Saturday, June 28, 2008

Daily Art- Mask Man- post #977

Mask Man

18″ x 24″
Finished sides, needs no frame
Ready to hang
Here is the quote that inspired the painting:Every profound spirit needs a mask: even more, around every profound spirit a mask is continually growing.~Friedrich Nietzsche
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Mask Man was an accident. I was going for a completelydifferent type of painting, but as soon as he started to take shape I knew I was going to paint what needed to be created, not what I wanted to create. He is done in rich earth tones and set in a blacker than black background. He glows from the canvas, he invites you to see what is in and on your heart, he inspires self love and inner peace. He knows that if we all could shine our inner lights a little brighter, we can change the world from a rat race to a nirvana, because it all starts inside of each of us. Inner peace is like a virus, it spreads and grows, and someday if we are all unafraid enough, it will change our world, save our spaceship earth and cure the evil of hate and bigotry.

We all have masks that we wear, our social or public masks, our family masks, our business masks. Long ago I decided that I was tired of trying on all those masks just so the world would accept me as I am, with the mask I was born with; what I was born with in my heart and my soul. When I did that my life became so much easier to handle. No longer did I have to worry if I had on the proper mask for any experience, person, or place. I come to the masked ball of life, naked. I am Raw and Radiant, and have no need to pretend to be anything other than myself. Like it or lump it, this is me, and I like myself, as is. My opinion of myself and my character is more important than what anyone else’s opinion of me will ever be.
I created the Mask Man to remind myself, it’s not what is behind the masks that people wear, it’s what’s in their hearts, and what’s hidden behind their eyes that is important. This work is one of my favorites, because it painted (or gave birth) to itself. My body, mind and soul were just the instrument to put it onto the canvas for others to see, feel and learn from. This mask is a happy, loving and compassionate teacher. It offers you friendship, the wealth of a healthy soul, and unconditional love, just as you are.

May your day be filled with compassionate love, for yourself and the world at large. To every living thing, I say, I love you, you belong, you are needed and you are special.


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queenlint1 said...

Reminds me of masks in a Martha Graham performance I once watched. Your sentiment goes with it as well.