Monday, February 11, 2008

Art of the day: Core

24" X 30 X 2"
Thick Gallery wrapped canvas
Oils & Sculpted plaster
'Core' AKA: "A River Runs Through my Core"
This is the quote that guided the creation overall:
What I dream is an art of balance, of purity and serenity,
devoid of troubling and depressing subject matter...
a shooting, calming influence on the mind,
something like a good armchair which provides
relaxation from physical fatigue.
~ Henry Matisse
This is a rich work, the colors are deep and the tone is vibrant.
I used plaster and while it was still wet I laid in the deep leather red colors,
let it dry and then laid them in again.
The vibrant blues in the center
were inspired by my frequent walks on
the river banks and oceans of the Great Pacific NW.
I often went to the waters edge in those days,
and screamed until my throat felt raw, releasing fears and tensions that would build up inside.
I always started out with my terrific Tarzan yell, warm ups for the deep throat screams that I would later do til I cried.
I do a mean Tarzan, let me tell you, it can be heard for miles.
I learned through this exercise
that inside myself there was a river,
so deep and so wide that I may never reach the sides or see the bottom. Sometimes I can isolate myself,
stand on my little island in the middle of myself,
and feel really alone, but like in this work,
if I draw a circle around that island inside,
I can find peace and protection,
without living there, all alone.
I enjoyed working on this piece,
it was a freeing experience to let it go and stand outside myself.
Learning to instead welcome the person I am today,
embracing what I know, and the lessons yet to be learned.
This is a large work, on a extra thick canvas
with painted finished sides, it needs no framing.
The colors are so terrific, (if I do say so myself *grins*)
that the last time I was at a show with it,
the owner of the gallery was in process of opening
a small art deli and coffee shop,
and she asked to use this work for
the color inspiration and design for the new space.
I of course said sure, and we worked together to
re-create the pattern in the room including the walls, floor, and ceiling.
I looked great and felt wonderful to know that I had inspired,
with my work something so cool.
Plaster painting is something I am passionate about,
I love to create wall sculptures and
combine the painting skills I have as well.
So this is not just a painting, it is also wall sculpture.
I hope you enjoy.
Have a wonderful day,
Just a FYI, I have not started any new art auctions yet this week, I do hope to have that done by the end of today, stay tuned.
The fine print:
24" x 30" X 2" (it's big, big)
Plaster and oils on canvas
(it's really not as heavy as it looks)
Finished sides, ready to hang
$285.00 + shipping
Please conatact me HERE for purchase or a free shipping quote.
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BlueJude said...

How cool that this has touched someone so much and served as an inspiration vehicle. Great post too btw. Happy Monday BK!

Jeannine said...

Beautiful colors and texture on this one with a moving and inspiring story to go with it. Very meaningful. Thank you for sharing. :)

Kris Cahill said...

Great story Heather. I love the image of you yelling and then screaming on the shoreline. How wise of you to let it out this way.

I used to love to go out dancing to punk music years ago. The wild frenetic movement is one of the ways I would let it go. I let the screaming shrieking vocals from the music help me let that energy go!

This piece is gorgeous, I love the colors and would love to visit that gallery/cafe to see the translation of your art into a whole space. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather~

I found the link to your blog on Chris O'Bryne's Online Arts Marketing Blog and I am so glad I did! I find you most inspiring and will enjoy getting to know you better through your art and writing.

Too bad you already sold your painting "I Danced All Night"! :( That painting is ME~ME~ME!


HMBT said...

Hi Blue: Thanks! Happy monday to you too. :)

Jeannine: You are Welcome, and thanks for being here and your kind words.

Kris: Yes, I miss the ocean and my days of yelling into the crashing waves of the great Pacific Ocean. I miss the coast. The Art Cafe is in Portland Oregon (that's where I was at the time) and is still up and running I think. It was great fun to see it all come together. Thanks for being here.

Shoshana: I've been to your blog via Kris's blog, and I was amazed at your energy and fun spirit. I am honored you stopped by, I look forward to learning more from and about you too, I'll be adding you to my blog roll so everyone I know will get a chance to see your wonderful-ness and also so I can keep up with you too! I was so supised when 'I danced all night' Sold two days after beans! I paint about dancing all the time, as I can no longer dance the way I used to. But I STILL DANCE every day!