Thursday, September 27, 2007

Substance Love

'Substance Love'
36" x 24"
ready to hang
Ok, this one is done! I am really pleased with it, the water is the richest red I have ever been able to achieve, so that pleases me to no freaking end. The pictures are weird because of the light here today. I held back finishing it yesterday because I wanted to end it on my birthday morning. Gift to self. So, anyway I have taken this whole day off to play and do anything and everything I want to do...and I am now done painting so I will go get a hair makeover. I need it. Fun!
Love to all,
Heather McSmiley
Scroll down, there is more to this party! I have theme music today!


Kathy Holmes said...

Love the color!!!

Cynthia said...

The red is one of my faves...and the finished painting looks great. I like that you finished it on your birthday too.

HMBT said...

Thanks Kathy and Cynthia...I appreciate it. The red is really deep and has a rich violet cast...I really love it. I think I have figured out light in beans!

dinahmow said...

Finally...your comments page has loaded!
I tried to wish you a happy day and say that I love this koi picture, but I couldn't "get in"
Anyway, hope the day was fun.

HMBT said...

Thank you dinahmow! My comments were not working?! Darn Blogger! I had a great day, thanks for the feedback! I hope you'll come back round these parts real soon. *grins*