Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daily art- Thrive from the Choir Series

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

Full Painting

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

“thrive” by Heather Brown Truman

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“Thrive” from the Choir Series #12

24″ x 36″


Back Stapled/ready to hang with finished sides

$285.00 + 45.00 (shipping is expensive on this painting because it’s over-sized to ship, this is large wall art) Shipping to anywhere inside the USA

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Here are the quotes that inspired the work:


“In a perfect world perhaps we would all see more clearly. But this is not a perfect world, and it is enough to hope that each of us will share our talents, and find the balance between greed and benevolence that will allow us to live and thrive and help the world around us grow.”

~Kent Nerburn Source: Letters to My Son: A Father’s Wisdom on Manhood, Life, and Love, Page: 40


Beyond a critical point within a finite space, freedom diminishes as numbers increase. . . . The human question is not how many can possibly survive within the system, but what kind of existence is possible for those who do survive.

Frank Herbert (1920 - 1986)
Source: Dune


Survival. Thriving.
That’s what we all really want, right?
In this life, this reality, it’s about more than just surviving. We all want to survive, but then to Thrive as well. Free people are given to bouts of wanting to be all they can be. We all want a reason to keep doing what we do. We work to survive, and if are lucky we get to even like or love what we do that makes this thing called money. I know I do. I enjoy my work. It’s like therapy that I get paid to do. When I make sales that is…we have a joke round here, we don’t call art money Income, we call it If-come.
This work is about working out the logistics of a life that is bigger than I am. In a world that is bigger than I am. With problems that are bigger than I am. In finding the ways to feed and keep my family surviving, and the hope alive (for ourselves and our kids) that someday that will include thriving in a money way too.
I think we are thriving, as a family. We love being together, I mean it sucks ass that Mate Man lost his job and we are freaking out about every little thing all the time. (*news update, Mate Man did NOT get the Job we were hoping he would, and we are still looking*)
Truth be told, we are better when we are altogether, not because of co-dependency but because of faith and trust. I can count on him, the same goes for him. No matter what, I can count on him. It’s a nice feeling. It’s what reminds me that I am already doing more than just surviving this world, so are my kids, we are all thriving, because we found and make love happen. Because this family unit, the place where you can always go, and everyone is glad you are there. Where you can royally screw the pooch, and people will still love you through it all. That’s a miracle for people like us, people who came from what we came from. Real, Lasting, true Love in our lives is more than what we ever asked for, for many years more than either of us thought we deserved…the rest of this reality is logistics.
When I told Mate Man that I wanted to stop being a popular garden designer and become a full time artist, you know what he said? That sounds good babe, how do we make that happen for you? Never was there ever even a hint that it would not be possible for me to do what I wanted/needed to do. That’s love. When he said he wanted/needed to get out of Portland, that he wanted to try and find a simpler life, that he really just wants to be a organic farmer, and be at home when his kids come through the door, and feed us from his own hard work, that he had found (farming) and lost his passion (our farm), that he hated working in the professional world, that he hates compromising himself and his values for the sake of money…there was never any hesitation from me to him about that…it was OK babe, I understand your need, how can we make that happen? We are still working on that for him, for his dream to come true, but it will, because we are tough to beat as a team, we are unstoppable. (*news update, we have gone ahead with dream building and have started an Urban Organic garden, the lesson here was: bloom where you are planted! Mate man is happier with his garden well under way and we have even harvested three times from the salad greens beds!)
We have cultured a life where, Unconditional Love and support for the people we are in the moment and the next moment and the next, is always available. That’s what this work is about. No, we have never had it made, or had it easy, but we have always thrived together. We have always survived (sometimes better than others for sure but we are still standing so that counts for something).
I find I can still thrive in/under such conditions.
It’s nice.
I am no longer so small.
The world no longer so large.
I am still small,
the world still large.
I still Thrive.
What makes you thrive?
When the world is looming, when the pressure is on, when the thumb screws are been turned, what makes you go beyond mere survival and thrive?
Here’s to the thriving,
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redchair said...

You and John are very fortunate, Heather. What you have is of far greater value than any money can ever bring you.

I stand testament to the fact that financial wealth does not bring happiness. Times where I’ve been in ample supply have brought me little peace. In fact, I dare say that a great deal of money is the ruin of many people we love. How much we share the wealth suddenly becomes a measure of our love to people you’d least suspect.

“If you love me you will buy me- you will give me” is not unfamiliar phrase to my ears.
And you give until there’s nothing left to give because you love them so desperately. Unfortunately the moment those words are spoken all the trust and love dies.

I’m absolutely sure that's the origin of such sayings as ‘Money is the root of all evil.’
Money is just a tool of survival in this world. In itself it’s just apiece of paper with no substance. Once spent it offers no return.

My prayer is simple-“Give me just enough to survive and provide for my family. That is all I ask God. ”

Pavel said...

Hi Heather! Sorry I haven't been around for a bit but I see you've kept yourself busy.

Thank you thank you thank you for what you sent me in the mail!

You rock in more ways than one...