Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daily Art- New Work- Behold! Modern Man

Mixed Media by Heather BRown Truman

mixed media by Herather Brown Truman

Behold! Modern Man

24″ x 60″ (including the tail)
Canvas itself is 24″ x 30″
Finished sides, needs no frame
oils, mixed media (lots & lots)

Behold! Modern Man is a multi-mixed media event.
A work of art it is, but it is also an event unto itself.
It’s a work that you must see in person, you need to touch it, you need to
see the shadow the kite tail makes against your wall, you need to see how
the prayer flags move in the slightest stirring of air currents, you need to
know what they have written upon their frail surfaces.

Honestly I have found things that over the weeks as I have worked this
message in a bottle out of my head, that I don’t remember putting in.
It all done in, flash moments, work came together.

I found the vintage toy paper flag at a tag sale years ago.
Folded and mostly intact.
Aged, used, saved and loved.

The vintage, real not copies, ration stamps from the world war years came
next, they too had been saved, stored, kept and horded; themselves still a
symbol of some faceless person, of their fear for and love of those in their

The clay project rejects came out of a box a few weeks back, I remember
when I was packing them, why are you taking up limited room for rejects?
Because I am a lover of rejected things. Simple.
Now their use is clear, of course they were headed to the bluegrass in a
brown cardboard box; their truths to be told here in this event. Proud they
are not the side show; the freak tent; they are sculptures of symbolic
meaning, sacred totems, not rejects, no not at all.

Toys, I love small plastic or otherwise toys.
Pocket stuff.
I collect it every where I go.
Mementos of lives lived.

To Read more about the work, and see more pictures of this work including lots of close ups, then CLICK HERE.

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1 comment:

redchair said...

Hi Heather,
This is one of my favorite works you done. It's beautiful, fun and you just want to touch it. It's very meaningful for the time we live in now also.