Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daily Art- New Work-Shedding

Oils and mixed media

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18″ x 24″

oils and mixed media

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Shedding one’s skin.

The snake that cannot shed its skin perishes.

So do the spirits who are prevented

from changing their opinions; they cease to be spirit.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)
Shedding, this is the second work I have completed this month.
We seem as a family, to be in a constant state of shedding. So many layers of of what we know, peeled back only to find we don’t know, what we don’t know.
The journey in this life so far, has revealed to me that I don’t need to know what is going to happen next. The reality (for many out here) this reality we are living is fractured, broken from the inside as a society. There are so many new people, ideas, and inventions on our horizon, that it’s ok if we don’t know everything. What is not OK is to sell ourselves short as a people. We do not need all the stuff we want. The world holds the new and shiny out in front of us and tells us…”come on over here, spend money you don’t have so you can have this thing. Don’t mind the economic slavery bit, it won’t hurt much, and after a while you will become numb to it all. You will forget that you once cared for your inner self as much as you care of your shiny things.” We as a family have shed the weight of all that shiny stuff. We will no longer want what we don’t need. Simple.
In that vein, we have taken all the money that has been made in the last 45 days with art sales and built an above ground organic garden. We will be growing almost everything we need for the summer. We are also planning to year round garden, so we will be eating fresh through all the seasons, and canning/freezing the rest for the coldest months. We shed our want for an easy life of convenience, and choose to grow our own food. We are even getting some chickens, right here in our urban garden, we will wait no more for what is needed.
Food prices are insane, gas will be at 4.00 a gallon in a month or two and we can not continue to leave our families well being and state of mind in the hands of the unqualified wealthy. I don’t want to buy a tomato for 3.00 a pound, that was trucked in for at least 1500 miles, because I can grow my own. I will not be dependent on this system for things like food, housing, clothing and vehicles. Self suffincency starts now, not when we can afford it. If it dosen’t start now, it may never get started at all.
Shedding is my homage to the act of letting the world and all it’s noise go. Living in a sustainable way now, and being free of economic slavery. Yes, I got all that from some old dead leaves, tiny mirrors and some oil paint. Pretty groovy huh?
I hope your day is full to the brim with all that you need.
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redchair said...

Hi Heather,
Do you remember my very first blog entry entitled ‘People need Obstacles’? I not only believe- but I know- ‘obstacles’ are intentionally put in our life to make us change. And through the frustration, pain, anger and tears- we do change. We have to. It’s inevitable. It always seems so incredibly needless and unbearable at the time and there’s a rage that builds up that’s absolutely relentless and un-soothable.

But, there’s one indisputable factor that occurs: When it’s over- we’re so much better for it.