Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Great Blog From Portland! U Must read...really!
You simply have to love people from Portland, at least I think you do, well OK I have to love COOL people from Portland, the city that I am missing so very much right now, my hometown and place I can't wait to return to...anywho, this Grrrl Rocks and I enjoy reading her blog often...she has not been around lately, but I am hoping she will be back soon! Oh, and BTW she calls herself...bad kitty!
I love it!
Enjoy all,


Anonymous said...

Portland gets under your skin and when you leave it, you find yourself longing to return. No other place is quite like it.

bad kitty said...

OMG!! Thank you so much!!! I have not yet had a chance to look at your blog (but I will!)...I just now found it and wanted to squee all over it and, you know, mark my territory like a real bad kitty!