Monday, April 23, 2007

New Work Started...Attack of the POD people

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
OK, so this is the start of a new's scary right now but she will shape up's the eyeless-ness that's freaking me out. I walked into the studio this morning and almost dropped my coffee because I forgot that I didn't get to work on her eyes yesterday...sheesh!
I will be adding the face elements today and working the tones in general...I plan to work the face over in the end with a story in picture form over her skin.
Her name is going to be...'Her-story: was written on her face'
or something like that.
good Monday morning all.
Here's the quote for the day...
hope you all have a good one.
The many meanings of "I Love You" "I love you" [is] a statement that can be expressed in so many varied ways.
It may be a stage song, repeated daily without any meaning, or a barely audible murmur, full of surrender.
Sometimes it means: I desire you or I want you sexually.
It may mean: I hope you love me or I hope that I will be able to love you.
Often it means: it may be that a love relationship can develop between us or even I hate you.
Often it is a wish for emotional exchange: I want your admiration in exchange for mine or I give my love in exchange for some passion or I want to feel cozy and at home with you or I admire some of your qualities.
A declaration of love is mostly a request: I desire you or I want you to gratify me, or I want your protection or I want to be intimate with you or I want to exploit your loveliness.
Sometimes it is the need for security and tenderness, for parental treatment.
It may mean: my self love goes out to you.
But it may also express submissiveness: please take me as I am, or I feel guilty about you, I want, through you, to correct the mistakes I have made in human relations.
It may be self-sacrifice and a masochistic wish for dependency.
However, it may also be a full affirmation of the other, taking the responsibility for mutual exchange of feelings.
It may be a weak feeling of friendliness, it may be the scarcely even whispered expression of ecstasy "I love you, "
- wish, desire, submission, conquest:
it is never the word itself that tells the real meaning here.
~Joost Meerloo
I love you.
Figure that out, and get back to me.


HMBT said...

I am taking a break from this work...and have now decided I hate it...and will now totally just play around with it and see what happens...the adventure begins.

BlueJude said...

Sounds like you have cool plans for this one! Can't wait to see the final creation!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog. I need to focus on my work the same as you. You can tell your blog is all about your art - great job! Mine should also reflect mine - novel writing.

jafabrit said...

Sometimes it is when you hate something or let it go that you become free to make magic.