Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily Art- New Work- Swingtime



18″ x 24″


“You are the door in the rock that finally swings free when moonlight shines on it. You are the door at the top of the stairs that only appears in dreams. You are the door that sets the prisoner free. You are the carved low door into the Chapel of the Grail. You are the door at the edge of the world. You are the door that opens onto a sea of stars.”

Source: Lighthousekeeping


Well, this is one of the two new works that I have been able to do while this month has raged on it’s path. I mean, it’s been a blur of working my day job 10-12 hours a day 8 days solid with a day off every 9 th day. I’m beat.

This work came about when I read one of Sara’s posts about working with perspective. It sounded good, I wanted to try so I drew out a picture from my childhood memory bank.

When I was knee high, I lived with my grandparents. They had this huge tree in the center of the back yard, and in it my Pa had made a swing for me. The leaves on this tree were huge, and I used to love to swing and hang upside down and watch the light coming trough the leaves…turning every color; like my own personal kaleidescope. As the clear Florida sun beat down, I could watch it turn into rainbows and star bursts of color and not get burned by it. I loved that swing, and my happiest memories of being a little kid are all around my grandparents. They both doted on me and spoiled me rotten. For the longest time I was the first and only grandchild, and I lived with them, so I got a huge amount of their love and attention. It really was great, I admit it. Pancakes every morning and riding around town with Pa every day, he always had candy in the glove compartment, and he’d laugh and say “that’s our little secret, don’t tell Nana!”. Nana was always taking me shopping and teaching me how to be a lady with manners. She made the best chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting in the entire universe. We always had fun, they had time for me, and I loved them so very much. Because I don’t have any pictures of my youth or my people to remeber those good things, I painted my pretty red swing and the kalidescope tree. I painted it the way it felt to be a big eyed heathen child, the darling of my grandparents lives. Bright and sunny, out in the back yard in Tarpon Springs…I was the little girl on the swing, with out a care in the world.

May your day be full and promising. :)


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Amber 2.0 said...

Good Morning! I loved reading this. I was admiring how much I like how you did the sky and after reading this, it all came together so perfectly.

Thanks for reminding me to think of my Grandparent's this morning. I have some great memories too. There is no place like spending time with Grandparents who just want to love and spoil you! ;)