Friday, July 06, 2007

Better World Books= Book Heaven

UPDATE! I now have a 20% off coupon for all of you to use too! (Keep Reading)

Free Shipping in the USA, $2.97 Shipping worldwide

BAD! Kitty Hot Tip!
So... this is my favorite book provider, the secret is out. I go to Better World Books with $20.00 bucks in my pocket, find any book, and I do mean any book...and get free shipping every single time, and still have enough left over for a cup of joe!
No special waiting, just great books at a great price, every time. I love this bookstore, and I thought you might like to know about it too.
Check it out.
I also love Better World Books because they are a company that walks the walk...they Fund Literacy, Care for the Environment, and YOU get a Fair Price on the Books You Want. Better World Books is the socially conscious consumer's bookstore of choice.
As a company they have my vote.
Stop by, you know you have a list of books you've been meaning to pick up...we all can even look through their over 2 million, in stock, used and out of print books...aaaahhhh, can we say BAD! Kitty heaven?
Just hit the link and check it out, I also put a banner in my sidebar...(for when you need it later on. :)
I just bought these books today:
Bloodchild and Other Stories-Octavia Butler (Yippee a new Octavia's mine I say!)
The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide by Douglas Adams (I know I can't believe that I have not read this yet either)
The Crystal City: The Tales of Alvin Maker,
Volume VI (Alvin Maker) by Orson Scott Card (OOOh, can't wait I love this series!)
The Best Science Fiction of the 20th Century
by Orson Card (Fun!!! a whole book of greats!)
all for less than $30.00 bucks and Free Shipping!
WOOT! Read on fellow on.
This coupon code is for 20% off any new or used book at from now through August 3rd.
Here is the coupon code YOU will need:
Now what can be better? Just find ANY book you want, get 20% off, free shipping and donate to several great charities all at the same time.
Who loves you baby?
Me, silly!
My books I bought yesterday where from the sale...and will be helping send books to Africa and supporting a children's literacy fund!
On your mark, get set...GO Read!

Free Shipping in the USA, $2.97 Shipping worldwide


Lindsay said...

THanks for the recommendation. I'll check them out!!!

HMBT said...

Cool Beans! You are welcome...enjoy!

Pavel said...

Awesome! I'm on my way to check it out.


HMBT said...

Pavel, thnaks for stopping by...I hope you found a bunch of books! :)