Thursday, April 24, 2008

Daily Art- New Work- I don't know why...

original oil painting by Heather Brown Truman

full painting

original oil painting by Heather Brown Truman


original oil painting by Heather Brown Truman

background detail

original oil painting by Heather Brown Truman

‘I don’t know why she can’t keep her clothes on in the woods’

36″ x 24″


Finished sides ready to hang

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Here is the quote for this work:

“Be naked in the splendor of the truth of who you are.”
~ Gangaji ~


This work is a self portrait. I have this strange need to be naked when ever I step into the woods. I can’t explain it, well not really, but as you know dear reader what comes next is my attempt to do just that.

I consider the earth and her woods, oceans, and other natural places to be my own personal church, or chapel. My idea is that my Universe, My God would want me clothed in what I came with…my beautiful skin. We do a lot of hiking and woods walking wherever we live. It is not uncommon to come across me hiking in the woods with nothing on but my walking shorts, my shoes and my backpack…if it’s a populated trail (lots of people) I’ll find a trail that is less traveled, find a couple of non-irritating leaves, place them over my boobs, hold them in place with my backpack straps…and hike away. If I can find a little out-of-the-way place near moving water…I will be naked in two seconds flat. My kids and Mate Man have learned that I have no pride or shame about being naked outdoors. Yes, we have encountered people along the paths we have walked, that were not as comfortable with my nakedness as I am…but that’s not my problem to control or change. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not pubic hair nude walking around for every kid or person in the world to see…but I’m a lot more naked than most. Once you get over the way you look to others, being in your own skin ain’t bad at all. I love the feel of wind and sun on bear skin that spends most of it’s life under clothes. I love the feel of water on my bare bum…what can I say, I’m a nature girl.

These days I don’t get to do as much out in nature time as I would like. I have not been naked in the woods in too many years. It’s getting to me, I tell you…it’s getting to me. So, I painted naked woods time. I painted the rich color of green, it comes in hundreds of hues out in the woods, and I used my favorites…all of them. I painted the way mountain water, spring cold and fresh feels; to me it feels blue, no matter the color or clarity of the water, so my favorites in the cool blues are represented too. The hair…yes, I have had fire engine red hair, this seems to be one of my more subtle burgundy/violet moments. I have naturally very light brown hair…yawn, boring. I wear it deep and purple/burgundy now a days, it soots me. In sunlight, it has a warm crimson effect, so I am punk rock in the bright light of day, that too soots me.

She is suspended in what I call the eye game. When I was a kid, I learned that I could play a game with defocussing my eyes. So, where ever I was I could let the world go soft, fuzzy around the edges and mostly made of blocks of colors and light dark spaces. I did this so often as a kid, that I do it reflexively today. I do it all the time. I can maintain complete attention to whatever is going on around me, but I tend to reduce visual imagery down to tone, texture, light, dark, mid tones, and base color values. I know that as a child this way of seeing the world was my escape hatch. It has saved my bacon many times; it means I like to distance myself from my reality. Looked at in the text book way, the educated/doctor way…this is not a good thing. This is something that makes me weird and probably in need of medication. In reality…I just see more than most people know is even available.

I see the “weave” of this life. I know how flimsy it really is. I can see the veil…I can also see through it. Yeah, I can see by re- reading what I just wrote, this truth about myself, how others could react in really negative ways. I learned to keep my eye-game to myself, early on and not tell people about all the wondrous things that are right here…right here next to us, it’s the veil they want…I have learned to give this world the veil. Yup, there it is…I see it clearly too! Ok, I’m normal, I’m just like everyone else. For the longest time, I wanted to make sure nobody knew I was different. I hear stuff, I see stuff that other people don’t. But, I am not crazy or delusional. Yeah, I know…it’s a little much to swallow, plain fact is that it’s also true.

This work is homage to what I live with; the gray matter that I will spend this life with. It is homage to how I see things and myself. I am everything and I am small too. In my world, green is alive and dancing with the blue air and water. Magic is afoot. Being naked is a good thing. The world embraces my individualism and rewards my willingness to see and share that vision with you, the world at large. This is me world, naked in the woods. Loving every minute of it.

I hope your day is colorful and full of joy.


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