Friday, July 20, 2007

The Divine Intervention

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
The Divine Intervention Show (click on image to enlarge)
Here's the video invite to the show, it's super great!!!

if you can't see the video invite from this blog then go here.


Cynthia said...

Very cool! I take it you've already sent your work to the show?? I might be able to make it to the show and see your work in person!

Camplin said...

Congrads on the art show. It is always great to get some art on the "wall," so to speak. How is the art in Denver. I have been planning to visit for sometime to see the galleries and art in general up there. Last time I planned the trip, I got sidetracked and went to Santa Fe instead. Ah road trips, you just never know if the wind will push you in a different direction.

HMBT said...

Thanks Cynthia and Camplin! Yes my work is already there, it's going to be a great show. Art in the big CO? It's great...just like the air and water. I enjoy my time in CO every chance I get to be there. I hope you can make it to the show.

BlueJude said...

Cool Beans! I like the quote below as well as the painting. Happy Day BK!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Have a fabulous time!