of the Day


Mind your P's & Q's

24" x 36"

Oils & Mixed on Canvas BIG (Really Big)

Painting finished sides

*** 350.00 + Shipping****

"Mind your & P's & Q's"

This came together as I learned about my ability to truly have faith in my inner ability to judge the real, true content of another human beings true character. Not the words they say but learning to use judgement for a good use, personal judgement that works for me instead of against me. This is how I made sense of the end of my period in my life I call the "Time of the Yes Man". I learned to say no to people, places and situations that made me feel bad, before during or after. I stopped trusting everyone first and then stopped expecting them to prove that trust was worthy. I started listening to my inner self speak up and see my own accountability in my issues surrounding always being the person that says "Yes, what more can I do for you?"... so that you will stay, so you will see my value, so you will not leave me? I can not control anything but me, and people deserve to be trusted a little bit, but watched carefully, for their true language; their actions, speak louder than their words. I now listen to myself and watch my own actions, and those of the people around me, then I decide what I feel, how I chose to react to those facts. I have a strong character, a strong core of steel. I say No when I need to, and I ask for help when I need it, and I am learning that I am the only one that can forgive myself for not being able to go back in time and change the past.

I can only make myself continue to be the best I can be, and as I learn better ways, I do better. I am a work in progress, I hope to never finish. Where are your places that need understanding, anger released, joy found, the loss mourned, the wealth spread? Here, this is mine....This is a big work with finished sides, ready to hang and full of energy, good positive energy, full of unconditional love, for myself and those I care for. This work has tons of text on it, some hidden, some right in your face, and it takes time to take it all in. I think it's best to hang it at eye level, and in a place people can walk up to it so it's easier to read all of it. It also has hidden objects inside the work, and a cracked glazed finish that is hard to see in this photo.

I hope you enjoy it.



I have a no questions asked 7-day return policy. If you don't like it, let me know and then Wrap it back up, and send it back, I'll refund you the sale price, minus the shipping Charges. No problems, no hassles,No waiting.I also offer to get you an exact shipping quote, to anywhere for free. These Shipping costs quoted on this site are approximations only, your real shipping total maybe more or much, much less...Just send me an Email with your zip code and I'll get a quote for shipping to you within 24-36 hours (Depending on the day/time you ask for it.) Just ask, I add no extra costs to ship, just exact Shipping charges.

All works from BAD! Kitty Art Studio comes with COA's, and the story Behind the creation (if there was one written for it at the time). They can Also be sent as gifts with wrapping and a hand made card...if you are so Bold, just a nominal extra fee of $15.00.Sometimes they arrive with a free gift too, because I love surprises!Don't you?

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