Sunday, April 15, 2007

My favorite artist...Sol Lewitt, dies at 78

Sol LeWitt, 78, an artist known for his dynamic wall paintings and as a founder of minimal and conceptual art styles, died April 8 in New York. He had complications from cancer.
Here is a good article about him in the Washington Post.
One of my all time favorites in art, living and philosophy. A master thinker, creator and keeping it simple...stupid.
Of all the modern artists, he has been an influence in my Landscape design and also in my art. I would say my largest influence to date.
I am sad to see him pass over, but glad that he no longer is in pain from his illness.
May you find peace and artistic nirvana...Rest in Peace...Sol.


Cynthia said...

I liked Sol DeWitt's art. I hadn't read that he recently died. Rest in peace.

Juan said...

This is probably a very very late post. I recently viewed the Sol DeWitt exhibition in Austin, TX and I have to that I wish I would have found his work earlier. I am not an art buff, I don't know very much about about art, but his work made me realize how detailed and precise he was.