Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Daily Art- Touching Down- New Work

‘Touching Down’
24″ x 18″ x 2″
Oils/mixed media/Gold Leaf
Painted sides, needs no frame
extra thick gallery style canvas
Here is the quote for this work:
“Nearness to nature . . . keeps the spirit sensitive to impressions not commonly felt and in touch with the unseen powers.”

~Charles Alexander Eastman (1858 - 1939)
Source: The Soul of the Indian, 1911
I’ve been real busy getting ready for a little event that will be happening soon and of course, working. This work is all that I have completed in the past two weeks, and I’ve enjoyed doing it. These rich and deep red colors are extremely hard to photograph, I think I must have taken over 60 shots of this work, and ended up with these three pictures. None of them speak to the richness and depth of these reds, from the palest orange to the deepest warmest crimsons. I used a knife and waited patiently between colors to build the next layer. The Gold leaf sparkles in the heavily textured moon, and glimmers of that promise fall from the heavens.
This work is all about staying in touch with the magic of being alive. Every day above ground is good. I’ve been touched by magic my entire life, that’s OK your belief isn’t required for my reality to exist. I know it’s true. I’ve had a rich life, so far. Recently a beloved friend from my past re-found me through another newer friends blog.
Dina was reading Vikki’s blog and she had mentioned me in a blog post. Dina thought, now how many Heather Brown-Truman’s can there possibly be in this world, it’s got to be her! So, she dropped me a line and WHAM! I’ve got one of my most treasured and favorite people back in my life, yup…overnight. We lost touch over ten years ago, before that she made the last time I spent in the state of Florida, some of my most treasured memories of all time. She is a magic woman, multi-talented artist, gifted writer, and a incredible human being. She was the first person in my life to ever look at me and tell me to get over it, there’s nothing wrong with you, stop trying to make yourself fit into a world that isn’t accepting you as is. That and, you can stick stuff to other stuff and if you do it right, it’s called art. Anything and everything you do in this life is both magic and art, if only done with the right mindset. She helped me to re-build a woman out of some old broken down people parts, she took her magic needle and tread and re-enforced the weak spots, put sparkles on the scars, and reshaped the person I was to become.
She gave me my faith back.
Now I have her in my life again, it’s truly a very small world. The old saying that like attracts like is very true. Love is something that never dies and is never wrong. I have such a rich life, my past is not so bad, it’s wonderful now even. I am stronger than I was back then, more confident and loving. Isn’t it funny? I look back and see how much I have grown and I see what I have always been. Consistent, open, loving and honorable in my affairs of the heart. Isn’t that just the best thing ever to wake up and realize…I am True and the people I know, the people who choose from their own free will to love me, they are the magic seeds in my garden. So, when I was thinking about Dina and Vikki my two best girlfriends ever, and how they found each other then connected the small dots back to me, this work was born.
When you think you don’t know, or understand your life. When you are ready to give up the pursuit of understanding and let the teachings of being steady in your own skin wash through you, you discover that you will never be alone and that love never dies.
You will find a place of passionate peace. A peace inspired by the inner call of your true self, one that is inspired, motivated and richly rewarding.
That’s what this work is for me, a declaration of love for those that have really seen me along my path. For those who have stopped along the way and never offered a hand out but a hand up into the world. For those few people who love me, warts and all. This is the edge of my secret garden, you are all welcome and I thank you for being a part of my life.
May your day be inspired and full of peaceful promises.

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redchair said...

Hi Heather,
I wrote you a note about this work on your Wordpress Blog but wanted to put a note here also. I love this painting and especially how connected your elements are and the rich deep red values. I can see it and hoped it was us. Thank you sweet girl.

I think the old adage, ‘ people come into our lives for a reason’, is no more blatantly exposed than with you, Dina and myself. I knew you were someone special from the first email and I adore Dina. She just radiates in her writing, as do you.

I love your courage Heather. You take on life with undeniable fury and undying enthusiasm. And by the way- Did you see my response in Dina’s blog about your ‘dream’? You’ll get a chuckle.
All my love,