Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Work Complete...untitled

New Work! Picture taken flash.

24" X 30" X 2"

Going up on Etsy soon...just have to choose a name first.

I really like her and wanted to share...
I need a name for her too. I am tired from working like 20 hours straight (well I slept last night for about 4 hours so not really straight but it feels like it)
Amber helped me name the last one, and that worked really well, so I thought what the heck I would put it out there and see what wonderful things you guys can come up with. She has to dry and have the last details put in, but she is pretty close to being done...I have the studio windows open and the spring air blowing in...
that's what inspired her, warm air and the smell of winter Daphne on the breeze.
So anyway...I got to go take a shower and try to get the paint out of my hair and ear...don't ask...I have no idea how it got in my ear, but it's all violet now.
Let me know what you think of, feedback please!
Have a happy Saturday all,

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Anonymous said...

Without reading anything:

Simply Me
Inner Peace
Come as you Are
At One with Myself
This is Me

Rushing off to dinner but I had to reply and tell you I love it! It's really pretty. :) And it looks very peaceful too. I let out an excited sound when I saw it and my BF wondered what was

Anonymous said...

Forever Me
My Only Me
At Peace
Inner Peace
Content in Me
Self Acceptance

The Lone Beader said...

This piece really reminds me of a friend of mine. It looks just like her! So, if it were my creation, I would name it Joanne. =;)

BlueJude said...

WOW Looks Like your onto something here. Something good. I like this one too. The first thing that came to my mind was simply "Violet"

HMBT said...

Amber: You are a machine! Thank you...all are good.
Lone Beader: Thanks...hhmmm, Joanne huh? Interesting...does she need a new painting? HA!
Blue Jude: Thank you for the encouragement...I am going in a new direction and I think I like it, but am really unsure of myself at this point so thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it.