Tuesday, June 06, 2006

BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~Unfurl Art Special of the day!

Art of the day special, sorry blooger won't let me show you directly hit the link and you'll see her.
"Unfurl"#2 from the Secret series HUGE Painting!24" X 30" $525.00 + shippingWrapped sides, no frame needed, ready to hang Oils
***Today $425.00 + Shipping***
The colors are much, much richer and the flower/pods are deep, inviting inspection and rich in color...all lost in the digital world...alas...I will have a light cube soon and better pictures are on the way soon!
Quote that inspired this painting:
"overcoming challenges:
1. Knowledge of self
2. Knowledge of others
3. Desire to work
4. Desire to learn
5. Ability to say :Yes" and "No"
6. Ability to pick friends
7. Turn back on bad advice
8. Recognize inner beauty
9. Persistence
10. Avoid temptation"
This painting is from my new works,
I have a new style forming and a change is sweeping through me right now. This is representational of my unfurling of own my wings, bursting forth from the pods of dogma and obligation, and giving myself permission to be naked, and imperfect, and sensual, and passionate about my life.
I color my world in this way, I choose my use my past as fuel to inspire and complete this transformation.
Where is your life's path taking you?
What pod's are you trying to burst free from?
What makes you feel brave enough to allow yourself the freedom/risk of spending the time, out in the open, to unfurl and dry your wings?
What happens when you find yourself on the other side of pain, and discover a vast new world?
What happens to you when you expose all of yourself to the world?
These words are my diary, my quest to uncover the questions hidden by the answers.
This is the second in the "Secrets" (Which has already been spoken for) series...This is number 2....Unfurl.
Have a great day.
* Artist is Unfurling as you read this*


Blurr said...

What a fantastic piece and it really speaks to what it represents.

Good luck in getting what you deserve for your life! I know it's a busy time, and possibly a hectic time, but it's also VERY exciting. :)

I wish you the best of luck on your quest for change!

HMBT said...

Thanks! I hope it works out too, thanks for the encouragement about the work too, means a lot to me.
Much Love, Heather