Tuesday, December 05, 2006

From my back porch~ Full Moon Glory

BAD! Kitty Art Studio's back porch pictures.
Well today was boring...I didn't have the hand control that I wanted or needed to work on art, my arthritis is terrible! I'll have to hope for a better day tomorrow. I also did housework...with claw like hands, a terrible limp because of my bad hip and a wonderful day of not being able to eat anything because of the Lupus flare. I spent a lot of time with HGTV and my heating pad...Oh, I know you wish you had my glam lifestyle! LOL!
I hate my own body today...ARGH! I will sing love songs to myself for the rest of the night to make the pain go away. I'm thinking Led Zeppelin might work...or maybe Aretha Franklin...hmmmm, choices. I just want some good pain control drugs and chocolate! Love thy body! DAMN!
So, that's all for now...but those full moon pictures are pretty cool, right?
:) Humor me! I hurt all over...wwwaaahhhh!
Consider buying some art! (mine) I have Christmas needs...really, really!

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