Thursday, May 08, 2008

Daily Art- New Work- Woman Work

mixed media fine art by Heather Brown Truman

‘Woman Work’

18″ x 24″

oils and mixed media

There is a link at the bottom of this post to see more detail pictures.

Here is the quote for this work:

“Don’t shut yourself up in a band box because you are a woman, but
understand what is going on, and educate yourself to take part in the
world’s work, for it all affects you and yours.”
~Louisa May Alcott (1832 - 188 8)
Woman Work is a little doodle I have been playing with for a few weeks. I’d
stop by every once in a while, between loads of laundry, working my day job,
tending to life, creating in the studio and comfort giving; give it a little tweak
here, and a little sparkle there. It’s either the worst mixed media work I have
ever done or it’s just busy like my life and maybe I’m not always so
comfortable with that fact.
Probably the later of the two.
It’s got a little of everything I had on or near the work table at the time on it.
Flat backed glass marbles of clear, light blue, dark blue and ruddy ruby red.
There are mirrors both round and square. There is super fine glitter, *Gasp!
Glitter in fine art, yes it’s true and there is a Santa Clause* I used a blue
crystal glitter in the blue areas and in the red a fine red gold. I have got a
bucket of paint pens on the table so they got used willy-nilly.
The images are all forms of the ancient expressions for goddess or woman
*creator/giver of life*. I made template a while back to carve some stamps
with and never got around to carving the stamps…so the template got
thrown around too. Work/Life is messy sometimes, and bright and hopeful
other times; and sometimes those moments are right next to each other.
Today, I decided I could not fit or add another thing to it, so I know it’s done.
That simple.
That complex.
That’s Woman Work for ya.
I hope you enjoyed and have a great day.

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Happy Friday everyone!



redchair said...

I love this! It�s so much fun. Light, yet busy and definitely happy piece. It�s a 3-d work and a painting. I just keep on looking at it...there's so many details. I want to touch it! Beautiful earthy tones. (By the way� terrific redesign on your Website Gallery.)

HMBT said...

Thanks! I was unsure about it because it is so busy, but I really like it any way. Usually I am a little more on the focused subject matter used sparingly...but I went wild with this one. Thanks for your help and encouragement with the web re-design it means the world to me.