Friday, April 23, 2010

New Art- Heron at Sunset

"Heron at Sunset'
20" x 16"
Oils on flat canvas panel
Available for purchase on my web site in the 2010 Gallery.
Just finished this one this morning, the rainy, icky weather didn't allow for very good pictures, so I'll try for better ones later.
Have a great weekend,
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Anonymous said...

Nature has made the blue heron one of its most beautiful large bird specimens. Herons are artistically pictured on the walls of Egyptian pyramids and prominently carved on lotus encrusted columns. These birds are flamboyantly gorgeous fishers in lakes ponds and streams. The body shape is streamlined like a 1940’s Cord show car. Seeing how well Heather brown Bowman can paint this elegant creature is glorious art. Her Flamingos are dramatic pink powder puffs with incredible curving necks and frothy plumage. Design, really good design is apparent in all of Heater’s other creations. She also paints the human body like someone who had years of life drawing under her belt. In other words she has mastered beautiful design . The art is so pleasing to the eye. I have to wonder why the site is called bad kitty because I can see there’s nothing bad about the site or Heather’s original art work. Roosters aren’t my cup of tea, but even her rooster is lovely as a design element.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you very much Anonymous, that was a very nice review. I appreciate it.
Heather Brown Truman