Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Happenings at BAD! Kitty

I am hard at work on my new line of objects de’ art, today I’ll be working on magic Wishing Star mixed media works. ( I am having too much fun over here, it’s probably illegal somewhere) So, while I have nothing new to share as far as originals…I have found through a few good friends a wonderful new way to share my artwork with the world at large. So far most of the images in my Red Bubble account are for cards. You need super large files to upload and I’ve only just learned the past couple of years to not only back up all of my work, (duh, I know) but also to keep very large files of the originals for the ease of creating fine prints and other stuff. I have some more work that I will be adding to this fine site, so check back often. The quality of printing is wonderful, I know because I bought a couple of cards first to check them out, they are great. Watch out some of you beloved readers on my mailing list, you will be getting some pretty terrific looking holiday cards from me this year!
Anyway check it out.
This past ten days or so I’ve sold five works! I’m starting new Art Auctions later today, you never know what I might put up on the sales block so go grab yourself some BAD! Kitty original work while you can! I am clearing room in the studio for the new works that are coming soon.

I also delivered my first batch of original paintings, mixed media, and functional artworks to the cutest new store in the Lexington area:
The Children’s Outlet, LLC
372 Southland Drive
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 523-1847
If you are a local please stop by ask for Lisa, and tell her Heather sent you, will ya?
She has the first of my exclusive new line of products for children and the adults that love them. ‘The BAD! Kitten” line, I think I’m going to call it. As a matter of fact, she [Lisa] has the original “Wishing Star” that is the inspiration for the works I am creating right now, a must see of course, simply because it can never really be re-created and has been only seen publicly once. My youngest son nabbed it after it’s first gallery show because he was convinced that it would ward off his bad dreams. He was right, of course and for four years, it’s hung in his room and…no more bad dreams. He thought because he’s older now, maybe some other kid might need it. He’s the one that encouraged me to make a line for kids. Because in his words, “kids need art and magic too.” I will not be showing the works Lisa has in the shop on line, (I reserve the right to change my mind on this at any time, BTW) so you will just have to stop by and see what secret treasures await you. I love a good treasure hunt, don’t you?
I hope all is well in your worlds.
Peace, love and all that good stuff.
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