Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Red Madness WIP

The New work in Progress
'Red Madness' is the working title for now,
it'll probably change when it's done.
24" X 30" X 2"
Close up of the right hand upper corner.
Well Peeps, that's all the free time I have right now,
I must get to work...
read the post below for news of the day.
Have a good one all,
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Kathy Holmes said...

Well, you know how I love red! :) Great start!

HMBT said...

Yes I do know you love red my friend! Everyone go to Kathy's blog...the link is my my side bar it called chicks over 40, she is a great a book!
thanks Kathy, nice to see you again!

The Lone Beader said...

Very bold. I love it=:)

HMBT said...

Thank LB...I got some work done on it today, so now it's different, looking forward to getting it to a point to share and show everyone, thanks for being here today, I really appreciate it.