Monday, December 04, 2006

New work finished "Harlequin"

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Another New Work Completed!
Handmade and painted poly clay faces, oils and crackle
This is a work I have been playing with, it was done just for fun and I worked on it in between my more serious works. I always have at least two or three works going at one time so I don't get bogged down in tedium and is always a "whimsical" type work...pure fun and fantasy...not serious and hard to do. Some agents I know call these my decorative works...I call them fun.
I hope you's really cold here today, it's even snowing just a little!
I am still working on my "dream" painting I mentioned if I get to a place where it looks like something, I'll post a picture of that one too.
Later taters!
Scroll down to see my latest "serious" work...Salvation!
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Amber said...

OMG, look at you go! I miss your blog for a couple days and you've got all this new stuff. Go go Heather!! Woot!

They are all great, but this one is my personal fav. I just love the faces in a spiral and the colours are wonderful. I really like the texture of the background too.

Nice to see all this new work flowing out of you! I bet it feels great huh?! ;)

Anonymous said...

It does feel pretty darn good Amber! Thanks for the feedback I appreciate that too. Now I'm off to get back to work, after a little break for a yummy good for me Lunch. Have a good one!