Friday, November 23, 2007

More new work

Traveling Man
18" x 24"
ready to hang/back stapled
Here's the quote to go with it:
And I will show you something different
from either Your shadow at morning
striding behind you,
Or your shadow at evening
rising to meet you
I will show you fear
in a handful of dust.
T.S. Eliot (1888 - 1965)
Good Morning After eat all you can day.
We had a feast to beat all feasts.
Mate Man cooked all day and fed us to the falling over point, it was fantastic!
I hope you all had good times too.
This is the first of the three works I did over the coarse of three days.
I had to wait for the knife work to dry on this one so I could fix what I saw was wrong. I really like him now...and I am enjoying the map my mind is making for me to follow. When I paint my best work happens when i don't have a plan, just a little idea and then i just relax, and play with what happens. (little i's on purpose)
I like these three because they are just that, (scroll down one post for the other two) from my inner eye, no prompting, no reference pictures or muses, just me...doing what I wanted to do. Ahhhh, it's like a day at the spa, or getting a thorn out after a while of painful squeezing. I like the spa metaphor better today.
Any way I have no clients today...and I would never go out into the Black Friday Greed-a-thon crap-ola that is going on it's just me and the kids playing board games and sneaking pie for breakfast.
Have a good one all, and tell me what you think of this new work...I find it so helpful to see work through fresh eyes.
Grins and giggles,


Thea said...

You have been tagged, see at my blog what to do, thea

San said...

Newton's Apple? : )

As I said, Heather, I do like this fresh direction. And I like your spa metaphor too.

I too have tagged you. Come over and see. Hope it's not the same game.

HMBT said...

Thanks San, I've gotten tagged three times in a couple of days. I've been blogging for more than 5 years now...I've told it all I am sure! I'll check yours out, maybe it's a fun one I have not done yet. Thanks for comming by I appreciate it!

Amber1313 said...

Oh, pie for breakfast?! I LOVE those days. And putting in board games on top of it...that's a little slice of heaven right there.

Happy Thanksgiving to you my Friend...and to your Family as well. I hope it was a good one!


Cynthia said...

I could have sworn that I already commented on this blog post - maybe it was because I read it in my inbox first.

I like the new work and the idea behind it!

Yum, pie for breakfast is sinfully delicious!

dinahmow said...

I've been crazy-busy lately and several blogs are backlogged (back-blogged?)...
You seem to be using a different palette;a nice change from the dark brights. But hey! it's all good!

BlueJude said...

Me likes your inner eye. These are fantastic! There is a calm, surreal quality about them. I like them very much. More please!

HMBT said...

Amber: Thanks! I hope your holiday was wonderful too.
Cynthia: Pie for breakfast should be an international holiday...Pie for breakfast day! Thanks for your kind words.
Dinah: yes a different palette, I am having some fun mixing it all up. Back blogged...thats too funny!
Blue: Thank you for your comments...I am working on more! Stay tuned my friend!

San said...

Continuing my musing on The Traveling Man...Newton's apple...Adam hit on the head with the apple of the knowledge of good and evil... getting smacked in the head by such an apple each day keeps the doldrums away. Eve (of This Apple) proferred the fruit. The lovely girls in red witnessed it all. A fable in the works, Heather.

HMBT said...

San...You rule! I love made my day, thank you. *Giant Grins*

trish said...

I love the ethereal quality of this's great!